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HP Minis-slow browsing but fast internet speed

HP Mini 2102 & 110-1025DX
Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)

I have two HP Minis (2102 & 110-1025DX) that are both slow browsing the internet, but have very fast internet connection speeds. I have done all the "performance tips" possible I believe:

  • Upgraded RAM to 2GB on both devices,
  • Upgraded wireless adapters to "N" cards,
  • Upgraded HDDs to 7200RPM,
  • Adjusted Windows Advanced Settings to "Best Performance",
  • Ensured all drivers are latest,
  • Use Google Chrome, all extensions removed, "hardware eacceleration disabled, latest revision checked, cache cleared, etc. Microsoft Edge is even slower,
  • Internet speeds (per average about 25-32Mbps download, 12Mbps upload
  • Run browser with no other open programs/apps,
  • Tested processors (Intel Atoms) with Intel Diagnostic Tool, all "PASS",

So I've been at a loss why web browsing is so slow. Some "simpler" web pages load okay (2-5 seconds) while a more graphic intense sight like the nfl site or YouTube takes 20-30 seconds to load. Sometimes even more. Even trying to scroll down a page causes buffering to start, and the wait can be the same 20-30 seconds or more.


Is it that these Intel Atom processors simply can't handle the "work"? Perhaps the graphics can't handle the web pages? I do notice that the CPUs will max out at 99% when opening Chrome. But even when CPU settles down to less than 10%, web browsing is still very slow.

I have other devices with (seemingly) lesser hardware, and they work fine. Even devices with "g" adapters, less CPU GHz, etc.browse normally. Why is it that these two Minis are the slow ones?


Any help, or simply insight is greatly appreciated. I'd love to hear if any other Mini owners have no problem with web browsing, and perhaps what your set ups are like.

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HP Minis-slow browsing but fast internet speed

Ok, a little weird replying to my own question, but I think I found something that may help others with this issue.


I went into Device Manager>Network Adapters>"wireless" (depending upon your adapter)>Properties, then into Advanced using the Advanced tab.

My Receive and Transmission Buffer settings were at "256"; I changed them to 512 (max allowed), clicked "OK". I also changed the "AdHoc Mode" to 11n from 11b.

 I then restarted the Mini 2102. I noticed an immediate web browsing speed increase. I would not call it blazing, but pretty close to what would be "normal" browsing speeds.

The "Buffer" settings regulate and limit how much memory the network adapter can use. I noticed a jump in memory usage for Google Chrome, but the overall usage was at max about 60% of the 2GB installed.

So far this has been the most dramatic performance increase for web browsing. Even more so  than upgrading the wireless card from "g" to "n:

I hope this may help someone else with this issue. Let me know if it does help.

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