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HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems
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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

Nvidia GPU Repair

Nvidia GPU Repair
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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

Let me revive this topic a bit more to see if someone else has a solution for me.

I have a DV2850 HP laptop that is starting to suffer from this problem, althouh i have taken many security measures to avoid the gpu failure...

my current gpu temps is 49ºc idle, because i have taken my laptop to the store to clean it up and change the heatsink paste to something that can me name that...

However this almost 3year laptop is starting to show its first symptons and because it has been so loyal to me ( i only use it for work) i'm willing to buy a new motherboard, my question is:

Should i buy the intel integrated version .. and so will i need to buy another botton case and cpu cooler solution? as in the manual it refers different part numbers for this kind of motherboard... Hopefully someone that has made this change can enlighten me please.

Or should i buy the same motherboard but with a more recent serial number/revison number? (i read somewhere that someone that is used to reflow/reball this laptops as never needed to do that to motherboards past 8230 serial of the 460716-001 motherboard part number) and so later versions should be fixed...


I have read the previous 30 pages of this topic and haven´t found the answer so please, if there is someone that can answer or point me in the right direction please do so.


This laptop has been my beloved moneymaker for so long and i feel its still more than enough to keep it doing for many years, even after searching for a better suited replacement, i can´t find any this suited for my needs... so i'm really willing to replace its motherboard instead of getting rid of it.. hell! at the rate people ranted in this topic i'm prettyt sure my is one of the few still standing.. lol


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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

I own a DV215nr  (AMD CPU) but the same NVIDIA GPUseries  in question. It hs been sent for "repair" 3x because of an "enhanced" 6 month warranty offered. REPAIR meant replacement with same identical parts that failed time and again. Basically the repair was a new motherboard with everything identical to the one removed.


I received a letter that a class action suit is nearing completion for those have not chosen to have their computers fixed by independent businesses. You should check if you are eligible.


Since I have a new HP with different parts (and now a failing wireless network connector) I chose and paid for a repair by an independent laptop mail order repair outlet who personally called me with several suggestions., to extend the life of the computer and the sad news it is likely to fail in one year if I do not watch heat problems carefully. This is a poorly designed combination of components. Further I bought it at Best Buy along with their Geek Squad "in home" repair. BEWARE! It is only 40 mi. radius of any store; otherwise you have to bring it in. You are not informed of this nor is it in the contract; I live 150 mi away across a state line.


 I have not entered Best Buy since for anything but software in a desperate moment.


 (1 )be sure the TINY fan exhaust is not blocked by the location of the laptop like on fluffy pillows. clothing or a cooling fan pad which will push the heat right back into the unit. (2) Turn the unit off, no sleep or hibernate, completely OFF when not in use, even if it is several times a day.) Apparently this series of NVIDIA GPUs are complete duds. He basically cleaned out the defective paste/glue that held an inadequate heat sink, installed better paste and heat sink, and set the fan on the GPU to run constantly. Some savvy guys can do this themselves.


I used to build desktops but my dexterity is not fine enough to work with tiny parts so I paid for this to be done.


Since this is a HP forum I cannot advertise; if there is a way for you to contact me from this forum independently, you have my permission.


However, if you are eligible for the class action finality it is a new replacement computer. I just figure it might be no better than the three replacements I already had and went in a different direction.


Good Luck.

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

[ Edited ]

It's a design flaw. Not solved by changing the Motherboard, if you change it after a while you will fail again.


Overheating Problem solved in a Laptop DV5:

The Notebook is currently in USA: BestBuy bought in 2008, took to Spain, and drilled from the bottom shell, using it well in 2009, and returned to lead the U.S. in 2010-2011. We are using every day (University), intensive and it works perfectly without overheating.


Laptop should be cleaned from time to time:


- Compressed air through the side slots Laptop (About Fan)

- Vacuuming the bottom shell through the holes of the housing.

- Vacuuming remove the RAM cover.


View photos:


Good luck and long life to your laptop


Sorry for my English





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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

Save some money and throw it in the trash then vow never to have another HP product cross your threshold!!

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

[ Edited ]

I just wanted to say that it seems to be solved on my end. It's been about a year since my DV2225NR had the Nvidia Failure.


I have told HP that I will NEVER again purchase another HP product, since they were absolutely horrible in the way they dealt with this problem, they do not stand behind their products, and obviously since even the newer models are now having over heating problems, they have not learned anything or changed anything...


I'm not sure now how far back my other posts are in the lists here, but I have detailed information about what I did to solve my over heating problems. I will briefly list here.


1: Replaced the mother board, I noticed on the new one that there appears to be some kind of glue applied around the GPU chip, maybe some sort of attempt to keep it in place  when it over heats? not sure...


2: The vent hole on the bottom cover of the DV2000 is extremely undersized, and does not allow enough air flow through the fan, so I found a hole saw that was the same size diameter as the fan, and drilled out the case bottom, I had a chrome metal grill that happened to fit perfectly and some hot glue secured it to the inside of the case. Looks professional!


3: I experimented with an updated version of the heatsink from the later model DV2000, this newer revision has the heatpipe extended around to the GPU, where as on the original it stops on the CPU. I do NOT reccomend that newer heatsink now because it requires extreme modifications to make it fit, and as such the cooling was not sufficient.


I ended up just this past weekend reverting to my original heatsink/fan, with the copper shim mod. I also drilled maybe 10 or so holes directly below where the GPU portion of the heatsink is.


Before doing this latest modification my GPU core temps were IDLEING in the low 70's C and the CPU in the low 50's C


After going back to the original heatsink/fan with fresh Arctic Silver 5, and the new vent holes on the bottom my CPU is now down in the low 40's under load, and the GPU will not get over 65c no matter what i throw at it... these are un heard of numbers for this laptop, I tortured it for about an hour with Itunes vizualizer going and the GPU core at it's hottest was 65c it now idles in the mid 50's c.


The Copper shim mod is by far the most important mod to do in resolving the overheat failures. Not only does it drastically improve heat dissipation, but it also keeps the GPU chip firmly seated in place, instead of the thermal pad that comes from HP and allows the chip to rise as it gets hot which over times leads to cracked solder joints...



Anyways, a year later and i'm still running... better now than new in fact... still wont buy another HP though!

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

I have the same problem and got so mad. Tried to resort to HP, but it was just waste of time.

So I researched and found that there is a class action going on.

You may be eligible. Please check out


Act fast since the web site says ...

Claim Filing Deadline: Postmarked by March 14, 2011

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

Just an FYI to all. I had this problem with the first HP I bought for my son. Got a quote for about $900 to replace the mobo since it was about 6 months out of warranty . I found that since I purchased this with my charge card, it was automatically covered under the double warranty benefit of the card. Many credit cards offer benefits that most people are not aware of. In this case, the 1 year warranty of the HP was doubled because I bought it on my Visa card. I only had to provide them a copy of the original purchase (downloaded from the credit card website archives) a copy of the HP warranty and an estimate for repair. I was sent a check for $900 which I used to buy a new laptop.

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

I refuse to by another HP a waste of money I own a Dv 9500t produce RL653AV and warranty ran out in July of thisyear.  I purchased my computer in 2007. one month after the purchase it was back at HP for repairs took one month to repair.

Then each year exactly one year there after. my computer would die. all different colors on the screen, would not boot. random shut downs.  They would replace the motherboard and one hard drive each time. and things woudl be fine for a while the the computer would get slower and slower until the same thing happened again.  I paid over 2500.00 for this custom computer. top of the line in 2007. TOP OF THE LINE PEICE OF JUNK.   The Class Action Law Suit describes every thing I went through with my computer but they won't add my exact model number. That bites the dust. Tech Support won't do anything They agree it is a lemon with all the problems I told them if they don't replace the unit I will never purchase another HP as long as I live.

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems



i have a dv2000 that had the GPU problems. heated it up with a heatgun and now it works. or it worked as today died again but i managed to fix it again. i will go for the reball solution next week but i have another problem 


when i refittef the gpu and the cooler with the heatsink i somehow managed to brake the cooling fan plug and the wires came out. fitted them back as i thought the got out but don't know if it's ok. the fan starts only sometime and makes a strange noise. 


can anyone help me with a picture of the plug or a wiring diagram or something? i have the cooling fan with a 3 wire plug. 


thanks in advance


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