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HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

Wireless locked up in off position, red light on button, will not change blue with any key combination.


No wireless devices showing in HP Wireless Assistant in properties all four boxes ticked off.


There are no errors or conflicts reported.


In Windows Mobility Center wireless devices turn on button does not allow change.

HP Wireless Assistant cannot be uninstalled, the uninstallation process sequence ends up with “the software is not supported on this system”-error message.


Bios does not allow changes or turning on wireless devices.


After installing, the Bios update from website

The problem persists even after shutting down the computer, separating the battery and power cord from the body.


Of the remedies on your site, uninstalling the HP Wireless Assistant could not be performed via the control panel options, are there other options or ways to install it? The program seems rather useless and possibly has caused a freeze on my wireless device.


My HP Pavilion dv6 is less than a year old. The system has just been tuned up. The problem manifested itself before the tune up, I thought the tune up would clear any electrical freezes or jams that may have been in the system.

Thanks of prompt assistance, I am business travelling abroad and in great need of my wireless access at this time.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

My notebook is  HP Pavilion dv6-7025tx Entertainment Notebook PC

Product number: B3J88PA#AB5

Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Home Premium (preinstalled)


My problem was different from yours in that I could switch on and off the light on f12 by Fn+F12. All other symptoms were the same (and happened on the same day 06.06Smiley Happy I solved my problem by running the HP Connection Manager. There is a POWER BUTTON both for the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth. When I switched ON the power of the Wi-Fi device, I was able to choose from the available networks. 


In the Connection Manager there is a Preferences... button in the botton right corner. There you can set additional power options. 


The Power of the device can also be switched on/off from Control Panel>Windows Mobility Center>Wireless Network.


You can allow Windows to automatically switch on/off the wireless at  Control Panel>Network>Manage Wireless Networks > Adapter Properties > Configure > Power Management Tab.


I hope this will help you.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem



1. My computer does not have Connection Manager. I tried installing it with file sp54945.exe, yet message "This software is not supported on this system" appears ending the installation process.


2. I reinstalled the HP Wireless Assistant, yet it solved nothing. The program still opens up blank and the none of the function key combinations work, whether fn+F12 or without to turn on the device. I still was not able to uninstall the original HP Wireless Assistant, the message "This software is not supported on this system" appeared, only the new version uninstalled itself.


3. Windows Mobility Center button is also still locked up. All other devices show wireless working and installed properly.


4. New version of BIOS F.21 is missing the advanced features to try to manually turn the wireless on.


5. I get a constant busy signal when calling the HP support.


6. When trying to submit my computer information via Internet, the system gives erroneously the information that with my less than year old computer I am supposedly not under warranty.


Would HP Staff wish to assist me urgently with my wireless problem?

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

Since even some of the supposedly factory installed wireless programs are not supported by HP and they cannot even be uninstalled, it is quite clear that this company did not want or was not able to sell its customers a truly functional product. The former is more likely since all programs should be uninstallable. The phone customer service when they finally answered the technical service phone, truly disappointed me with their lack of professionalism to a level that I recommend never ever purchasing HP computers or anything from this company at all. Delays and excuses were used just to deny assistance from a customer who is truly in need of technical assistance and clearly had a right for it. The amount and type of freezing and locking up problems with respect to internet connections and their type also speaks of such poor quality that probably gives growing confidence for customer service professionals of this company just let the customers to suck it up and deal. In trying to solve a simple wireless problem, I feel that I was suckered into purchasing an HP notebook with the false thought of quality and performance, and I just have received a lesson and a demonstration that my little old Samsung truly outperforms the flagship of HP notebook product line. For years, it has done so well, that I have not even had to evaluate their technical customer service ever and that is the way it should be.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

I just purchased this pavillion dv6 i5 2.4 etc, notebook at a local pawn store. It had been wiped clean. Almost all the alloted space in recovery is used up...1.86 gb left...but to the adapter issue such as previously described by someone else. I lost wifi connection when I took laptop into the garage appx 35 ft away from router. I opened the connection mgr after several failed attempts at finding any connections available, none! Not mine nor my neighbors nor several others that should have showed up as they did on my ACER laptop...anyway, each time I tried to trouble shoot nothing was resolved...and then somewhere in this fricasee a warning came up saying

a fatal error occured, check the HP Connection in Event Viewer for more details.
access to the path 'DSmiley IndifferentHPSF_Rep.txt' is denied


ok...**bleep**? I made several more attempts before deciding to take the laptop into the basement where router is located, connected it via ethernet the after a few minutes unplugged ethernet. Again the connection box appeared RED, but within 30 seconds it started serching and it found the wireless network!

I have 30 days on this computer and this is making me wanna take it right back to the pawn shop.

 I am hoping there is not issues down the road with the network card...btw, should I switch connections? I mean under device mgr I did update the drivers for virtual wifi mini port and mini port 2....nothing else in network adapters needed updating supposedly? Should I swith which connection is being used? If so, how? Thanks

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

All HP hardware is now cheap and nasty since CEO Mark Hurd went on the aquisition trail in 2008 and rejected research and quality control as a valid expense of the manufacturing process. HP is now bottom end consumer hardware at a premium price.
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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

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I have found that dust, cat hair, etc. can affect performance of the F keys. Try using compressed air or a gentle vacuum to dislodge the dust, and the WiFi on/off F key may begin working again. I was successful using this procedure. Best wishes.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

Hello, guys.


My Pavilion is less than one year old.

I haven't even used it much since I've decided to take out the rest of life left in my 5 years (yes, 5 years old) Asus laptop.

That being said, I used it just ocassionally, but each time it would heat up tremendously and even shut down in the middle of my work. The fan works properly, it's cool and everything. Fingerprint button died for some reason. WiFi was working and then just stopped and kept on red whatever I do (I read many solutions here of which none was helpful).

Anyway, since it's been newly purchased and is still under warranty, I got it checked (waited TWO months for it).

Not to mention that I was told how my problems are of software nature, thus not covered by the warranty, so I paid for the cleaning of the fan (not needed, really), and "fresh installation" of my OS.


I won't mention that all the difference I've noticed as soon as I turned it off was that fingerprint stuff works and the WiFi.


It still warms up in approximately 15 minutes, no matter what I work and it lost the functions of "hibernate" and "sleep", which I am used to because I always used them on my old lappies, can't wait that long for this "extraordinarily fast quadri-processor" monster to kick in.


A few minutes ago, I was just subtitling a movie and it actually informed me my laptop is "low on memory". I mean, what??? I don't even have my usual programs installed on it nor I work something exhausting for the machine, though it shouldn't be that relevant in comparison to what I did on my older machines.


And my WiFi button went red for no obvious reasons. It isn't stuck, it's just red.


I tried to unistall it, but when I restart my laptop after it, it's as if I have done nothing. It's still there, apparently "functioning", but it's not. I am using cable as I speak.


If there's anyone who managed to resolve this without solutions such as "unistall it from manager and restart and let it install automatically" (along with ALL other solutions I've read here), I would much appreciate your help, either here or via my email.


Thank you.




Unexplicable overheating

Non-responding WiFi button (thus the wireless network off)

Excrutiatingly slow in comparison to my old laptops

Low on memory


What else ... well, nothing works properly.


Please. I'm angry and desperate and it's still under warranty but how can I trust them when they returned it in worse state than I sent it (buttons for hibernate and sleep, I mean...)



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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

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Hi AliceMalice,


After researching your list of issues I recommend following all the steps in this document for Reducing Heat Inside the PC to Prevent Overheating. If your problems persists after getting the heat reduced than please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region please click the link below to get the support number for your region.


Let me know if this helped.


Thank you,

I worked on behalf of HP.
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Re: HP Pavilion dv6 wireless on off problem

This thread is a bit old, but I thought I would post this, in case someone out there needs it:


I was given an HP Pavilion DV6 notebook/laptop computer, because the previous owner had experienced a complete WiFi connectivity failure after re-installing the OS. 


Note: HP Pavilion DV6

Model: dv6-2155dx


They tried many of the suggestions posted, but nothing worked.  They gave up, purchased an Asus, and gave the system to me.  I work with computers, so I completely re-installed Windows 7 Pro x64 from 'bare metal.'   I updated ALL of the drivers, from the official HP Pavilion DV6 website.  Neither the Atheros nor the Broiadcom drivers worked - at all.  [For the record, the Realink wired LAN worked well immediately.]  The system INSISTED the wifi card/radio was not present, during and after the driver installation procedure.  I knew that it was - perhaps it had failed, but it was present.


Frustrated, I opened up the unit (removed the  battery, then removed the two screws holding the bottom plate which allows access to the hard drive.  Underneath the hard drive, there is a 'mini-PCI' slot for the wireless radio card.  Obscuring the details of this wireless card is an HP sticker, detailing the replacement HP part number for said card.


Guess what folks - after carefully removing the sticker, the wireless card is neither Atheros nor Broadcom - it is an Intel Wifilink 1000 card!  This explains why the Atheros and/or Broadcomm drivers do not work.  However, it does NOT explain why HP doesn't mention the fact that these laptops might use a third type of wifi card.


As of 10/28/2013, here is the link to the HP version of the Intel WifiLink 1000 drivers:


File name:
sp44948.exe [1/1, 7.13M]
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
If the link becomes stale, the important bit is the "sp44948.exe" name of the file.  Google can be your friend, although their latest "terms of service' seem creepy to me.  (end of mini-rant).
In any event, in my case I needed to:
(1) Have the HP Wireless Assistant installed.  For the HP Pavilion DV6-2155dx, the link is here:
(2) Enable the Microsoft Mobility Center (if you had disabled it, as I had, due to posts like this one):
(3) uninstall either/both the HP recommended Atheros and/or Broadcom wifi drivers for the Pavilion;
(4) reboot, and install the Intel WifiLink 1000 drivers.
Once completed, the wifi works immediately, and quite well (at least on my system).  I hope this helps someone else out there.  Good luck.
Note prior to posting: evidently, HP won't allow me to post the links to fix this problem.  Nice job, HP!
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