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Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!

Hi everyone,


so i bought my HP ENVY 17 last month in Hong Kong and I brought it to Canada becoz i have to go back to study.

then one day the laptop shuts down when i was playing world of warcraft, the game itself 1st started not responding, then my mouse had stopped working in the next second, and finally the monitor screen went off, but the lights inside the keyboard are still on. I have to hold the power button for a few seconds to turn it off then turn it on again....this situation has just happened these few days!! I couldn't play my game for long then my ENVY 17 has to cut me off from the game!!! that really annoys me!!!


and I've scanned the system for  the possibilities of virus infection but the anti-virus engine told me there's none infection...


so i wondered if it was caused by overheating of the graphic card, then i downloaded the CPUID Hardware Monitor to check my ENVY 17's tempratures, and i found out that the laptop temperature was around 50 degree celsius when i was just surfing the net; however, when i started my world of warcraft game application, the temperature just started raising up to 81 degree celsius...

i did even bought external fans and put them under my ENVY 17.


the temperature is more like cooking my fingers when i was typing on the keyboard!!!!

it turns out to be a human cooking machine!!!=. =


so I just wanna ask if there's any solutions (that i dont have to take it to repair) for my issue?

is there a HP repairing store near burnaby, vancouver, BC?

and will the HP repairing department do repair my ENVY 17 which I bought it from Hong Kong?


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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!



You can have your PC service in the country you are in as long as they sell the same model.

If your PC is shutting down and experiencing hardware failures it should be covered under warranty.




I am an HP employee.

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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!

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  I got similar problems too,


  Although my problem is "patched" by turning the display card into power saving mode.

goto display card, enable PowerPlay, then choose Maximize Battery for both plugged in and on battery.


but it is a shame that HP not doing well in cooling of this machine, isn't it ??


Envy Series suppose to be the most sophisticated version which:

  A) much better than others brand / model a lot 

  B) and, rip your wallet


We obviously want A but not B, but the fact is HP give us B but not A


All i actually want to do is to turn that little fan run faster, but there is no way doing it without breaking warranty.




Antony Lee. 


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Antony Lee
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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!

Well, I purchased my Envy 17-1010nr on August 9th, 2010, and it work AWESOME for 45 days......Then after gaming for about 20-30 mins, it would overheat, video freeze, mouse freeze, then video blacked out.  I would have to hard reboot the system in order to be able to use it again.  CTRL-ALT-DEL and CTRL-SHFT-ESC would not do anything.  I contacted HP, they had me restore original video drivers....same problem....they had me to do a full system recovery back to the day I purchased the unit...same problem.....they ran a video diagnostic test over the internet, and said they found a problem.  I sent my unit in for repair where they replace a Heat Sink Fan.  Got the laptop back, and the very next day, same problem.  Got back in touch with HP, and now they want to say it's the game/win7 64 bit problem.  The game Dungeons and Dragons online DOES say that there are compatibility issues, but as I read into all the issues, it's only when installing/starting the game that people had problems, and not while playing the game itself.  HP has decided to have me again ship the laptop back to them to take another look at it.


This unit get EXTREMELY hot!!  Like unbearable to your left palm.....I really believe this is going to be an ongoing issue unless the do some re-working of the current internals of the laptop.  I don't know what else to say, other than I spent $1,400 on this unit, becuase it had all the specs I wanted, and now it's not working for me?  Disappointing to say the least!

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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!

Hello HP guys,


  Do you read ? can u let us turn the speed of the fan up ? Thanks.


Antony Lee
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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!

I did another video update with the SP49450.exe from the HP site, and I'm having slightly better success.  The computer no longer completely freezes up and forces a hard reboot.  It does freeze for 5-8 seconds, then goes black for 1-2 seconds, then comes back up to what I was doing.  I went into the event log, and have found that ever time this happens, I have the following entry:


Event 4101, Display

Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

- <System>
  <Provider Name="Display" />
  <EventID Qualifiers="0">4101</EventID>
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2010-11-01T02:55:57.000000000Z" />
  <Security />
- <EventData>
  <Data />
Any ideas?  sounds like more of a driver / hardware issue at the moment. 
This is the HP support forum?  Some is supposed to read and reply?
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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!

I purchased this laptop because I wanted a 17" display and something portable for gaming.


I'm very disappointed that HP is mostly ignoring an overheating issue for a laptop that was specifically listed as a laptop capable of intensive graphics and gaming.


When I get told by support "let us know if the over heating happens during regular use"  I'm like... Gaming is my "regular" use.  If I could I'd return this system in a heartbeat.


I've done all the driver and other system related updates I can.  Even putting an external fan to circulate the air doesn't help. 



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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!



If the Envy 17 is overheating when playing 3D games, please contact HP for service.



I am an HP employee.
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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!

Well, I sent in the laptop again for the video issue.....It came back and they replaced the harddrive...  I thought to myself...hrmm.....what does that have to do with the video???  So I powered it up, and withing 5 minutes, I was getting the same video error.   I called HP, and they don't see anything on my profile that said that I needed a harddrive change, so I must have been mixed up with someone else...NICE!!!....  But I then did some searching on the internet, and found people that said to Uninstall the Catalyst Control Center software, and you wouldn't receive that error.  I will agree that it helped, but has not fully solved my issue.  Instead of 10 errors a days, now i get 1-2 errors.  My issue has been escalated to a case manager, and I should here from them today or tomorrow on what to do next.

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Re: Envy 17 overheating is bothering me!!!!!

You think 85 is bad? Heres from my Envy 17, 105 degrees celcius.


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