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HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

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I have an HP DV9200 (DV9720ae) pavilion notebook and i'm having major problems with the touchpad. The problem tends to start after the machine has been on for a short time.


In general the mouse (touchpad) stops working and arrow is frozen on the screen. Sometimes I can get it working again but pressing the lock button (turning the light from blue to orange and then back to blue) but then on some occasions this button stops working as well?

When this happens the only way to keep working is to plug in a USB mouse!!!!


I've already tried the following several times:

1) Defrag done 2 times.

2) Removed and reinstalled drivers

3) Up-dated windows.

4) Loaded driver up-dates.

4) Tried the FN and F7 button fix.


None of these have helped fix the problem so far and I dont want to send the machine back if I can help it.

Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE help me? Or at least let me know if you have the same problem.

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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

When the mouse gets stuck, try to push your laptop screen further back. Or play around with your laptop screen. Perhaps the lid-switch is beginning to break?
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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

We have a DV9700 (Dv9812US). It is only roughly 6 mos old and also now has touchpad problems. The cursor moves arooud the screen but will no longer adjust or move the windows. I've tried everything recommended by tech support except total system restore and suspect tha this is another hardware defect (it already had a defective internal power connector that required THREE separate returns to HP for repair). If I have to return this for repair, then I will have to conclude that this particular machine is a LEMON. 




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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

I am having the exact same problem with my gf's  new laptop, I uninstalled synaptics and am currently running the driver from 2006.  I think it's a synaptics software issue, I'm very very displeased about the whole affair, hopefully their next update will resolve the issue...
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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

Hi quickinferno many thanks for your advice. I've tried this but it has no affect in re-starting the mouse. I have also turned off options on the lid position, and this has not helped.
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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

To Kthomas. Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope you can get them resolved soon.
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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

Hi CameronS. It sounds like you have an identical problem. I've also fully removed the drivers so the machine was just running the Microsoft basic driver. This helped for sometime but the problem then started to happen again.


I then reinstalled the Sym drivers upto the latest issue, but surprise surprise the problem continued. I then made the mistake of loading the Microsoft Service Pack 1.

This completely screwed up the PC and I had to wipe the PC and restore the factory settings!!!!! After resetting the PC I tried the Service Pack 1 again, only to find the same problem.

Lucky this time I was able to just remove Service Pack 1 from the machine without having to restore the factory settings.


Since doing this I haven't had the problem with the full freezes on the touchpad (where the on off button wont change colour or work) "have you also had this problem?"


However I'm still having the freeze problem from time to time. After some playing around I've found I can fix this with two options:



Ctrl - Alt - Delete. When the screen opens leave the PC for a few seconds, then try the touchpad. If it doesn't work straight away press the on/off button in the following way. OFF leave for 5 seconds - ON leave for five seconds. The touchpad then starts working 95% of the time.

Then while in this screen shut down all open programs on the PC. Close this screen and re-open what you were working on.



The old no brainier. Shut down the PC for 2 to 5 min's then re-start.


I'm 99% sure, like you that this is a software problem, but I cant be sure if it could also be a hardware problem / conflict with the software. I haven't found any other laptops on the market with this on/off button for the touchpad. Only HP use it and I'm sure non of the software drivers cover this possible option.


I hope you and I end up with a fix from HP as it's getting ver VERY frustrating to say the least. For now I've turned off all automatic updates.


All the best NusiTusi

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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

I have been having the very same problem, and it's been driving me absolutely crazy!  I always have to plug in my USB mouse, which is a hassle, since I'm usually working where there isn't much space to use a mouse.


This last time when it happened about a half hour ago, I restarted the laptop, of course.  This time, though, the touchpad/mouse only worked for a minute or two before freezing.  It used to at least be kind enough to take an hour or two.


NusiTusi, thank you so much for the workarounds.  However, I haven't been able to get any of them to work for me.  =(  Are there any other ideas?  I sure haven't been able to come up with anything.


Thanks again!

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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

Oh, now that I'm thinking about it, I should also mention that two or so times now the touchpad mouse, when it actually is working, ucontrollably jumped all over the screen like it was on speed and only calmed down after awhile.


Seems like a hardware problem, but heck if I know.  =(

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Re: HP Pavilion DV9200 Touchpad not working!!!!!

Hi Eris

I'm really sorry to hear you're having the same problem. I know how frustrating this is and my machine has nearly been smashed up on several occasions. Like you I also have a USB mouse and to be honest I prefer using the mouse, however the real point is the PC has a touchpad and after spending the money I expect it to work. And like you mentioned some times you don't have the room to use the mouse as well.


So far since I've removed all the Microsoft updates from my machine I've only had the problem twice and each time the problem was fixed using the ctrl - alt - delete option I mentioned above.

And since removing Service Pack 1, or as I now call "the kiss of death" the Touchpads on/off button has been working fine.


I've also done another couple of things since my first post. This may sound silly, but I've also turned off any image back grounds for the PC's home page. In the past I've spoken to a computer programer who said having images or pictures on the home page can affect a PC's performance.

This may not be so silly........

I have also turned off the Mouse Scheme in the mouse settings. Using Vista this is normally automatically set to WINDOWS AERO with this scheme you get a blue spinning circle when the PC is loading something. I've now set this to NONE in the mouse settings. I've also turned off the HIDE ARROW WHEN TYPING.

If you don't know where these settings are (sorry I don't know how much you know) I've listed the route below.


As for the arrow jumping around when you plug in the USB mouse you may find the settings are set to high in the mouse settings. Have you tried to check the settings for the mouse in the control panel?


Start - Control Panel - Mouse when the window opens you can set the mouse speed in the POINTER OPTIONS. For the touchpad and USB mouse my setting is in the centre of the line.


In the same window you can go to POINTERS then change the scheme to None. One last thing my driver is Synapticx Touchpad V6.3 PS/2 Port.


I would only check and alter the settings when your Touchpad is working. If you are having problems getting it to work just eject the battery while the computer is turned on, leave it out for a while, the re-start the machine.


I hope this may help, if I find any other options I will let you know. :-)  

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