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HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports
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Re: HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports

All of my USB Ports on My HP Pavilion DV 9005us just stopped working. I noticed it when I tried connecting my Iphone to upload some music. It charges my phone but does not recognize it. I get the usb does not recognize device bubble error. I also tried connecting a printer, and external harddrive and same thing.


I have tried restarting/unplugging from power and uninstalling/ reinstalling all the drivers. Nothing seems to work. I have even updated the BIOS. Any other ideas out there?



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Re: HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports

Sorry for resurrecting the thread but I'm having the same problem. My DV9000 USB ports went on the fritz a few weeks ago. All of them. I've tried all of the things people have suggested here. I also contacted HP and spent hours with them via online chat. I have the most current BIOS and HP said the best way to fix it would be to send it in to them. I don't want to pay $400 for a repair job. I already spent $900 on this laptop and I shouldn't have to pay more. I've only had it for a couple of years (unfortunately out of warranty).


Has anybody had any success with getting their USB ports working again without sending it to HP? I'm not savvy enough to take it apart and replace the motherboard myself but it sounds like that's the most likely problem...everything else seems to work fine though..wireless, video, audio, optical drive, etc.


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Re: HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports

Same issue for me, I can't resolve it...


USB ports stopped working after a re-install of XP.


I have flashed the BIOS, I have removed all USB options from the device manager and re-installed them.


My thumb drive gets power when I plug it in but the computer does not recognize it.


Help anyone?


I have a DV9005

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Re: HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports

My ports stopped working months ago and I have been working with Microsofty on this for months with no success. Any solutions yet? By the way my laptop is a running Vista 64 bit and is also flashing the error "USB devices not recognized". It still charges my phone, but won't recognize the devices or even my memory card for my camera.

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Re: HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports

I also noticed this problem about a month or a month and a half ago. This is RIDICULOUS that HP won't fix these issues - if it's happening to this many people who are actually willing to say something about it, imagine how many other people either don't use their USB ports or don't care enough to mention it on here.


My USB ports won't acknowledge anything I plug into them. I tried a few different iPhone cords - nothing. It doesn't even recognize it enough to charge it. I can still transfer my pictures through my memory stick port, thankfully. Hopefully HP steps up and fixes this problem that obviously isn't operator error.

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Re: HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports

hp sucks, I have the exact same issue. Ive had nothing but problems with this computer, from the recall on the battery, to over heating now my USB devices don't work and my CD drive dosent work. somtimes if I reboot 10 times in a row it will work for a few min them dies agian. Is this going to be resulved. HP you need to give some **bleep**en curtasy support for all the people you **bleep**ed with this pice of **bleep**. I own a large company and have all HP products, thousands +++ well guess what we are up grading our office and im not going to waste a nother penny on your crap.

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Re: HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports

I have the similar issue with my HP DV9000 series laptop. All of sudden all USB ports has stop working including keyboard and touchpad.My troubleshooting task were as follows.

Task completed.... without any success


1. I have upgraded the BIOS to newer available version on HP site.

2.  I have restore the windows vista / windows 7 several time. even with a clean install.

3.  while installing new windows. mouse keyboard works fine. even it works after installation with all usb. But when you shutdown it and power it on again. everything get lost. windows says unknown device found. no drivers found for it.

4.  while shutting down windows it freeze on blank black screen. All lights on. then you have to press the power button for few sec to shut it down. if you try to turn it on again it won't  display any thing. no bios info.

5. then you have to remove all the power including battery then put it back again. It will come back but without keyboard or mouse or both some time.

6. checked it with Linux. Same issue.

7. Only thing remaining is to change the battery. Ordered a new one. will try with it.


If you have any experience with such an issue. Please help me or else join me to curse HP Compaq


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Re: HP Pavilion-DV9000 USB ports

Were your symptoms the same as everyone else?  I can't get any IO port or camera to work.  What led you to the heat sink?

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