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Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

I've been reading around that there's a common problem with the 1000 series of tablets. After 1 1/2 years, the sucker gets a black screen at boot up, yet the lights are on.


Well, almost a week to my tx2000's 1 1/2 year date (and now out of warranty), I tried to take my tablet out of hibernation. The screen was black yet the lights were on and I could hear the fan.


I tried basic troubleshooting with the online tech, but to no avail. It doesn't work, and they tell me it'll cost about $400 for it to be picked up and repaired. Anybody got a viable solution, or do I just need to go ahead and start saving for a Mac?


Thanks HP for reselling such faulty merchandise.

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

oh no there is nothing wrong with it, it a superb laptop, we have never heard of anyone having issues with that series,all those posts you see on forums are just false./////HP rep mode off///

yeah buy something else stick to them where it hurts. I have owned 4 hps over the years done with them. by far the tx1000 is the worse, the others I wore out.

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

same here and after 13 months, I want my replacement/fix! HP said they don't recognize it, but its a design flaw! hey, look for videos on repairing this in yt. I won't try it but maybe you want to. Ah, btw they told me that I have to ping them every week because they didn't have stocked parts... - Disappointing.
if it's a design flaw I recognize free repairs on MY products regladess of the warranty!
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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

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It happened yesterday. It is exactly 16 months I've used (Out of Warranty).I called to the service but they didn't offer any free service. I heard thatone of my colleagues sent three tx2000 and got replacements with free of chargeeven they are out of warranty. So, I tried but failed. 

If there is a group promoting the recall of this product, I'd liketo participate.  



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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

My tx1000 just developed the same problem, just about 2 years after purchase.


Are there any solutions? 


I am currently looking for a desktop and I can tell you one thing - I am definitely not buying an HP

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

I made it to one year, five months...  with a TX2120us

One year warranty, 17 month lifespan!


First the wireless went out..

reseating it fixed the problem for a week

until now the monitor won't come on. 


Online chat troubleshooting comfirms it's the motherboard and,

yes, they know exactly how much a new one costs: $384.75 plus tax.


We on the forum may be only a couple of dozen out of thousands sold, but

the coincedences are overwhelming.


I LOVED this tablet but I don't think I will get another HP.



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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

So this most likely does not apply to the tx1000 problem, but I believe the tx2000 recent problem is not related.


For those getting lights and fan on.. or perhaps on for a second or so but no boot screen or logo it maybe related to your video card driver.


Sounds crazy right?  Well your video card driver controls how your computer goes into hibernation and sleep.  If the drivers are incorrect the system may not handle this process correctly when you try to reboot it.


I'm not certain on how to get the system to boot up again, but I've done it quite a few times while trying to revive the machine.. pulled the battery.. the ram.. held the power button.. lots of cussing.. the solution seemed different each time, but eventually if you can get back into windows you'll find that either by not using hibernation/sleep or by loading the original video card drivers from the hp site, you'll avoid this problem again.


This problem started occurring for me after microsoft made available a driver update on windows update this past summer..  then suddenly everyone started having issues at the exact same time.. I've seen it blamed on simultaneous heat issues around the world caused by exactly 1 year and 2 months of dust collection on every tx2000 laptop... however I'm quite certain it's the new video drivers in combination with hibernation/sleep.


But don't take my word for it.  For more information on how video drivers can affect the boot process check this site:


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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

Had the same problem with my tx2000. It started having trouble recovering from hibernation over the last few weeks. Today it was the same problem so I hard booted. It would not start. LED's came on, fan started, but it would not boot. Tech support did confirm that it is probably the video card, which is of course on the motherboard. Luckily I still have 166 days on my warranty so it will be replaced free. But I am without the PC for a week to 10 days.


Another warning to back up your data. Tech support warned me that the first thing they do is wipe the hard drive in an attempt to recover the PC. Of course once you experience this problem, good luck backing up your hard drive unless you have another tx2000.

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

Get this! Same story. My tx2110us (tx2000 series) won't boot. lights on, fan running, hard drive spinning - no joy. Black (not blue) screen. After extensive research I feel very knowledgeable about the problem -- and it is as described on this forum. mobo issue with nVidia video. I have been in contact with HP tech support a number of time - by chat, by phone AND by e-mail. They have recommended that I take the laptop, I mean "notebook," to an "authorized service provider." So I searched for one and because I live in a remote area of New York state, there are none within 100 miles. I advised the tech person of this (after using HP web based search for "authorized service provider") and none came up... So the tech support guy (I sense this may be the tech center in Bangalore) e-mails me back saying there is authorized tech support at the Wal-Mart, 2 miles from my house... Yup. WAL-MART! Well, obviously, this is completely not true. But that is who I am dealing with at HP tech support.  btw, I requested (over the phone) escalation to a case manager at HP Canada. The supervisor in India refused. Then on another call I asked tech support what a new mobo would cost and she told me $400. I asked if the new mobo would include the upgrade to the ATI video processor - now in the tx series currently being sold. She couldn't answer the question (good job tech support) and then told me it would be cheaper simpply to purchase another laptop. The person I was speaking with kept yawning and calling me be the wrong name. Really instills confidence doesn't it?
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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up



I'm not going to say that I've diagnosed my my machine, but

after reading this post, I thought I had nothing to lose by trying

just a few more bootups just in case this driver situation applied to my machine.


Maybe it did, or maybe the unseated video driver popped back in

or maybe the gremlins just decided to move on but

the computer is now working again.


I disabled all the hybernation functions so

it does a full shut down each time I turn it off, but

for the past week or so, it does shut down and reboot properly.


Of course, now I'm too nervous to put any real information back on here

because I don't know when this now un-diagnosed problem will resurface,

but I now have a real nice machine to use for surfing the web. Smiley Happy



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