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ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)
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Re: ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)

I have NOT found any driver for the remote control even in the newest kernel !!!!


The way is: Switch off Notebook ! Remove Power Supply. Remove Ac cu !

And then power it up again and never start this EVIL M$ system !

Then the IR is working as keyboard extension.


The evil M$ starts an own native driver, and then the normal (keyboard) method

is not working, Only a real power off, the internal controller restarts in default mode.


In this default mode, even GRUB (boot loader) can be controlled with the IRC !!!

E.g. cursor keys.





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Re: ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)

It may not be part of the kernel, but when I installed Karmic (a fresh install, not an upgrade), it automatically installed a lirc kernel module for the ENE0100 (lirc_ene0100).


Chris is right, though, that if you use the lirc module rather than his method, you won't be able to use the remote in apps that don't support lirc.  As with any lirc remote, you can use irexec to make remote button presses look like x86 multimedia key presses to xorg, but that doesn't start until x starts.  and Grub does not support lirc!


Note, there was no lircd.conf for the remote that came with my HDX16 (HSTNN-PR19).  I found one for the HSTNN-PRO7 (I think on the lirc web-site), which I tweaked.  If you have the HSTNN-PR19, I'm happy to pass mine along if you want it. 



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Re: ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)

Could you give me more details here ?

I am firm in Linux, but new to LIRC. I would know details on configuration if LIRC modules, IR controls,

how the X-keyes are mapped to the buttons, ..........


If you need, I can give you my private mail ...



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Re: ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)

You need to install the lirc and lirc-x packages and all dependencies. 


Forget about the gnome-lirc-properties utiltity - it doesn't seem to know much about built in ir receivers or remotes, at least not about those built into HP laptops.


Once those packeges are installed, you have to sudoedit /etc/lirc/hardware.conf and add the following lines at the top of the file (probably anywhere in the file is fine, but I don't know):


#Chosen Remote Control
REMOTE="ENE KB3926 B/C/D (ENE0100) CIR port"
REMOTE_MODULES="lirc_dev lirc_ene0100"
REMOTE_LIRCD_ARGS="-d /dev/lirc0"


Some of these lines may already be there - I think I might have only had to tweak the REMOTE_MODULES to actually add the names of the relevant modules, but I can't remember now exactly what I did.


Then you need an /etc/lirc/lircd.conf file - the default is empty, I think.  This is the file that defines the remote - tells lirc which signal means which button and gives it some other parameters for processing input from the remote.  The lirc project page has a whole bunch of them defined for different remotes, but it didn't have one for mine - which is the expresscard sized one that came with he HDX16 with the little jog wheel - picture here: 


I can send it to you, but I don't see a way to attach it here. Or you can download this one: - which is close enough to get you most things working.  Both mine and the PRO7 one will also work for the remote that comes with the DVB Tuner where they both have the same buttons.  When I created mine, I use both the expresscard remote and the DVB remote to get all the buttons/functions on both programmed in.  The buttons with the same icons on them look the same to lirc, so you can use either remote.


There is also a utilty that comes with lirc to build your own, but I think it works best (or at all) if you start out with the HSTNN-PRO7 file as a starting point - mainly for the header part of the file which is the same.  The utility is called irrecord.


Once you have your config file built, copy it to /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.


Then /etc/init.d/lirc start (it will even modprobe those modules on the REMOTE_MODULES line in hardware conf if they are not already loaded). One caveat - I don't know if lirc/lirc_ene0100 will work after you've done your trick of pulling the battery to reset the ir receiver.  You might have to boot into windows once and let its driver do its thing before the ene0100 kernel module will see the receiver.


That is the basics, and you wil then be able to use the remote in all lirc-aware applications.  You won't be able to use it to substitute for the keyboard anymore, though.  I wanted to continue to be able to use the remote to control volume/mute and a couple of other functions.   For that you will have to set up irexec, which means creating/editing /etc/lirc/lircrc (or, I think, ~/.lircrc for user by user setup).  There are various ways to do this, but the approach I used was to use xmacroplay(apt-get install xmacro), to send keystrokes to X.  A sample entry in lircrc is as follows:


remote = HP_HSTNN_PR19
#prog = pulseaudio
#config = volume-down
#repeat = 0
repeat = 1
delay = 5
prog = irexec
config = echo KeyStrPress XF86AudioLowerVolume KeyStrRelease XF86AudioLowerVolume | xmacroplay $DISPLAY


Note that commented pulseaudio lines are leftover from when I used the pulse lirc pluging.  It worked fine to control the volume with pulse, but it didn't give me the nice OSD you get when you use the keyboard volume controls.  When you use the xmacroplay, X doesn't know where the keystroke came from - it just sees the x event which it then forwards to whatever app you have set up in your gnome preferred applications.  irxevent is an othe approach - it lets you send keystrokes or other events to particular apps.





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Re: ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)

couteau could you send me your lirc .conf file for your remote? (i have the same laptop and same remote)


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Re: ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)

Hey Couteau,

Registered to hp forum just to say thank you man!

Did just what u sayed:


I have Ubuntu 10.04


Installed lirc in Synapatic version 8.6


completed the file /etc/lirc/hardware.conf as:

with comand # sudo gedit /etc/lirc/hardware.conf:


#Chosen Remote Control
REMOTE="ENE KB3926 B/C/D (ENE0100) CIR port"
REMOTE_MODULES="lirc_dev lirc_ene0100"
REMOTE_LIRCD_ARGS="-d /dev/lirc0" to the /etc/lirc/lircd.conf file

with command # sudo gedit  /etc/lirc/lircd.conf


3º Tested with command on terminal

# irw

test result :

000000037ff07b91 00 KEY_PLAYPAUSE HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07b91 01 KEY_PLAYPAUSE HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07beb 00 KEY_FASTFORWARD HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07beb 01 KEY_FASTFORWARD HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bea 00 KEY_REWIND HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bea 01 KEY_REWIND HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07be5 00 KEY_NEXTSONG HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07be5 01 KEY_NEXTSONG HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07be4 00 KEY_PREVIOUSSONG HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf0 00 KEY_INFO HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf0 01 KEY_INFO HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bdc 00 KEY_ESC HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bdc 01 KEY_ESC HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bef 00 KEY_VOLUMEUP HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bef 01 KEY_VOLUMEUP HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bee 00 KEY_VOLUMEDOWN HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bee 01 KEY_VOLUMEDOWN HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf1 00 KEY_MUTE HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf1 00 KEY_MUTE HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf1 01 KEY_MUTE HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf1 00 KEY_MUTE HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bec 00 KEY_PAGEDOWN HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bec 01 KEY_PAGEDOWN HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bed 00 KEY_PAGEUP HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bed 01 KEY_PAGEUP HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf2 00 KEY_PROG2 HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf2 01 KEY_PROG2 HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07b7e 00 KEY_DISPLAYTOGGLE HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07b7e 01 KEY_DISPLAYTOGGLE HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07b7f 00 KEY_MEDIA HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07b7f 01 KEY_MEDIA HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bdb 00 KEY_DVD HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bdb 01 KEY_DVD HP_Pavilion
000000037ff07bf3 00 KEY_POWER HP_Pavilion


And thats all

all thanks to Coutaeu


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Re: ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)



I am using Linux Mint 9 on HP dv 6810 EG,

as I have written in,

I still do not have solution to my problem...


The solution from Couteau nice, but I have done all the thing by myself too.

But something is still wrong.

My lircdconf in etc/lirc is from the lirc website for HSTNN-PRO7:

# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.8.6-CVS(default) on Thu Aug 20 01:15:04 2009
# contributed by Giuseppe Bilotta
# brand: HP Pavilion dv5
# model no. of remote control: HSTNN-PRO7
# devices being controlled by this remote: HP Pavilion dv5

begin remote

  name  HP_Pavilion
  bits            8
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  header       2740   860
  one           482   420
  zero          482   420
  pre_data_bits   29
  pre_data       0x37FF07B
  gap          110890
  toggle_bit_mask 0x8000
  rc6_mask    0x100000000

      begin codes
          KEY_POWER                0xF3
          KEY_DVD                  0xDB
# 'Q' key
          KEY_MEDIA                0x7F
          KEY_DISPLAYTOGGLE        0x7E
# Windows Media Center
          KEY_PROG2                0xF2
          KEY_PAGEUP               0xED
          KEY_PAGEDOWN             0xEC
          KEY_STOPCD               0xE6
          KEY_REWIND               0xEA
          KEY_PLAYPAUSE            0x91
# FF
          KEY_FASTFORWARD          0xEB
          KEY_PREVIOUSSONG         0xE4
# (up)
          KEY_UP                   0xE1
          KEY_NEXTSONG             0xE5
# (left)
          KEY_LEFT                 0xDF
          KEY_ENTER                0xDD
# (right)
          KEY_RIGHT                0xDE
          KEY_ESC                  0xDC
# (down)
          KEY_DOWN                 0xE0
# 'i'
          KEY_INFO                 0xF0
# VOL +
          KEY_VOLUMEDOWN           0xEE
          KEY_MUTE                 0xF1
# VOL -
          KEY_VOLUMEUP             0xEF
      end codes

end remote


But I get no answer on irw in terminal...


Please help, navigate me somehow.

I am quite a newbie in linux, but this the first ¨problem¨ in linux for me so far ...


Thank you



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Re: ENE CIR under Linux ? (HDX16)

Hi all


I have just followed this how to, and i got success on the config, including the test with the app "irw", all the RC keys received by the laptop correctly, but the keys don't "propagate" to execute this commands, simply do nothing. I have tried to set the shortcuts on the menu "Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts", but nothing received.


My laptop is a DV4-2112BR and my RC is HSTNN-PR07, running on Ubuntu Maverick 32 bits.


Anyone have an idea to make my RC work properly?



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