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Accepted Solution

HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

Everything seemed to be working fine (about 3 months), but now everytime I do something that uses the Solution center, it comes up with a couple of dialog boxes asking to insert the install disk and install the software. I click cancel on all of the boxes and the Solution center comes up and works fine. I think it may be looking for an earlier version that I deleted, but that is just a hunch.


I filed the install disk in a good location, but now I cannot remember where that is.



Accepted Solution

Re: window installer keeps trying to install x 3 on ever start up window 7 prem.

Thanks for bringing this topic up again. A while ago I determined that after I updated Adobe Flash the problem came back. Your post triggered an e-mail to me, so I came back to the HP forum to look at the thread. Because of that I found the source of the problem and the solution.


The version of Solution Center that was installed with the hardware looks for a certain version of Adobe Flash. If it cannot find it then it asks for the install disk to install it. So when you update Adobe Flash, the next time you use solution center it would ask you to insert the install disk.


When HP updated Solution Center it changed the code to allow later versions of Flash. Unfortunately, it took HP a while to create a new version of Solution Center and I was unaware of the upgrade.


So the solution to the problem is simply to install the most recent version of Solution Center for your hardware from the HP web site.



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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

Did you ever get an answer?  A month later and no reply?  This is what passes for customer support these days - leave the customer hanging and desperately waiting for another customer to figure out the answer and tell them what to do.  HP, like so many other companies, cares so little about their customers that they don't even give them a way to contact HP.  It's great from the company's point of view, no way to call = no complaints.  Then they can tell the stockholders that their products are 100% error-free.



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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.



You may try the following resolution:


a. Insert the HP Solution Center CD in the CD-ROM drive of the computer.

b. Now uninstall the existing HP Solution Center software from the Add/Remove Programs (assuming you have Windows XP as you have not mentioned it)

c. Reboot the computer

d. Keep the software CD inserted and install the software again

e. After the installation is complete, reboot the computer

f.  Now take out the CD from the computer

g. Run the Solution Center and observe if the issue still persists or not





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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

Problem - SolutionCenter keeps trying to install something, other poss. spyware, HJT Log? SolutionCenter keeps attempting to install software from an installation source, it defaults to 1, and that's it. I don't know if it's Microsoft's Solution Center (It's Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit) or not.


The answer to this problem is simple, SolutionCentre is the HP Printer Accessory Management Tool. The default is 1 because that is the default code for an error when it is not able to access a file it is trying to find. If you load the HP printer installation CD-ROM in the computer then click on the browse and search for the correct file, bobs your uncle you are able to load the update required and no more problem. The name of the file is it is looking for is called SolutionCenter.msi, and it is available from the in HP printer installation CD-ROM under the following path (D: being the drive mapped for the CD/DVD drive)



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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

I did just as suggested: entered the original CD, selected the correct location for the msi file, it picked it up and was happy..., for that session. The next time the PC is started, it's the same saga all over again, and the next time again, and again. I tried uninstalling the entire sw and re-installing it with the proper reboots in between. It behaves properly - until the next reboot, when it asks for the install CD with the '1' location.


Any further advise? 

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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

The problem I've found is that HP's "Solution Center" software is looking for a specific version of Adobe Flash (this is replete all over the HP forums).


When Adobe sends your computer a Flash update, let's say to version 10x, Solution Center can become out of sync because it's looking for an older version like 9x.

When Solution Center can't find the old flash version it's looking for, it starts its installer to fix the issue and you get the message:


"The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available"

"Insert the 'SolutionCenter' disk and click OK."


If you figured out that you can insert your STARTUP cd that came with your printer and drill to the SolutionCenter folder and run SolutionCenter.msi you probably get an error telling you that the version you are installing is older than the current version installed.

This is because the SolutionCenter installer is trying to install a now "Older" version of Flash!!!


What you need is the latest version of Solution Center but for many that is as illusive as a Leprechaun at Christmas.


Here's the latest V.12 Solution Center update...

While this link is in the OfficeJet 6500 software download section, it has worked for ALL of our computers running XP and Vista with a variety of HP printers.

HP seems a little behind;

1.Updating Solution Center to look at the registry for the current version of flash, versus looking for a specific version which can be come obsolete!!!

2. In just getting this update into ALL of the printers downloadable sections!!!


If this link goes DRY like so many others have on this site, just search different printers and look under 'Software & Driver Downloads' for "Solution Center Update" software.

Since it's difficult to tell what version of Solution Center you may actually have you can fix the issue this way.


Check your FLASH .ocx version (usually found in c:\windows\system32\Macromed\flash for 32bit windows  and c:\windows\sysWOW64\Macromed\flash for 64bit windows). Make sure the Solution Center update version number is HIGHER than the .ocx version of your flash.


Hope this helps everyone.

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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

Thank you CaptianWingnut!  Installing the 13.0 version of solution center seems to have fixed it for me.


I am running 32bit XP.

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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

[ Edited ]
I just got a new HP printer yesterday, installed solution center version 12 off the CD, and it immediately was having this problem.  So I doubt Flash is the reason in all cases.  I updated to version 13, which is supposed to fix this problem.  Nope!  Honestly, I think the problem might be having a virus scan on while installing.
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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

[ Edited ]

Have just been in contact with HP via Active chat about this problem with my 4850 Scanner. Having explained the problem with my software 5.3 running on Win XP Pro on a Dell Inspiron 8200.

I was referred to the following 2 links to uninstall:




Then given link to download/save to disk a 216 MB updated software file. Will report back when installed and tested .....

Have installed software update for 4800 series - all works fine - so far no request to re-install.  This is the link:


I can recomend HP Active Chat support - I signed up here:


Good Luck

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Re: HP Solution Center is installed but keeps trying to install again.

Hi, I have experienced the same problem with my C4580 for some weeks. It now seems that HP have a fix which I found by going to Check for Updates in the Help section of HP Solution Centre itself. The good news is I downloaded and installed the update and the problem has not recurred. Thought it worthwhile posting this development as I initially overlooked the obvious and only stumbled upon the update after having uninstalled and reinstalled Solution Centre. It may save someone else the trouble!

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