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Pavilion dv7 color temp

I'm in the process of calibrating the screen on my new dv7 and need to set the color temperature (to 6500k or lower as I am more care about color depth and detail not the brightness)... this is an easy task on a standard monitor, but I can't seem to find this setting for the laptop. Anyone know where to set this?


In the current setting, desktop monitor on D65 with a vivid color screen and my laptop is just too "blue" and shiny wich is best working for CAD not graphic software.

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Re: Pavilion dv7 color temp

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This d*mn bluish screen annoyed me too.


Well. If you still has not solved your problem: at 'Control Panel', section 'Display', there is the 'Calibrate display color' tool.


First, set the display brightness to it's maximum (from the tool help: "... by pressing and holding the Fn key, and then pressing ... Picture of the Increase brightness button ...  on a laptop, set the display to the maximum ...").


Within the tool options, use 'ALT + left' If you need to get back some step.


Adjust gamma


You will discover it's impossible  to get the three rows equal. Abandoning CRTs had its cost .


At the angle I keep the lid open the default gamma is good enough. Is this just coincidence?


Brightness and Contrast


You may skip these steps as you won't be able to make adjustments anyway.


Color Balance


Here the magic happens.


Adjust the blue level until the the greys and whites have no blue cast.


For me 75% (approx.) of blue and 100% of red and green did the trick.


That is it!


Good luck!

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Re: Pavilion dv7 color temp

many thanks for the procdure for calibrating my 'blue' lap top screen on my HP pavilion g6. unfortunately every time I correct this by reducing the blue to 75% it returns to the original setting next time I restart the lap top!! What have I missed?


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Re: Pavilion dv7 color temp

Hello herbie2. I understand you are having issues with your laptop screen. I have located two Microsoft documents that contain troubleshooting for this issue:


Please inform me when you complete the troubleshooting, so I know the results. If the issue remains, please provide the computer model number and operating system so I can assist you thoroughly.


Information on how to locate the model number, if you require it:


Information on how to locate the operating system, if you require it:


If the information I am providing is helpful to you, mark it with a Kudos so other people can find this information easier. I look forward to your response.



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