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HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

Box displays above task bar every few seconds. I have clicked the X, I have clicked the "for more info", I have restarted laptop. Nothing works!! It's so annoying I could scream. I don't want the adapter and I want the box to STOP popping up!!

Help please. Thanks, Patricia

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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

Has anyone figured out anything regarding this? I have the same annoying issue...just started a couple of months ago wasn't doing it when I first purchased my laptop.

MGS is:HP Smart Adapter For full performance, connect a higher capacity Smart AC Adapter. For more information click here.

When you click it basically just gives more information. I am using the power source that came with my laptop. Any ides or info would be helpful.

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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

I had the same problem on my new pavilion dv6t select edition model (see my posting on here sometime in June--never got any answers on here about it). It would keep telling me that I needed a higher capacity smart adapter. Problem with that is that the adapter that comes with this model is already HP's highest capacity model. In addition, everytime I got this message, I would be on battery power!


When I called HP about this the first time, I got a lady who seemed to be familiar with this problem. She told me at the time that some of the new dv7t select edition models were experiencing this issue, and the problem was supposedly taken care of by doing a BIOS update. So, she tried that on my dv6t se and it worked--that is, it did until the next time I called HP about a problem with something else and that person informed me that a more recent BIOS update was available. He ran that one and my smart adapter message returned. Got another technician on another call and he figured out which update to use and, once again, corrected the problem. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if that update would have permanently cured the problem because I finally decided to return that particular model due to some other problems that occurred.


One thing that concerns me after reading your post is the fact that it sounds like your laptop may be a slightly older model than mine (mine just came out at the end of May). If yours is an older model, it would then appear that this problem is not unique to these new models, but rather an ongoing issue, perhaps, with many more of HP's laptops. I hope this isn't another case of HP producing and selling laptops with a known problem that they never bother to fix. I've read too many postings about HP doing things like that.

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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

Same here. I just got an envy14 and have this pop-up. This is annoying if it is either correct and i can't get the full speed or incorrect, especially if it is something similar to the Dell Studio issue (which was solved by getting upgraded power supplies sent free of charge)

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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

I had the problem and found the fix (at least for now) from this forum site.  Maybe under another slightly different topic.


I was told to unplug from the computer, then I unplugged from the outlet.  I plugged back into the outlet and then back on my computer.  It hasn't been back for the time being.

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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

I sent my HP laptop in for acting up in August.. Ever since I got it back it keeps telling me that I need to connect to a higher capacity AC adapter!!! This is annoying, simple because I did not have this problem before I sent it to HP in the first place.. What can I do to make it stop/fix it? My warranty is up now!!!


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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

If your adapter is over 60 watts, try    


       a) setting power config to "HP recommended ..."    

       b) plug directly into a wall socket, not a surge protector    

       c) remove battery when running on AC


I hit on a) and b) after noting that people on some forums said any adapter under 60 watts would give this result. Since that marked it as a power supply (as opposed to malware advertising) issue, I tried  a)  and the messages stopped.  Since the machine was plugged into a very old surge protector (15 years old?) I also did  b),  but since the messages were already stopped I don't know if it would have worked.   c)  of course is a less optimal workaround, but it works 100%

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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

Hi.  I have just had the same annoying problem.  The message has been bugging me since I received a new power adapter a couple of months ago.  As the laptop was still under warranty, I decided to ring the Comet helpline and the problem was sorted in minutes by remote assistance.  No more annoying pop ups!!

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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

Have been dealing with this problem for a few months. bought a new adapter and no solution. Pavillion dv8 goes on battery even when connected and after some time I have to shut down and wait for it to charge again. Will try connecting to 220 volts to see if this could help.


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Re: HELP!! Annoying HP Smart Adapter pops up??

If you get rid of QlbCtrl.exe from the startup list the popup goes away, but the problem remains and you lose some functionality if your laptop has the quick launch buttons.


I have the same problem of computer going to battery when it is plugged in.  I think it's because the dc jack has come loose from the motherboard.  


The diagram for my mobo shows the dc jack with pegs that fit through the board and are soldered on the other side.  On my laptop the solder has most likely come loose and is causing the jack to wiggle enough to make this problem.


The good news:  A new jack and solder are cheap


Bad news:  I have no idea how to get all of the laptop guts back in it after taking it apart to solder a new jack to the motherboard.


I need this computer so I am just going to deal with it but if you have a warranty by all means get this done and you'll be fixed.

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