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HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

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My HP Pavilion notebook PC, which is now almost 2 years old, is showing a blank screen. its not displaying anytihng at all. Not even on an external monitor. I was working on the pc when at once there came colored randonly moving lines and after sometime the screen went blank. i pressed a few keys randonly but somethin seem to work. so i shut down the computer by pressing the power button. when i restarted it, the screen was still blank though it seems that the computer did start tht is the touchpad's light were on, the cd drive also seemed to b fine.. as well as wifi etc.


any suggestions how i cud figure out wot actually the problem is? 


i dont realy wanna take my computer to the repair shops here because they simply cant b trusted. :S 




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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

If you pressed some keyboard keys and there is a response in your monitor, you may have a loose connection somewhere.

Probably the ribbon cables or a lot more serious is GPU or chipset BGA connections.


If you have EE skills you can reflow the motherboard. If not, better bring it to repair shops.


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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

I'm also facing the same problem,

 Can you please let me know, Is this problem has been resolve dfor you?

If possible can you please give your contact number , to reach you


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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

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I surfed around and found a classaction lawsuit. Interesting read. Someone else posted the link in an earlier thread. That's how I found this.


I removed the link as HP seems to delete anything that link to the filings of class action lawsuits. Google it, I guess.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen



Try reading this thread

However, not every blank screen will lead to broken GPU, start your own thread so that everybody can help to troubleshoot it.




Class action lawsuits against HP is not a new news, If you wish to join them please do so but posting a link in HP forum thread might not a good approach.

Just imagine, if someone mark your own backyard saying how awful you are :)


BTW, I'm not have any affiliations with HP, just ordinary HP user that would like to help.


Pavilion DV2922TX, XP-SP3 32bit, Intel T5750 2.0Ghz, Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS with 128MB, 4GB 667 DDR2, 250GB HDD
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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

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If you all are referring to my link, it wasn't to a class action lawsuit, per se. It was to a website comprised of HP laptop owners who had issues with their unit.  But it did have info, among many other things, about a group seeking legal remedies.

  I have never posted anything that I felt was untrue. I have printed mere facts:

1. Thousands of units have failed.

2.It's through the entire HP line-up of laptops, DV2,DV5,DV6,DV8,DV9,TX.

3.HP has chosen to opt out of any goodwill avenues at this point in time.

4.The repair, parts and labor, approaches the overall market value of the unit.

5.The tech support is god aweful.

6.These units, sold new, were NOT inexpensive compared to some other brands available at the time.

7.It's not an AMD or Intel issue. It's a Nividia/HP issue. Doesn't really matter which vendor screwed up, I gave my money to HP. They, in turn, gave money to a vendor. That's they're own internal issue.


If any of these facts are incorrect-please give supporting info to the contrary


But I'll make you a deal. I'll apolgize for listings my concerns, even delete them, if HP aplogizes for the way they've handled this. I think that's fair.


EDIT:for spelling correction

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

Same problem my laptop HP Pavilion dv6000 in this day in the morning i turned on and it was working very fine i just turned on about 30 minutes after that shutdown it may be after 2 hours I turn it on but there is nothing on the screen it is just black screen with no light on the screen.

I bought my laptop around 2 years ago  and of course it's out of warranty yet.
I don't know what is the real problem, my last conversation with HP online staff is just asking me to go to HP centre. But I think it's the latest option for me since I heard that HP will cost its customer with a heavy price.

Here is the signs:
- Blank Screen
- No BIOS Screen (no HP Logo)
- Touchpad, Power indicator and Wireless LED is on (TOuchpad and Wireless button is not functional)
- Battery Charging is Working (I still can charge an empty battery)
- HDD and CD Drive LED Work briefly
- Fan is working in about a minute

What I have tried?
- RAM reseating (Make RAM stands independently and to make sure I try to my another laptop, but they are working fine)
- Machine Hard Reset (Press and Hold the power button for 30 seconds while the power resources is cut off and then attach the battery again but it's not working, I have tried a few times)

Any idea of you?
Because the data in my laptop is very important and I really need it so much this time.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

If you bought your laptop in the middle of 2007 you most likely got the bad motherboard. Since your screen is black you could try connecting an external monitor to know for sure if its the LCD. I'll save you the time though becuase thats not the problem. Seeing from the symptoms you described its most likely the motherboard overheating and dieing. HP acknowledges this problem with thier motherboards. ALL HP latptops DV2000-9000 have bad motherboards and will overheat and die. If you are still under warranty you could get it fixed but most likely your not. At least I would hope not becuase by november of 2007 HP found out about the bad motherboards but are doing nothing about it, but they provided an extended warranty for the laptop becuase they knew it would die. So they covered their tracks. Refer to www.[Text Deleted].com for better info.
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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

I bought my laptop back in May 2007. The wireless card died earlier this month. I'm crossing my fingers that nothing else goes wrong with it because if I lose my display I swear I'll office space that p.o.s.


This line of laptops should have been recalled...

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Re: HP Pavilion dv6000 - Blank screen

They don't provide an extended warranty Bloodedge I called support number in my country and they told me my warranty is out and repairing will cost me about 500$ I prefer to buy a new laptop there is no big difference between the cost of repairing and new one the new one may it will cost me 800$ of course not now I don't have money right now but when I have the money of course I'll not buy HP laptop it was a big mistake in my life and I'll advice my friends to not buy HP laptops it is full of problem and bugs.
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