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HP PAVILION G6-1326SA Slipstream SATA Drivers
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Re: HP PAVILION G6-1326SA Slipstream SATA Drivers

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I don't know what advantage that would give you.


The problem is that the only media XP will look for to install other drivers at the F6 prompt is a floppy disk.


Get a USB FDD and try the F6 method of installation if you want.


Did you try slipstreaming the drivers I posted above from a current HP business notebook?

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Re: HP PAVILION G6-1326SA Slipstream SATA Drivers

JustUnCat wrote:

Suppose I take out the hard drive and format it.

Create a FAT32 partition.

Install MS-DOS and run the setup like that, with the drivers slipstreamed into the setup folder.


Can it be done and would it work ?

It's unlikely, if you have the correct drivers then slipstreaming should do it but getting the right drivers seems

to be the problem, i have followed loads of help pages on here but most of them are from some years ago

and basically all those forums are redundant now.

Have also tried formatting the HDD in previous ntfs that xp uses and no joy

got rid of the irritating 32mb ( shows as 199mb total ) system drive and no oy

finally tried a brute force ghosted image onto a secondary partition to see if it was seen

used dualbootpro to try and resolve that, something i bought for $9.95 and it does not

see it as an installed XP even though the partition is set up correctly


To the guy who was so indignant about me / us wanting to install XP

appreciate your offer of help but what you linked to was an executable catalyst graphics driver

that installs itself over what you alrady have installed as far as i can make out

I don't think it is unreasonable to want a dual booting system and accept that i would have to do

it all myself, locating the drivers for whatever hardware comes with this laptop etc


This reminds me of when i got a laptop, the one i am replacing, preinstalled with Vista because

i hated that so much i went about finding how to dual boot it and succeeded

I asked the guy in the shop if i would be able to do the same and was told it was possible

but if i had known i would spend two weeks reading a lot of redundant advice and no way of

locating sata drivers that i can see it looks like i am stuck with having to learn all about this bloated system that will only do what IT wants and find out a lot of the software i have been using is now redundant too




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Re: HP PAVILION G6-1326SA Slipstream SATA Drivers

Paul the drivers you recommended:


They worked like a charm!


I am now in the Windows XP setup partitioning menu.

I guess I won't be having anymore problems with the sata drivers from here.


Thank you very much!


Dave-Leeds you should execute the file let it extract the contents and look for the drivers there.

default = C:\swsetup\SP53616\RAID7xx\x86


Slipstream those drivers with nLite (x64 version also available).




I only thought of th MS-DOS idea because I was getting a missing file error and was affraid the setup was looking for it on a hard drive partition (that didn't exist / couldn't find)...


Anyway thanks again Paul and everyone! Keep up the good work!




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Re: HP PAVILION G6-1326SA Slipstream SATA Drivers

glad you managed to get things going
because of all the things i tried i am now having to completely
reinstall everything back to factory lol, takes 3 hours'ish
bit worn out with it all for now but will try one last time
even though i did use those drivers i might have made a mistake
so a few more hours won't make much difference i guess
and whether it works for me or not, thanks to Paul for trying
to help and at least he has sorted you out
i do have a list of all the drivers needed somewhere and will post
you a link on here when i get chance
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Re: HP PAVILION G6-1326SA Slipstream SATA Drivers

You're very welcome.


I'm glad you got the drivers you needed.


As I wrote above, there had to be an answer. 


Had you needed the Intel drivers, I would have been able to tell you exactly which ones you needed right away, rather than by trial and error.

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Re: HP PAVILION G6-1326SA Slipstream SATA Drivers

Finally I have done it !!!!!!!

The drivers worked as stated earlier, dunno what i did wrong yesterday,perhaps it was fatigue !


After inserting them and seeing they were most likely going to work i thought i might as well slipstream

service pack 3 into it as well so i made YET another slipstreamed CD ( got a bin full of coasters here )


resized the "C" partition giving 100 GB for XP install - This may be important or not but i chose to leave it

unformatted with a view to formatting it through XP as i believe the NTFS versions between 7 & XP are different


Next ( oh joy ) was greeted by the familiar Blue screens of XP install procedure allowing to choose where to

install / format / partition info etc and i chose the unformatted area to format NTFS and sat back with a cup of tea as it merrily chugged along, took approx 1 hour altogether to get it fully installed.


After rebooting i lost the ability to boot into win7 but was not concerned and i first installed this set of

graphics drivers from AMD, they are dated 15/08/2012 so couldn't be more current


This turned out to be handy as you need at least version 2.0 of dotnetwork to use DualBootPro which i bought

when pertitioning visa / XP to dual boot some time ago, there will be other ways to go for dual booting i guess

but seeing as i alreadyy had this i didn't look but if you would like it i can email it to you, it's a legal copy.


A problem you might come across is that the little system partition needs to be assigned a drive letter as

XP cannot see it. ( its called system and is 100 mb at start of drive )

Took me a while to figure that out but after 2 weeks of pain it was no big deal having to mess about now i had

XP on along with 7

there is a tutorial about all that here...


.even if you don't use that proggy there is some useful advice in it


Anyway i've droned on long enough and am very happy to say i can dual boot no problems at all

Thanks to you both for creating and replying to this topic

I'm sure someone else will find it very useful and will save them some of the headaches we have had

I have yet to locate all the various drivers for sound, wifi etc but have had enough for one day

will check back here and pass on anything that i find over next couple of days


At least there is a more up to date guide now as the others are old and not really relevant anymore









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Re: HP PAVILION G6-1326SA Slipstream SATA Drivers

Hi, Dave:


Glad you got your notebook dual booting the way you wanted it to.


I love happy endings.





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