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Laptop - CD tracks displayed but won't play music

Laptop zd8215US - After inserting music CD and choosing Windows Media Player to play it, the contents of the CD (tracks list) are displayed.   However, no matter which player I choose to play a music CD, it won't play.  iTunes freezes and closes if I choose it.  Realplayer recognizes the CD and asks if I'd like to add the music to the library but when I choose 'yes' it gives a message, "Please insert audio CD to continue."  Windows Media Player actually TRIES to play the songs and will sometimes actually play the first word of the first song, but then jumps to the next track and then quickly jumps to the next and the next, etc. without playing any of them.  The CD/DVD drive completely refuses to recognize a BLANK CD no matter which brand of CDs I purchase.  The CD/DVD drive also refuses to recognize any type of DVD or any data CD…and gives an error  message, “Drive is not accessible” after I insert either type.  So needless to say, it will not burn CDs or DVDs.  The CD/DVD drive crashed not long after I purchased my zd8215 (new) and HP replaced it with a Pioneer DFDBW DFR-K15.   I LOVED it when it worked…I burned CDs and DVDs, made slide shows, music CDs, data CDs, data DVDs and burned video DVDs and was also able to install software programs, too.  But, the CD/DVD drive has been useless for quite a while now.  I’ve tried to work my way around all of the problems with my laptop.  For instance, when I first purchased my HP laptop I realized immediately it got too hot, so I placed a rack under it that allowed air to circulate under the laptop and keep it cooler.  And when the battery died, I simply began using the power supply at all times.  And, I’ve kept careful watch on the power supply since it, too, gets so very hot.  And when my laptop screen got the vertical lines on it that began on the left side, from top to bottom, and has now all but spread completely to the right side making the screen useless since the small area of the desktop/wallpaper I can barely is all distorted, I attached an external monitor and continued using it.  But, there is simply no way to work around the defective CD/DVD player.  I have a Gateway laptop I purchased almost ten years ago and it still works perfect!  Since it’s obviously old, I allow the grandchildren to play on it when they visit.  Sure wish I had stuck with the Gateway brand!  After doing a bit of research online, I’ve read on website after website where other HP customers have had, or are now having, the very same issues with their zd8000 laptops…all of the issues/problems I’ve described above.  I was confused when other HP zd8000 laptop batteries were recalled but was told mine wasn’t on the list, and the same with the power supply for getting too hot.  The vertical lines on the screen complaints are everywhere online on forum after forum.  


If there is anything that can be done to make the CD/DVD player work again, I would be ever-so-grateful to learn what can be done.  I simply can not afford to replace the CD/DVD player, nor the laptop.  The OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition, same as when it was purchased.   It has a Pentium 4 dual 2.80 GHz processor and 1.5 GB of RAM.  I keep the Window updates current and have Service PK 3 installed.  I use McAfee Total Security and obviously keep it updated as well.

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Re: Laptop - CD tracks displayed but won't play music

Give it a try:



1. Click Start and then click All Programs.

2. Click Accessories, and then click Run.

3. Type regedit, and then click OK.


If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.


4. In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry sub key:




5. In the right pane, click Upper Filters.

Note You may also see an UpperFilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click Upper Filters only. If you do not see the Upper Filters registry entry, you still might have to remove the Lower Filters registry entry. To do this, go to step 8.


6. On the Edit menu, click Delete.


7. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes.


8. In the right pane, click Lower Filters.

9. On the Edit menu, click Delete.


10. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.


11. Exit Registry Editor.


12. Restart the computer.

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Re: Laptop - CD tracks displayed but won't play music

Thank you so much for this!  My daughter was admitted to the hospital later after I posted this.  And then, I forgot to come back and check for a reply and just went ahead and replaced the DVD drive.  I am saving your reply. . . in case this DVD drive goes bad as well.  Again, thank you so much!

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Re: Laptop - CD tracks displayed but won't play music

I have the same problem on an HP Pavilion dv6000. Nothing helps and nothing works as far as a solution. The cd / dvd drive was working fine. Now it wont read a data cd. It reads dvd's fine.

The upper and lower filters are deleted. I rolled back all my vista updates to before the problem started.

It's possible this happened in conjunction to upgrading Itunes. Once you update Itunes, you can go back to an earlier version.

Maybe Apple caused this problem so people would switch to their computers. I find it just amazing that so many peeople have this problem and HP / Microsoft cant help solve it. Micrsoft fix it center does nothing to fix this.

I was going to buy a New HP Entertainment Notebook, but after this disaster and no support from HP or Microsoft who knows.



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