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hp compaq 620 wireless problem
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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem



I just had same problem and got resolution.

All i did was to download HP wireless assistant, with this I could see when my WLAN was turned on but the indicator still orange. After this all I di was to right click on the wireless icon on the bottom right part of the screen i.e close to battery and time icon, I right clicked on it and selected trouble shoot option, followed the necessary checks and orange light changed. Now  I am using my wireless.


I never tried touble shooting before intallation of the assistant though, but you can also try that. It just might work.

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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

1st - installed compatible wireless drivers



2nd -Install hp wireless assitance.

by using this you can turn on the wireless


download from

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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

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The end of Wifi problems on Hp620 has come!!
All you need to do now is to call [edited Serial Number by Moderator] if you want to trash the issue.

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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

thanks dude this really works 

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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

Hi @Mrpope ,


Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums. I needed to edit your post and remove the Serial Number. From our Rules of Participation:

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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

Followed your directions however it didn't work. I went back to the radio on/off and it was disabled again. Did it 5 times and each time I went back it said disabled.  Wierd.

Time to get a new computer. I have no data on this computer it is all on external harddrive. However, my internal harddrive is maxed, I delete temp files etc and un used programs only save data on external hardrive but can't get it to stop maxing, even if I get it to having about 5gb free space I can be doing nothing on the computer but by the end of the day I get back to the computer and it is maxed again. Some wierd back of computer stuff happening that just keeps filling up space. If there are no programs open and it is just sitting dormant this shouldn't be happening. Time for a new brand. My first HP not impressed.

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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

I've seen that problem once or twice. It was a log file for a HP application that went berserk and ate all the space. I managed to locate the file by right-clicking > properties on each folder until I found one that was extermely large, and continuing down until Insaw the exact folder of the application. Try that, then uninstall the app. Should give you your harddrive back Smiley Happy

Also for the wifi problem, I've disco ered a new tactic that works even better. Just go into the device manager and expand network cards, then delete all of them. Mark > DEL or right-click > uninstall. After that hit F5 or click the "check for new hardware" button at the top. Windows will find the cards again and reinstall them with the same driver. This works every time for me at least.

This laptop is a low-end one. It'll never be a great computer, but trust me - all manufacturers compete in that segment and one is worse than the other. You have to spend a little more to get a nice computer, that's my experience after 15 years of pc service. After all, you get what you pay for.

When looking at laptops like HP Spectre, Elitebook and Folio, HP makes really really great computers. Bit the best thing is really their warranty terms. If you have a problem, it'll take them a week return time max, and your computer is fixed. With other manufacturers I've waited as long as 3-4 weeks. Completely useless.
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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

Moderator, you just deleted a phone number to HP, not a serial number Smiley Happy
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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

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Here is the quick and easy fix....


Hold the right mouse / track -pad button down while pressing the wifi button!


That's it!  assuming that the wireless card is installed correctly, and functioning..

It has nothing to do with drivers... I ran into this yesterday, and figured it out this am after i did the drivers, and tried another wifi card (internal, same one, from another 620.)


So now it turned on.


FYI, the other card did not turn on until I did this as well....


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Re: hp compaq 620 wireless problem

First of all , I want to thank everyone about help troubleshoot this issue. 


What worked for me is, I had ubuntu bootable usb stick. I boot the system with it, and I was able to turn on the wireless switch when I was on ubuntu desktop. 


Then I restarted the computer and log back into windows 7, and now wireless switch works. 


it is crazy..

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