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HP SimplePass with Win8.1

I upgraded to Win8.1 from 8 and Simple Pass doesn't function as expected after upgrade.   When I open it, there are 10 boxes for shortcuts instead of the hand outline on all versions tried so no way to register a fingerprint.  I have tried several versions and SP packs to no avail, especailly critical is no option to when logging in (light on sensor no longer blinks).  All versions of Simple Pass tried can not check for updates claiming inability to contact server.


My Details:

Model:  DV7-7243cl

Driver: (but have tried version )

Software: (but also tried

BIOS: F.24


Your assitance is greatly appreciated since I have gotten used to using this feature.

Regards, Scott

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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1



Please uninstall the older version and use new version (8.00.51):




Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1

[ Edited ]



Welcome to the HP Forum!


Banhien is right - you might need to update to SimplePass 8.x for your Windows 8.1 installation.


Edits 08-Jan-2014

SimplePass Version (latest version 6.x at writing) does work in some installations of Windows 8.1 OS.


See edited Post updated 01-08-2014 01:02 PM

HP Simplepass not working with Windows 8.1


The fact that version 6.x is working on a couple of systems is not any guarantee it will work on another.


SimplePass Version 8.x


Know that this SimplePass version is new code, written by Softex and not AuthenTec.


  • You will not be able to use your .tsd file (Webcard backup) to import your webpages and passwords.  After you do go through the pain of setting up all your webpages / passwords manually, you can then Export your new Webcards to a .opi file for later use.


IF you have issues installing HP SimplePass V8.x


  • After you uninstall HP SimplePass Version 6.x
  • Uninstall but do NOT delete your Validity Sensor driver (in the Device Manager)
  • Perform the Hard Reset .  Boot the computer and log in
  • The fingerprint device should reinstall itself
  • Next, Install HP SimplePass V8.x
  • Reboot / Restart and log in
  • Search for the light blue SimplePass logo on your Start Screen (or type simplepass somewhere on the Start Screen)
  • If the icon was missing from the Start Screen: Right-Click on the SimplePass logo >> along the bottom of the screen, click "Pin to Start"


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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1

I tried the above steps, but apparently SimplePass v8 is not recognizing that there is an internal reader (no option anywhere to use reader for validation in the new SimplePass).   This may explain why the earlier versions had the 10 boxes instead of the hand shape to program the fingerprints.


The Validity Sensor driver is version and per Device Manager is working properly.  Note this was working on Win8 and 8.1 preview.   When installing the release version of 8.1 the other day is when it stopped functioning.


Any ideas?



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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1

[ Edited ]



What sp* package did you use to install the 4.5.x version of the Validity Sensor?

What was the reason for upgrading past Version


Guessing here.  I will have a new system on which I will install this HPSP version in a week or so.


  • You might double check your Windows Updates list -- I know that the native windows fingerprint logon is real fussy about this.  I realize you are not using the native logon; the devices may still be sensitive to the need for "all things 8.1" to be in place and up-to-date.  This is important, although the extent to which any individual Update impacts the fingerprint device is something I cannot confirm.


  • You might check the following BIOS setting:


Enable biometric support

Some types of BIOS allow you to enable or disable individual hardware components. The biometric device is the hardware that controls the fingerprint reader. Depending on the model number of your computer, there are options in the BIOS to turn the biometric device on and off.
To check your BIOS for biometric support and enable it:
  1. Press the Power button to start the computer, and press the F10 key to open the BIOS setup utility.
  2. Under System Configuration , look for a Biometric Device option; if it exists, enable it.
  3. Press F10 to save this setting and restart the computer.
If a biometric option does not exist in your BIOS, then the fingerprint reader is always enabled.
Check the following (in BIOS):
  1. As soon as you power on the notebook, repeatedly click the ESC key to bring up the Startup Menu
  2. Select F10 to launch the BIOS menu
  3. Depending on your BIOS, you will click F5 or F9 to load the default settings – then use the arrow keys to Select “Yes” and then click “Enter”
  4. Press F10 to save the Settings – then use the arrow keys to Select “Yes” and click “Enter”
  • Double check everything, Exit, and boot the system.
As a matter of consistancy, I might drop back to the designated Vadidty Sensor for your system:

sp58900 Validity Sensor V4.4.234.0 Win8


I am not aware that HPSP is any more fussy about the fingerprint driver than past versions of the program.



I have a colleague (here on the forum) that has managed to get this new version of the SimplePass prgram working -- in his case, the installation went as expected.  That being said, your experience may be different -- you might try the installation more than once.


Remember:  Driver reinstalls first, Restart, Software installs Second.


If you use Shutdown instead of Restart, use this shutdown command (in the cmd prompt window) to avoid Fast Start option:


Shutdown /s /t 0 /f


shutdown = /s

time until shutting down in seconds = /t

force option ** = /f


** kills lingering programs; particularly useful when dealing with remote systems


If you like, you can create a ShortCut for the command:


Target:  C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 1 /f




This new version of HP Simplepass is different in the way it presents itself and the manner in which the user interfaces with the program.


For your reference, find and download the following help file for this new Omni version of HP SimplePass:



Edits 28-Dec-2013  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There is a new version of SimplePass V8.x -- find, open, and check the bottom of the page in the file named:

Simple Instructions to Upgrade HP SimplePass



I hope something here helps you resolve the issues with the installation of SimplePass 8.x.  Support will get better as more Experts use the newer version.


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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1

Tried your suggestions, but still to no avail.


The BIOS was F.24 which did not have an option for Biometric Devices.  HP's page did not have an upgrade to the BIOS in the win8.1 page, but did on the Win8 page to version F.29.  Installed that but no difference (also no Biometric option).


Reverted back to the original 4.4.234 driver and shows is working correctly.  Not sure which SP I downloaded 4.5.235 but think I found that referenced on another posting for this problem - will hunt for it if not already deleted. 


Some interesting obeservations. 

1. Under the PC Settings > Accounts screen in Win8.1, there is a "Fingerprint" option, but the "Add" button is dimmed.

2. With SimplePass 8 installed, I can not log into this web page to do a reply.  It has a part of the SimplePass icon  pop up on the right side of the uppermost toolbar, but can't do anything with it (also disabled "Remember Web Pages" in SimplePass but no difference, plus checked in Tools and not listed to disable).  Had to uninstall SImplePass 8 and then could log on.

3. With this behavior of v8 as well as the previous versions, it appears that the reader is not being recognized since on v8 there is no option for a fingerprint reader and the previous versions 6.x which only had 10 boxed to memorize web locations, not the hand outline as before (tried installing v6 again for laughs).


I do appreciate everyone's efforts to resolve.  A real head-scratcher now.

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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1

[ Edited ]



I wish I could help straighten out where this is failing.  Frown.


The "PC Settings > Accounts" is most probably portraying the setup and status of the native fingerprint logon software now available in Windows 8.1.   Windows may not be able to "see" Hp SimplePass from PC Settings > Accounts.  ???


I suspect that if you can use the Native Logon at all, (and) if you remove SimplePass entirely, that you would be able to at least use the fingerprinter to log onto the Computer.  Personally, I find this somewhat useless given the number of websites I use with SimplePass; for some people the Native Logon may be enough.


At present, I think that the one (native software) has naught to do with the other (SimplePass).

Native Windows 8.1 logon software, when working, can log you into Windows.  The Native fingerprint logon software is, at writing, useless for anything else (as in website logins).


The SimplePass V8 should work on websites.


Maybe the two methods do not play well together.   Frown.


Based on what I know about SimplePass (less these days), the 4.4.234 Fingerprint device driver should be fine for now.


Assuming the Native Software and SimplePass do co-exist


Success may depend on how the browser responds - different browsers present different challenges.


For example, you might be able to fix Firefox with nothing more than overloading the software (installing Firefox over the top of itself).  Internet Explorer sometimes responds to "Set to Defaults".  Chrome?  Chrome is fussy at the best of times; I think I'd remove it entirely and then install Chrome fresh.   After any of the changes, a complete shut down and clean kernel boot is recommended. 


Complete Shutdown:  shut down the computer bypassing (preventing) Fast Boot


Example - best case scenerio with Firefox:

  • Download your preferred Firefox version from  Firefox Archives
  • Export your bookmarks
  • Install replacement Firefox version without removing the previous version
  • Shut down the system  -- Open a Admin Command Line window and type:  shutdown.exe /s /t 1 /f
  • Boot the system and log in - Note that the regular boot will take a bit longer Fast Boot.  Think:  Windows 7 boot times.  Wait patiently.

>>>  If that does not work, try replacing the complete shutdown with the Hard Reset




Disable the Native Windows fingerprint logon as seen in PC Settings.  It might be that Windows 8.1 Native logon is fighting with the SimplePass software.



It is going to be at least a week before I can check this - I am awaiting the arrival of an 8.1 system from HP.  I am waiting patiently.  Smiling.



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Kind Regards,
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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1

I am not using Firefox.  I will wait a while to see if there are any more posts when more info from others is compiled  (don't seem to be the only one).  I use Norton 360 Passowrd Vault for login info autofill, so do not want Simplepass for that - just want to wipe my finger to log in.


Thanks Again...not the only problem I have had with Win8.1 and hope all these posts helps others.

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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1

[ Edited ]



Firefox was just an example -- the point was that you may need to reinstall / default / play with whatever browser you are using.


I may be misunderstanding ---


"I use Norton 360 Passowrd Vault for login info autofill"


  • If you are not using SimplePass to open websites, you don't need it on the system.  It may not be compatible with Norton Vault anyway.  ??
  • The Native Windows Logon should let you swipe and log onto Windows.
  • It sounds like you use Norton for website / password control.   



You might try:


  • Remove SimplePass, perform the slow boot (avoid Fast Boot), and log in.


  • Reinstall the Validity Sensor (NO delete),
  • Another Reboot and log in (Validity will reinstall at login)

At this point,  once the fingerprint driver has reinstalled itself, you could perform another Restart and see if the Native Windows logon works or will at least let you perform the setup steps (enrollment).


Next, you might check whether Norton auto-fill logon is interferring with the Native Windows 8.1 logon by temporarily disabling the Norton Vault.


  • Disable Norton Vault
  • Clean boot
  • Log in
  • See if you can get the Native Windows Logon setup to work.
  • Assuming the Native Logon does work, switch on the Norton Vault software.


As you say, best wait.  I don't think I can help with Norton Vault or it's impact on other software anyway -- I have not used it.


Good Luck!



Kind Regards,
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Re: HP SimplePass with Win8.1

I actually uninstalled Norton 360 (with Vault) and gave it another go around.  At this point I feel it remains a driver issue since although all driver versions tried say they are working properly, the native WIndows Login (set up fingerprint) "add" button is not enabled.  That may explain why neither version of SimplePass (6 or 8) function correctly as far as missing the fingerprint reader feature.


I will keep my eye open should another solution be suggested.


Thanks again to all for assisting and wish a great New Year!


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