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Pavilion TX2000 (TX2130ea) Wireless + Fingerprint Problem


My wireless card suddenly stopped working and now it's not existed in the device manager. I tried to turn off and turn on by wireless button in front of computer but still not working.


1-) Tried remove hp wireless assistant.

2-) Restored to factory defaults by accessing the recovery partition.

3-) Cleaning the pins of both wireless card and motherboard wireless connectors.

4-) Loading defaults of bios or re-flashing bios to a newer version.

5-) Removing ac adaptor and battery and pressing the power button for 20 and 20+ seconds for several times.


and no luck, but


6-) I tried to switch antenna cables of wireless card one to other and it worked perfectly for a while until i put computer into sleep mode. After 3 hours of sleeping, computer woke up without wireless card.


Other symptom is fingerprint device is really hot. It is around 40-50 degrees i think.  i can not see it in my device manager either.


I searched some forums and a couple of people says that hp replaced their motherboard and screens as well. I think it has defects on both devices.


and see that maybe thousands of customers suffers from same wireless card problems on various models especially in TX series.


Now i am ready to follow any instruction to fix this problem.


I managed to work it for a while so i think there is a solution for those wireless card issues.


Please help me guys. I have to deliver this laptop to its owner tomorrow.



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Re: Pavilion TX2000 (TX2130ea) Wireless + Fingerprint Problem

It seems that there is no software solution for this problem.


All my searches about finding a solutin is came to an end.


People says that this problem causes because of the badly designed GPU (Graphic Processor Unit). Gpu badly heats badly then one or more solders loses contact with each other. So all it needs resolder them. But of course i don't have enough experience to solder those tiny tings. This causes wireless and black screen difficulties with DV and TX series laptops. Ifound two really interesting videos on youtube.


In one video Hp laptop has black screen issue. A guy repaired it using a peny + an overheating bulb (probably 150 or more watts) + and some thermal paste. Guy overheated backside of the gpu and pushed it back to the mainborad using a penny and solved the problem.

Here is the link of the youtube video.


In other video Hp laptop has wireless problem (Just like mine). A Spanish or Mexican guy used same method and same tools to fix the problem and managed it.

Here is the link of the youtube video.


So now i am going to sleep, tomorrow i will buy a heating bulb (or just a 150watt one) and will try it.


Wait for the news, people. Smiley Happy

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Re: Pavilion TX2000 (TX2130ea) Wireless + Fingerprint Problem

I tried it last night. I mean i supplied a heating bulb (i found 120w only not the 150w) so more than this a piece of cardborad, a thermal paste and a 1978 1 penny. They advised on a web page that pennys before 1980 are needed for graphics chip.




It didn't worked.


Tried to heat it for 90 seconds, 2 minutes, 3, 4 even 5.30 minutes but no luck at all.


While i sleep i saw a huge and bright light from the sky. A very strong voice told me that "TURN IT ON AGAIN MY SON!, TURN IT ON AGAIN!". It was a frightening voice then I woke up suddenly at 4:00 am.


I turned on the device then VOILA. Broadcom came back.


I don't know what happened again but i know that it will not go so long.


I think i had to remove red silicone pieces around the gpu after i fried it. If it stops working again i will try that one more time.


notice: about the voice. I was joking Smiley Happy Rest of it is true.

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Re: Pavilion TX2000 (TX2130ea) Wireless + Fingerprint Problem

it stopped after first restart.


i will kick its arse today Smiley Mad

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Re: Pavilion TX2000 (TX2130ea) Wireless + Fingerprint Problem

HP, I work with your laptops for 14 years. this error you may already be resolved.

almost the best laptop, what you've done.

This error by the WLAN card may have already abolished.
A large number of people who are knowledgeable in all your sales models of computers, we were confident in you.

People with problem and solution.

I do not know, try to make a patch bios that all ports on the mini pci-x disconnected and switched back over time


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