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HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines
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Re: HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines

This is all very confusing. I am sorry but I dont understand what you ate talking about. I am not an IT techie. I desperatley need to switch on my lap top but am now effectively trapped and xannot get bavk in. You really should have warned ne about this before suggesting this kind of step. I am not impressed. Can yu perhaps telephone me?
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Re: HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines

Hi @Axilotl,


Thank you for posting on the HP Support Forums,


I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. 


They will contact you shortly and likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. 


Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. 


Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (such as serial numbers and case details).


If you wish to show appreciation for my efforts to help you out, mark my post as Accepted Solution.

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Re: HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines

I have now managed to restart the computer without wiping all my files - eventually I found one of the options that allowed me to "reboot" which then seemed to do the trick and get the PC switched back on again properly.  However the flickering is still reappearing again so updating Bios has not worked.   I am reluctant to try and of the other updates you mentioned as I will not be able to tolerate being locked out of my computer again.  I think I shall probably just have to take the lap top back to the shop and claim a refund and start all over again with a Lenovo or something. It is a pity though as in all other respects the lap top is great and fills an important gap in the market that has been left after Lenovo stopped making a 15" touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop.


But yes your HP team are welcome to contact me and try and help if they can - as I will not be able to get the defective machine back to the shop until sometime next week.

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Re: HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines

Also an Envy 15 also not cheap...


I am having the same flickering and screen jumping around.  Called HP no real help.

did a couple of tests over the phone for over an hour


Have any answers come out of HP?


Anyone found the fix?




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Re: HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines

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Hi @GaSam01,


Thanks for stopping by the HP community. A very good day to you. Smiley Happy I reviewed the post regarding the notebook having display issues. I will be delighted to assist you here. Smiley Happy

Superb description and stupendous diagnosis of the issue before posting. Kudos to you for that. Smiley Happy You are a valued HP customer and it is paramount to assist you with it. I take it as a privilege to share this platform with you. Smiley Happy

First off, to assist you better, I would require more information regarding this.

  • Please provide the complete product# or model# of the computer to assist you better.
  • Have you checked if the screen flickers in bios or in the F2 diagnostics page?

Please try the steps:

Please check in the bios if the screen flickers. Steps to go to the bios

Also please try with an external TV via an HDMI cable to isolate the issue better.


  • Then please go to the bios page and load bios defaults.
  • To do this, please keep tapping the Esc key gently several times as soon as you power on the computer.
  • It takes you to the startup menu.
  • Then press the F10 key to go the bios.
  • If it flickers in the bios, then the issue is hardware related and please contact HP phone support to get the computer serviced.
  • Steps to contact HP phone support.
  • Then press F9 key load setup defaults and select yes and push “enter.”

Steps to contact support:
Step 1. Open link:

Step 2. Enter Product number or select to auto detect

Step 3. Scroll down to "Still need help? Complete the form to select your contact options"

Step 4. Scroll down and click: HP contact options - click on Get phone number, Case number and phone number appear.

They will be happy to assist you immediately.

If the unit is under warranty, the manufacturer’s warranty should take care of it for you.


Hope this helps. Let me know how this goes. I genuinely hope the issue gets resolved without hassles and the unit works great.


To simply say thanks, please click the "Thumbs Up" button to give me a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help. If this helps, please mark this as “Accepted Solution” as it will help several others with the same issue to get it resolved without hassles.

Take care now and have a terrific week ahead. Smiley Happy



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Re: HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines



Yes I did fix it after HP called me on the telephone.   Bizarrely, it turned out that it was a software issue after all (I had assumed it was hardware).  I would say first check if it appears on a separate monitor (e.g. by plugging in to a TV screen or separate monitor), and if you can, see if it appears when you are in "BIOS" mode if you are able to access that (which is not straightforward at all).  Anyway, the solution for me was to reload the operating software from scratch.  This is what the HP guys are saying in the posts above and indeed the most recent one below.  The problem is that unless you are an IT wizard that can understand all the jargon this is not at all straightforward - when I tried it I became completely shut out from my computer for a few days which was a nightmare until I actually got them on the phone to talk me through it.  So I would say get them on the phone before trying anything too dramatic unless you really know your way around these things.  Personally I did not even know what "BIOS" was until this happened and I find many of the technical posts on these forums quite difficult to understand.   I see you have already had HP on the phone though so it may be a different problem for you.  I did not have the screen "jumping around" as you describe...


Good luck anyway and you have my sympathy,

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Re: HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines

Just updated Bios from HP. Still trouble. Dots and jumping and reloading browser history
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Re: HP lap top screen white dotted flickering lines


Thank you for replying with this overwhelming and detailed response Smiley Wink 

I appreciate your time and efforts,


You haven't clarified if the screen jumps while you are in the BIOS screen as well,

Please restart the computer, tap on F10 during the restart and when you get to the BIOS interface, stay there and wait for the amount of time it normally takes to jump around with the dots, etc...and reply back with the details of what happen during your time in the BIOS interface...As mentioned by the previous tech, if it happens in the BIOS - it's a hardware failure.


If it doesn't do it in BIOS, it's most likely a software issue and we may need to reinstall the windows as the last resort,

Alternatively, you may also try the steps mentioned by our expert @Axilotl as well.


Keep me posted, 

If the information I've provided was helpful, 

give us some reinforcement by clicking the solution and kudos buttons, 

that'll help us and others see that we've got the answers! 

Good Luck. 

I am an HP Employee

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