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HP Support Sucks!

Hello everyone, if you are here, you are probably having problems with your pc. Well, I had a problem with my PC, and when I called and tryed to get support, it was very bad. It took 2 hours to accomplish nothing... The representative kept putting me on hold on hold on hold on hold.... "One moment..." GRR! Finally, he said he forwarded it to the supervisor, and he would get with me in 6 days. 6 DAYS! I told him throughout the whole thing that all I wanted to do was get a warranty repair, and he would not do it. After 2 hours of talking I asked him for the case number, hoping I could hang up and try to get hold of someone else. After asking about 25 time for the case number, he told me he decided he was going to send me a box so I could ship my pc in to have it fixed.


Any HP reps out there, look up this case number:







I have never had any problems with my previous Dell pcs... Their support is awesome!

This has convinced me I should never buy from hp (or compaq) ever again!

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Re: HP Support Sucks!

well .... i don't think so .... HP support specialists are professional, really friendly and they DO NOT talk with arrogance as compared to other agents.

I know wasting a lot of time on a phone call can be frustrating , but that does not mean that you can blame the agent for it.

They say a hero'll save us, am not gonna stand here and wait.
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Re: HP Support Sucks!

Hello AngeredCustomer,


When you were speaking to HP, did the agent give you any confirmation number for when the box was ordered?


If not I would suggest giving a call back to HP just to get the confirmation number and to check on the status of what was ordered ... also see if they have a site where you can check on the order, I know some companies have them from when I needed to send my Nintendo DS away

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Re: HP Support Sucks!

I can relate too Angered Customer. I sent my notebook Pavilion dv2610us entertainment for warranty repairs, ( after seven days of waiting for the shipping  box)  on Nov 11, 2008. I got it back four days later but with the wrong motherboard. Instead of an AMD TURION X2 58TL DUAL CORE, I got a MK-38 SINGLE CORE!!!

I called HP to complain and they send me to a customer relations rep, who said that it was " A Human Error ", and to send it back for repairs. I sent it back around Nov 19, 2008, and they had extended the delivery date twice-next delivery date Dec 30, 2008. I wrote this because of what I read about Anton Stepin (must be frustating, HP service in Russia ). Always check your stuff. All my IT friends say HP is good with customer service, but maybe there's been some isolated cases.

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Re: HP Support Sucks!

The poor service from HP is not an isolated incident. I have sent my dv7-1133cl back for refund after being lied to by 4 HP service agents. I am now looking at Canon or Epson for a wide format printer and Toshiba for a laptop. HP really needs to understand that customers do not have to buy HP. Ask GM, Ford and Chrysler how the pissed off customer thing works.
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Re: HP Support Sucks!

I have bought 2 dell laptops for my own personal use, they run loud, I had to send it in for problems several times, and as soon as the warrantee ran out the laptops broke, and one burned out.---i wouldn't buy another dell------  Toshibas laptops are good,  HP laptops are good ........I have used  those at my work place.  My son has a Toshiba and loves it, he has traveled all over the world with it. And it uses it for everything.  My sister has 2 HP laptops, for her self and her biz.  She swears by HP.  She has never had a problem with them.  Thats my experience....
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Re: HP Support Sucks!

Also, I have only talked to very nice HP support staff people and  they knew what they were doing.  They are here to help the customers solve problems.  I am so sorry to hear you did not get good service.  Maybe you should give them another try, maybe the person you delt with wasa new person that was still in training, or maybe they were having a super bad day or was getting fired or something???  I hope you have better luck in the future.

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Re: HP Support Sucks!

Thanks for replying amysulv22, I am still working with my case manager. Tuesday, I had my notebook back for a second attempt to get the wrong processor replaced with the correct one, but guess what, it still had the wrong one. I have no doubt that HP notebooks are very reliable as you explain, but HP needs to check who they sub to make repairs on their products. Like he said before, " A Human Error, " but two??? Smiley Happy


Merry Christmas!!!!

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Re: HP Support Sucks!

HP has not gotten any better since the last post. Today 1/11/2010 I tried to get a battery replacement for an extended battery that has failed. I called 1-800-HP-INVENT as listed in the warranty information packet included with my battery. The person at HP as painfully unhelpful. They would not talk to me as I didn't have an account with HP. I am the IT Manager for a 100 person company and purchase all the equipment. I explained that I am the only person with whom they should talk and that I bought all of them. He was adamant that he would not help. He finally sent me to another department. I call them and they say I need to got small parts department for battery replacement. Small parts says it is a warranty exchange and I must go to warranty department. They are the first number I called. So now I have made the full circle. So as you would expect i got someone new who again shuffled me to another department. The second one I as already at. By now, being frustrated, I blew up at the unsuspecting HP rep. Finally after about 75 minutes, he helped me and says they are sending out replacements. We shall see.


This should not be that hard. If HP does not want to warranty their computers and accessories, they should just says so up front or make the process less frustrating. After 30-40 minutes, I was not going to just give up (which is what I expect HP was hoping for).


This is the second time I called HP and the second time I got poor support.


The previous was just as painful and the tech finally hung up on me after I became frustrated at his lack on knowledge and utter disregard for what I was telling him.

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Re: HP Support Sucks!


I sent my pavillion pc to the service center couple of days back and they said that they would fix it for free.but ,I recieved it back today and the same problem persists.When i called the hp support,the agent said that there must have been a mixup! In the meantime I bought a macbook and it is awesome.I totally regret buying hp...shall never recommend anyone to buy it .I hate hp products.They are just horrible.

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