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HP EliteBook 850 G8 Notebook PC IDS Base Model

Hi, I'm Danny.

I'm wordering what is the item of "1g2a6av". It says Description is "MISC No WLAN/No BT".

I bougth and installed WLAN card, but was not working. Laptop couldn't find WLNA card.

How can I configure WLAN setting?

Please advise me.





Accepted Solutions
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If the notebook has a whitelist, it will block any model Wi-Fi adapter from working.


HP does not release any information on what notebooks have whitelists and which ones do not.


Generally, most notebooks that were made from 2014 on do not have whitelists.


I can't find a service manual for the notebook as it is not listed on the support page, but this link indicates that either the AX201 vPro or non-vPro should have worked.


HP EliteBook 850 G8 Notebook PC


But as I replied yesterday, the CNVI cards usually will not work unless you are replacing one that failed, not one that was missing in the first place.


Unfortunately, I am completely stumped by this and don't have any other suggestions for you to try other than returning the notebook for one that comes with built in Wi-Fi or use a dual band USB Wi-Fi adapter with Bluetooth.


Amazon.com: USB WiFi Bluetooth Adapter, 600Mbps Dual Band 2.4/5Ghz Wireless Network External Receive...

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Unless your notebook came from the factory with an Intel AX201 Wi-Fi adapter, it won't work.


Try this one instead...


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ax 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.0 MU-MIMO M.2 2230 non-vPro   HP Part # L35282-005


Since I don't work for or represent HP, I would not be able to answer your first question.


Apparently, HP sells some notebooks in that model series that come without Wi-Fi adapters.

HP Recommended

Hi, Paul,

Thanks for your reply. I tried Intel 9650 WLAN (I don't have AX200) insteady of AX201 as soon as I got up, it didn't work unluckily.

Intel 9650 is compatible with Elitebook 850 G8 as I found web site. Why it doesn't work? I think the root cause is related to "1g2a6av". Is item 1g2a6av some equipment for blocking WLan? or is it "just meaning of NOT-Include Wlan/BT", or there is some blocking in the BIOS firmware software.. I don't know the reason..

Do you have any idea to solve this?

HP Recommended

You're very welcome.


You can't use any CNVIo cards (9560AC, AX201, AX211) in your notebook--even if the manual indicates that they are supported.


They only would work if they came installed from the factory and I don't know exactly what makes them different from a standard M.2 wifi adapter.


This link provides information that state they only work on certain motherboards and processors.


What Are the Intel® Integrated Connectivity (CNVi) and Companion...


If you have any other M.2 cards laying around like a 8260, 7265, those should work.


But if you need to buy a card, get the AX200 which is equivalent to the AX201 except it is a standard wifi adapter that works in multiple notebooks that support M.2 Wi-Fi cards.


I don't think there is anything blocking the installation of a standard (non-CNVI) Wi-Fi adapter.


I'm thinking the product number you have doesn't include Wi-Fi.


Some facilities do not allow the use of wireless networking for security reasons, and I guess the easiest way to prevent someone from using Wi-Fi would be to supply models that only support ethernet.

HP Recommended

Thank for your kind reply.

I will buy AX200 today, give it a try again and let you know the results.

I believe that Compatible Wlan is expected to work because my laptop has a Wlan port with an antenna inside.

HP Recommended

You're very welcome.


I think so too.


Hopefully I am right.

HP Recommended

Hi Paul.

I found a difference in the port area between AX200 and AX201.

I think there is no problem to pluging in the port. Even though this difference, does it works?



HP Recommended



The AX200 will fit in the M.2 slot just fine.


The one key in the slot will line up with one of the two notches in the AX200 and the other notch just doesn't make contact with the pins in the M.2 slot.


HP Recommended

Hi. Paul,

I bought AX200 and installed it, it didn't works same as AX201.

There is not any recognition on Device Manager.

Is it possible that Bios firmware blocks the wireless lan for Security?


HP Recommended

That is very disappointing!


Is there a setting in the BIOS to enable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters?


Perhaps it is turned off by default since no Wi-Fi adapter was installed at the factory.

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