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Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up
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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

They sure aren't looking for repeat customers, I had a hard time understanding how a retail company would do that, but when I heard them report their last profits I understand that they go for a fast dollar and offer their product everywhere, I think I saw

them for sale in a porta-pooper the other day.


Give them hell

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up


I gave in.

I signed up for "bench service" whatever they are calling their outsourced repair.

They said it would be cheaper than returning to manufacture service.


Anyway, it's fixed with a 90 day warranty for $400 plus.

What I paid for it, plus the new warranty averages out to about $100 a month.

I think next time I will lease, ha ha .




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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

$400 is almost half of what a new one would cost.  That's why I'm holding off on that option.  I also fear the problem just happening again because of the same hardware.  Sorry you had to give in to them.  I definately am looking at other manufacturers for my next computer.  Don't want the same thing to happen twice.



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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

[ Edited ]

  I just got off the phone with a new case manager named Jamie [text removed for privacy] regarding new case number 7501359724, and of course just what I expected he would say, HP has no known issue with the tx series and no issue with the Nvidia 6150 chip.  He said that its just a coincidence that 1000's and 1000's of owners have experienced overheating motherboards.  That despite the same symptoms of other hp laptops and their recall proceding a huge lawsuit with Nvidia admitting they had sold hp defective chips, the tx/ 6150 nvidia was not one of the defective chips.  After reading the lawsuit details I found that Nvidia never released a list of the exact defective chips just that there were some, and then settled with hp.  Hp for some reason or another made a list of the so called defective ones and left many of the additional defective ones including the tx series/ Nvidia 6 series chips off the list.  Maybe there are not as many of us that own it, so as a business move they felt they could get away with this, or maybe because the failure typically hits a month or two after warranty expires.  I even looked up the chip by itself and found that the same Nvidia 6150 chip was used in certain Dell notebooks and had an issued recall relating to its defect.  Yet Jamie from Hp clearly stated that there is no known defect and that I would need to pay 400.00 USD and get the mother board replaced. I told him that I wasn't going to do that, why would I spend 400 dollars to have a new defective mother board intsalled to fail again.  He assured me that it wouldn't be an issue because the new mother boards have a different set of chips due to the issue with the old chip.  What is that about?  Does he think I am stupid, they say there is no defect in that chip, so they wont take responsability but they admit there is an issue with the chip, what is the difference?  They change the word defect with issue and that excuses them from any liability in providing a product capable of delivering expectations and quality of its class.  I personally wont settle for this. I wont settle for less than a refund or a new equall value notebook free from defect with an extended warranty.  To all of you others with this model of notebook i suggest you do the same, don't give up on your right to defend your hard earned money.  Look up Nvidia 6 series chips and you will find many companies that have disclosed its defect and taken responsability to their product owners.  Hp needs to do the same. Shame on HP  I had to edit this because they keep deleting my posts to cover up there secret, you can try and follow the trouble shooting tips, but it wont work, the graphics card has burned up and is killing your mother board.  A company invested a lot of money only to realize they can either lose a lot more money or they can brush it under the rug at the expense of their customers, and so they try to sustain profitability, by hiding the truth.  I suggest you buy a msi netbook, it has no frills but I promiss it will last, msi knows how to make a strong motherboard and stand by their products, no use in buying a fancy computer when it will only tease you with 13mons of life.  I am sorry that myself and all of you put your hard money and trust into a product that was probably knowingly doomed before it was even sold to us. Just remember that in this economy even a large company that you think you can trust can't be trusted, MONEY trumps the consumer!!

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

Great Post, Thanks


I've talked to 3 or 4 so called case managers, and I got 2 of them to almost tell me that HP knew but would not budget it to do no charge concession repairs, the last one offered me a (wouldn't confirm new) motherboard for $298 with a 90 day warranty, and I told her I would go $100. with a 12 month warranty and she refused, I also told her that the case managers at HP better hope their noses don't grow or they will be tripping on them, she hung up on me. I told one "male" that I wouldn't give HP the

sweat off my $alls and he just laughed.


I really don't think they will make good for their mistakes but we need to keep hammering them. I am due to send another email to the CEO, I will get one off tomarrow.



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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

The solution is the external BELKIN OR SIMILAR LAPTOP - COOLING FAN DEVICE, with ONE OR TWO FANS THAT SIT UNDER any HOT LAPTOP PC, and cool it off (in addition to the internal laptop fan).

Our Wal-Mart - purchased Belkin plugs into any USB port for power, is very quiet. Hence, our HP Pavilion tx2113cl notebook pc is invariably coool, calm, collected.  

Compressed air and WD-40 have contributed to eliminating the fan's dust and hum.

Never give up the ship, eehhaahhah ..
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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

[ Edited ]

Hate to brake anyones bubble but my tx1000 had a good Belkin cooling pad under it for day one, it took a dump in about 6 months and they said they put in a NEW motherboard, wi-fi, etc and it went another 8 months and took the same dump.[text removed]


Rite On about never give up .. keep fighting and telling people about your experience (screwin') you got from HP !

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

Hey guys, on a side note, I used a cooling pad on my notebook after one week of owning it and realizing how darned hot it became. I complained about the heat to Future Shop (where I purchased it) after that first week and was told it was normal to be that hot ... I could barely touch it. So, I used a cooling pad to keep my darned desk from catching on fire ... ha ha.


Long story short, I dealt with HP for months after having my motherboard go for the second time with no avail. So I contacted CTV News and got reimbursed for a new laptop by HP after appearing on  CTV News with reporter Paul Brent. Even though I got my replacement/reimbursement that I was looking for, they won't budge on any possible recall, nor even get back to me anymore. CTV will be doing a follow up interview with me and with HP again in the near future ... so hold tight if you can.  I wouldn't recommend spending the bucks to replace the motherboard with the mere 90-day warranty from HP, because we know it will most likely last 90 days, but most likely not a year, which is ridiculous. But if you want to fork out that cash, fill your boots and I wish you the best of luck.


If any of you are in Canada, especially in the Ottawa area, please send me a private message so we can gather some momentum here ... I'm sure that I can bring CTV on board across Canada if anyone is interested in joining me. Let's get some justice for all and make HP open their sleepy eyes.


FYI this is my thread on the HP forum for the tx1000 series notebook failure:


There is a link to my CTV News clip along with lots of useful information in this thread.

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

I've got a TX2120 whose warranty expired in December, and halfway through February, it started to do this exact thing.

It's like the machine knows when the warranty's up!


For a week or so the machine would boot if i took the dvd drive out and replaced it firmly. (I have no idea why)

I knew that that may not be the best thing for the machine.

So, I checked all over for solutions and tried the letting it heat up, restart and press on the J,K and L keys and it worked for me.


This tablet pc has been great up until now.

Something really needs to be done. It's obvious it's a common problem.


I bought an HP because of good things I had read and heard.

I have a friend that works in IT for a fortune 500 company, and when I was considering this machine, he told me that they were in the process of switching over their hundreds of laptops from dell to hp and assured me it would be a good choice.


Not so sure now if it was.

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Re: Familiar Story - tx2000 - lights and fan on, but black screen at boot up

I think our next step should be to combine all of our efforts and contact one of the major tv stations and have them to do cover story about this HP abuse. I am willing to collect names and emails of people on this forum and put together a petition and get this BS issue resolved. Please email me at if you want to be a part of this.

thank you,


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