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HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

I hope I posted this in the right forum.... 


The other day when i went to start up my laptop, nothing happened. No blue lights, no fan, no glimmer of hope. Holding down the power button, taking out the AC, the battery, then replacing them, trying everything I could think of, would not get my laptop to turn on. After letting it sit for a minute, I tried it again and it turned on.


I had a problem a few months ago (that a lot of people I see have had) where nothing turns on except for the blue lights and sometimes a flashing underscore at the top of the screen. But I sent it out and they fixed it. I hope this isnt connected to it.


Before this recent problem, I had NOT installed anything new or unusual and all my drivers/cards/OS is all up-to-date. What could be causing this and how can I fix it? 

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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

HOW TO FIX YOUR DV6000/DV9000/DV2000

All the Problems described in the previous posts are Graphics Related..
Faulty Nvidia Chip..Both Intel And AMD Based Motherboards..Though More Common on the AMD..

The symptoms of the Laptop Powering on and Shutting Off Repeatedly..Or.. Powering On and Having No Video...Or... Power Strip Lights Up, Beeps,Shuts Down...Or..No Power At All...Or.. Intermittant Loss Of Wireless/Video Goes In And Out/Touchpad Slows and Freezes..

To Fix this issue, You will need to Reflow The Graphics Chip.

I will Explain In Full Detail As To The Correct Method Below....

HP DV6000/DV2000/DV9000 Compaq v2000 Video Chip Reflow Instructions

First Step Is Complete Disassembly Of All Parts And Components..
Remove RAM, Remove CPU, Of Course Remove Heatsink and Fan assembly.

Next Step is Insulating the Motherboard... You need to Protect The CPU area, The RAM area, Cover any plastic Plug ports.

Try to leave 1/4 inch area around the edge of the chip free of insulation.

To Insulate the Board.. I use thick pieces of Tin/Aluminum, you can fold up some aluminum foil (tin foil) About 4 folds thickness....

Now that you have your Motherboard Insulated... Make Sure There's Nothing Flamable Or Burnable Below the Motherboard... it will get quite hot underneath.

You will need a Heat Gun.. You can get one of these at your Local Home Improvement Store, they cost about $15 - $30.. You Will Use ONLY the LOW Heat Setting... I REPEAT..... USE ONLY THE LOW HEAT SETTING ....

Next You Will Need Some Coins.. Yes Coins..
8 Quarters and 2 Nickels... Put the 2 Nickels On the Bottom and Stack Quarters On Top...
Place The Stack Of 2 Nickels And 8 Quarters On Top Of The Graphics Chip...

The Reason for using the Coins: Using the coins serves a few purposes...
1) It Helps Transfers the heat Into The Chip More Evenly/Slowly
2) It Helps Hold The Heat Longer/Then Helps To Cool Slower
3) It Gives The Correct Amount Of Weight That Is Needed To Press The Chip

A Thing To Look Out For...

Hewlett Packard is nutorious for using the RED epoxy around the edge of the Graphics chip.. this epoxy is used to help secure the chip to the motherboard...
This is a process that is Hand Done at the Factory.. And Some Boards Will Have Only A Little Amount of this, Some Will Have Alot of it...And Some are Only Done On The Corner Edges....

If There Is Alot of This On Your Chip, You Might End Up Needing To Carefully (REAL CAREFULLY) Remove as much of this epoxy as able to....You can use a Razor Blade To Lightly Scrape This Off... DO NOT MISS AND SCRATCH THE MOTHERBOARD!!! Go SLOW...

Now Comes The Heating Of The Chip...

Start With The Heat Gun About 6 Inches Away From The Top Of The Quarter Stack..You want to be holding the gun at a 45% angle.. Aim the heat at the Edge of the chip, You Will Start Rotating Around the Chip- around the outer edge of the chip...then use tighter circles concentrating on the quarter stack, then after about 30-40 seconds, slowly move closer to the chip...
Never Move the Heat Gun Closer than the Top Of Your Coin Stack...Then Pull It Back And Slowly Repeat.. The Chip Needs To Get Hot Enough To Re-Melt The Solder Balls On The Underside Of The Graphics Chip Back Down To The Contact Pads On the Motherboard.. and this takes Quite Alot of heating to Do.... You Must Not OVERHEAT the CHip... It Is Best To Underheat it and have to Redo.. than to overheat.. It will cause the solder to break down and even crack/split.. causing failure forever...
This process will take about 3 minutes total.. Once you shut off the Heat Gun.. Leave The Stack of Coins On The Chip And Let Sit For Another 5 minutes..

Now Remove The Coins(carefull they might still be hot)
Remove All Insulation.. Reinstall RAM, CPU, Heatsink and FAN Assembly (and Of Course Thermal Pads or Paste.. Note:. If Paste Is Used.. It Must Be Silver Paste...

Now You Can Connect The Power Button Strip/ Video Cable And The DC Jack Cable.... And Plug In AC adapter .. You're Now Ready To Test For Solid Power and Video....
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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

I am having a problem with power too, but it is due to the power plug-in on the back of my Presario.  When I move/rotate the power plug connection the power goes on and off depending on the plug being pulled up (on) or down (off).  This has happened before with a Dell laptop and I had to pay over $200 in repairs. 

I beleive that, over time, the plug has moved/eroded the connection on the board inside the computer.  Is this the fix you were talking about in your post, or is there something else I need to do to fix the problem??????

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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on



I was having trouble with the nvida chip thing... I did this reflowing as exactly u said... it worked for couple of hours... i didnt keep it on for long.. say 10 mins.. for 2-3 times... there were some ongoing updates but i didnt let them finish as they kept the laptop on for longer...


Now when i poer on my laptop... it powers on... but just for a minute or two.. it doesnt even reach the login screen and then shuts down abruptly.... even if i am in the bios same thing happens... even if i am working with live ubuntu cd same thing happens... i am not able to restroe the system to previos date since it doesnt boot up...


can you please guide me now what should be my next step... please?



Rupesh Agarwal

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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

I so appreciate your help with fixing the problems related to the dv 2000 and other hp laptops.  I am not a techy person.


I will never never purchase an HP product again.  My dv2000 $800.00 started out by overheating.  I was lucky enough to happen upon a email address to the HP CEO on I sent a very heated email and the next day I received an email that they would repair it at no charge.  Mind you that at that time HP was fully informed that the media chip Nivida was recalled.  Well they put the same piece of chit back in my laptop and now it won't even start up.  HP told me that there is a class action lawsuit against Nivida and I should contact them.  Well guess what HP I purchased a HP laptop from HP it is not my problem that the parts inside were bad.  It's your problem.     You don't care about your customers.  If this post defers just one person from buying your products I will feel better.  

Thanks for nothing buy frustration and many hours of my life I will never get back.

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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

I bought the DV2000 laptop at bestbuy for my wife.

She had it a little over a 1 1/2 year. She only uses it to surf the net and pay bills and book keeping.

One day it would refuse to turn on.

At first I thought it was just a battery issue.

So we left it "charge" overnite. The next day it was fine again.

Then it would happen again, unfortunately the same tactic prior would work/not work at time until a later week since the first incident, then it completely died.

The laptop now only has the lights lit with a blank screen and NO BEEPS when turned on.


I've had many experience putting together computers and the BIOS/MB always gives you beeps to tell you something's wrong with your hardware. Unfortunately for me it doesn't beep... at all.

Yet power is circulating through the MB to light the top console LED lights.


I called HP, and they told me since it's my one year manufacture warranty had expired. I would be charged for the repairs. I told them I don't want the repair since it would cost more than the market value of the laptop.

It just makes you think, how cheap the laptop is when it dies from regular usage, just barely over a year.

Now I automatically tie "bad" with "HP" products. So $900 down the drain, I cut my lost and bought my wife a new DELL laptop. She's now very happy with it.


After spending over a year in a bag inside my closet, I came across the the class action lawsuit. Unfortunately, clicking any link to claim repairs for my laptop has led me to a dead end.

Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed with the quality of service provided by HP.

They knew something was wrong with the DV2000/6000/8000/9000 models  and failed to notified the owners of such technical issues.

What's the point of registering the laptop with HP?

Is this really how a International company should treat it's customer?

Regardless, repairs or not I'm quite disappointed and will probably not buy another HP/Compaq desktop/laptop again.

With that said, so long and farewell.




Mr. Disappointed

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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

I will never recommend this sort of laptop. I bought mine for university and within 4 weeks of buying it, it already turned to crap. The laptop doesn't turn on for anything. I took out everything, and it still doesn't. I wasted so money just trying to fix this laptop and it ain't work fixing, I'd rather just sell it for scrap pieces.

My problem: I got it fixed for $60 from a close friend and it worked good for a week,

until it started shutting off by itself,

then when it would shut off.. it wouldn't turn on for anything.

I still don't know how to fix it :/

Which is really sad, because I need a laptop for the university I am attending.

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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

[ Edited ]



My gf had a DV2000 that had a nearly identical issue... some days the computer wouldn't power on even though plugged in and fully charged, the power button would not do anything at all.  Some days it would work and some days she'd have to come back an hour or longer later and then it would work.  Eventually the power button would not do anything at all (again, even though plugged in and well charged).  I popped all the covers, reseated the ram, cpu, harddrive connector, and none of that helped at all. 


What worked, at least for now, is closing the screen and dropping the whole laptop onto carpet from about 6-8 inches up.  Did that once and bam came on with the power button fine the first time.  I suspect some little component became unseated over time and that this is probably a very temporary fix.  She mentioned she never had this problem if she left it on, only when starting it up, so we'll probably just leave her on from here on out.


Hope this helps somebody!!



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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

Dear Mr. Disappointed,

When I read your post I felt like I wrote it. The exact same thing happened to me. I found the same lawsuit but it said you couldn't do anything until after the court date. I tried to find it after the date and it vanished. I was pissed. So now here I am searching this website for some hope while my laptop sits in the closet and hasn't worked in 2 years and it is practically new. It is disappointing.
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Re: HP Pavillion dv2000 (2351nr) won't turn on

Hi my name is Josh and bought my hp pavilion dv2000 3.5 years ago, worked great up until 2 days ago it started turning off while in use, it did this for a couple day 5 to 6 times aday untill lastnight when i tried to turn it back on and had all blue strip lights on but black screen, so read your post and followed your steps carfully with the total tear down and removing mother board, cooling fan assembly which was very plugged with dust which i cleaned out very well. and then i made all the heat shrouds with tin foil, removed amd processor chip and protected it well with foil then i placed the  2 nickle, 8 quartersdirectly on nvidia chip i then heated it on with a heat gun just as you said to do at a 45 degree angle and started a 6 inches away then eased my way closer and going all around the stack of coins for the 3 minutes you had recomended, let it sit for about 10 minutes then blew on coins so i could remove them, they were still quite warm after 10 mins then removed tinfoil sheilds and schrodes. put it back together and bam, WORKED LIKE A CHARM, GOOD AS NEW, BEEN ON FOR 24 HRS NOW AND HASNT SHUT DOWN ONCE ON ME. I USED IT ALL DAY FOR WORK TURNED IT ON AND OFF MYSELF AND IT LITTERALLY IS AS GOOD AS NEW!!! I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EXPERT ADVICE!! IT JUST AMAZED ME THAT I WAS ABLE TO FIX IT MYSELF, I AM NOT A COMPUTER TECH BY FAR! TO ANYONE HAVING TROUBLE WITH HP PAVILION DV SERIES TAKE THIS ADVICE AND SAVE YOURSELF ALOT OF MONEY. AND I RECOMEND PULLING YOUR FAN OUT OF ITS HOUSING CAUSE I CAN GARENTEE IT PLUGGED SOLID ON THE INSIDE OF THOSE COOLING FINS, MINES MOVING ALOT MORE AIR AND NOT GETTING NEARLY AS HOT!! THANKS AGAIN TO THE LAPTOP EXPERT HONOR STUDENT

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