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HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

Hi all. 


I bought a Pavilion dv9605ea laptop in January 2008.  Didn't take extended warranty and in July 2009 it has had the following problem. 


At startup, the laptop screen is totally black / blank. 


Everything else works fine, I can even hear the logon screen.  If I connect it to another VDU, it also works OK.  Everything is good, apart from the screen not working.  Yes, I even checked to see if the brightness was up, among other things. 


The only problem is that the screen is not working. 


I've only had this laptop 1.5 years and was told that it should last a while longer than it has.  If this problem had happened after just 3 years, I'd accept it more!  Not happy HP! 


I contacted HP, to told me that they cannot help as it is out of warranty (by 7 months), and told me to contact the retailer.  


The retailer is Currys and I'd bought it from them online.  I contacted them and they told me to take it to PC World.  I've heard terrible stories about them, so I was then advised to take it to another repair company, get a report done and send that to Currys head office in Sheffield, which I've done today.   


So I took it to another PC repair company, who were very helpful...

They told me that the fault is with the solder used by NVIDIA, that attaches the NVIDIA graphics chip onto the motherboard / systemboard.  This is a huge inherant hardware problem and they get loads of these HP models in with the same problem.  2 other HP laptops were there at the time, with the same problem. 

Apparantly, the solder used on these models was rubbish and melts at such low temperatures, that even the heat caused by the laptop melts this solder and damages the motherboard. 


I have been so careful with this machine, it has never been on for that long every time I've used it and has never reached extreme temperatures.  There is not a scratch on it and is packed away between uses.  Even the guys that did the inspection said there was hardly any dust in it.  Until this happened I was very happy with the machine. 


HP's response has worried me though and they don't seem to really care much about their customers, once the warranty has gone.  This has disappointed me as I've always really liked the look of HP computers and I always heard they were a good brand.  That's why I'd purchased this laptop. 


Anyway, I'm wondering if this sounds correct and if anyone could offer their opinion, as I didn't think the computer would work even if connected to another monitor, if the motherboard was damaged. 







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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

If it works on another vdu without any issues, I'd say it was actually a problem with the monitor itself ... the black screen is a symptom of a failed gpu but usually you get the same black screen with any attached monitor, or at least some symptom ... artifacting on the screen etc.


I don't know about your particular model, but on mine dv9548us, one of the cables to the monitor runs directly over the fan housing ... it is insulated however, if that insulation gets damaged then it stands to reason that the monitor cable could also become damaged, subsequently preventing the screen from working.


The gpu will probably fry eventually anyway, but I fixed mine ... and touch wood it's working fine at the moment.  Anyway, get them to check the lcd monitor again.  I'd bet that it's that. 


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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

Thank you for the reply.  As you said though, there is no symptom with the other monitor at all.  The PC works fine with it. 

I'm waiting to hear back from Currys, but am anticipating the worst. 


I really wish I'd just bought Apple like I originally wanted.  I'd always used them previously with no trouble and always wondered if the 'PC hatred' thing was justified - now I KNOW.  (my personal opinion - in the 'democratic' society that I live in)


Well, at least it's taught me this and one other thing....  that is, that if I don't receive any assistance from Currys or HP, I will certainly NEVER buy from Curry's, PC World, or from HP ever again.  No matter how 'nice' the systems may 'look'. 


I'd prefer stylish looks AND functionality, so.......  definitately Apple next time! 


The whole PC, Windows rubbish is just too mind numbingly annoying.  Its all just a cheap annoying copied version of Apple OS anyway!  Windows 7 - yeah right!  Why bother?! 



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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

Nah, don't blame it on Microsoft, for once I think they are innocent in this ... just blame hp ... their products have really dropped to rock bottom as far as quality is concerned.  Democratic society? from what I hear from talking to my parents back in the UK, there's more freedom of speech over here in the States than there is over there ... I seriously dread moving back ... however, if Curry's fail you, go talk to trading standards, your system is not fit for the purpose for which you bought it, and they can maybe help put some pressure on Curry's/PC World.  Also, some people have had success by talking to their Credit Card company, so that's worth a shot if you used one.



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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

...  thanks trinny! 


Well, HP's quality must have dropped, for sure!!  Actually seems like there's rock bottom, then 50 ft. of Cr*p... THEN HP. 


Well, I wish I'd gone Stateside when I had the chance!  Don't blame you for wanting to stay - give it a whirl!!  ...  staying that is! 


Is 'Consumer Direct' the same as 'Trading Standards' ?


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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

An easy fix...


Unplug the power cord


Take the battery out


Hold down the power button for about 1 minute


Plug in the power cord and boot as usual


Put the battery back in

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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

Thank you. 

I already did that - it didn't work at all. 

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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

i would say your display settings are wrong or the wires to the display are cut or broken the only thing i would say is

to take the cover off and repair the broken cord  if your good with that... if not bring it to some one that can... 

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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

Sorry haven't replied until now, got banned for saying that I wouldn't buy hp!  Anyway, I'm not sure to be honest, Trading Standards usually have offices in most towns in the UK, they will be in the phone book.  I'd say it's worth contacting both to be honest, the situation with hp and their non-warranties is really bad, I spent an hour on the phone to my new re-escalated case manager and she wouldn't answer any questions about anything relevant, I just got lengthy silences, and she even lied to me on a couple of occasions. 


Anyway, it would seem that people in the UK have been faring better anyway because consumer agencies have jumped on the retailers (sad for them as they are only selling the worthless piles of junk).  Some people have taken their retailer to the small claims court and won without it ever actually being heard.


I full expect to be banned again, so good luck, hope you get it sorted.


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Re: HP PAVILION dv9605ea - Blank / black screen at startup - does work with another monitor

Hey!  Banned?  Banned?!  Well, what BABIES!  You were just telling the truth about products you no longer wish to buy in future?  Seems fair to me.  Thought these companies appreciated 'Customer Feedback'.  But then, you see... telling the truth is seldomly rewarded!  People just don't like it - nor do huge international companies, so it seems.  Strange that...


So, you got an 'Escalated' Case Manager... Ooooh, that sounds special.  I love all these titles nowadays.  Just all 'sounds' rather good, doesn't it? 

Sorry, 'Re-escalated' Case Manager - WOW!!  What an even more luxuriously complex and important position THAT must be.  But wait... you only got 'lengthy silences and lies' from this person??!!!  (I'm sure these would be re-termed, by them, as 'contemplative listening' and 'abbreviated, innacurate truths', or something equally pathetic!  It's all just words these days and hoity toity posturing, (sorry, I mean 'professionalism'). 

I won't ask how much the hour on the phone for this pleasurable LACK of relevant information cost you.  Oh, but it MUST'VE been a freecall number..... SURELY!!  hahaaaaah.  She was probably the cleaner!  (Sorry, the Sanitation expert... maybe even the 'Re-escalated' one!) 


Well, some good news this end... (the only bit I've had, I can tell you).  Currys called me and offered me a voucher of £229.99, which I can use to have the laptop fixed (at PC World's 'Techguys' unfortunately), or even use it as payment towards buying something else from them.  I'm trying to decide what choice is better?  It was quite a surprise, I almost choked on my cheese sandwich. 


Anyway, try calling them again.  I'd ask to speak to someone higher.  Ask for the 'Senior, I'll Go that Extra Mile for our customers, Re-integrated, Re-escalated, Re-educated, Case Executive Manager person'.  I'm sure that title will probably exist SOMEWHERE.  Honestly, if it doesn't, it really should. 



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