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HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems
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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

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The wireless adapter disappears because the chipset is overheating, and/or damaged from prior overheating.  One thing to keep in mind if you remove the heatsink is that the thermal pads aren't really supposed to be reused (though I have reused some on other equipment 'sinks), and it is quite possible that if the thermal pad is removed from the northbridge and substituted with heatsink grease, that the heatsink will not be making contact with the northbridge anymore because the pad (at least on mine) is very thick.   IF you try this, be sure to check whether the heatsink is making good contact because with the pad removed mine had a roughly 1/2 millimeter gap.


Essentially, the northbridge die does not stick up as high as the CPU die so the heatsink was engineered to have a clearance on the bottom just right for a thermal pad on top of the chipset.   Unlike the CPU, the chipset area does not have any downward pressure applied from screwed down extensions of the heatsink (at least this is true on some notebook models, I have not seen the inside of yours so I can't be certain of this in your model).


 I don't know if these heatpipes can be bent a little with damaging them, but it would be difficult to bend it perfectly so the bottom of it is still parallel to the chipset die face.  It might be necessary to put a piece of metal inbetween the 'sink and chipset die as a shim, and unfortunately that means a second layer of thermal interface material.  I have tried to pull some copper fins out of an old Xeon heatsink to use one as a shim but thus far I can't get them out without bending them which makes them useless.  Then I had my eye on an old 1978 copper penny (before 1982(?) pennies were almost all copper instead of almost all Zinc in later years), thinking I might lap it down to the right thickness but it is much too thick and that would be a very tedious thing to do. 


Perhaps I can instead find a superior interface pad impregnated with metal or ceramics that outperforms the original silicone pad, but unfortunately I can only guess about the original pad as it is not like most I have seen, it's very spongy and fragile unlike the typical denser type of pad.  I also thought about seeing if any old video cards I have could have their heat spreader popped off the GPU and reused on the chipset but I haven't found any that are the right dimensions.

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

I found something interesting about a dv6000 that recently came back from HP's Service Center in Lavernge, TN, having had the mainboard replaced.  That mainboard part number (both the old and new board have same part #) is 443777-001 and is found on the label under the memory, next to the memory slots.  The original board had a second barcoded number under that part number, that was 7F0734 and is 7G08B1 on the new board. 


Unlike the original motherboard, this one has a few differences.  The first 3 may not apply to all boards but I mention them in case it makes identification easier without completely disassembling the laptop.  #4 is the important one.


1)  The original had a clear plastic liner in the hard drive bay, extending over to the area under the memory and wifi card panel.  The new board has a black plastic liner.


2)  The original had black solid capacitors near the card reader, yellow capacitors near the left side USB ports.  The new board has yellow near the card reader, blac near the left side USB ports.


3)  The original had creme colored PCI-E and memory slots.  The new board has black slots.


4)  The original had the nVidia chipset with the old fracture prone solder bumps.  The new board has red epoxy around the chip carrier and the chip has manufacture date, week 39 of 2008 (0839A2) , and lot number  NK4897.01R


This means the northbridge on this board was manufactured after nVidia switched from the supposely faulty solder bump underfill material to the fixed eutectic solder bump material.  That happened around week 30, all parts afterwards have the "R" at the end of the lot number like this one does.  It also means HP has either had new mainboards made, or has replaced the northbridges on old boards since their original batches of boards could not have a chipset on them that is now only 2 months old.

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

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There is still hope, we need more people to pull in and report this issue, did a video cover on this and other DV pavilion systems with nvidia problems.
and update to that video:

heres more research:
HP identified systems with problems:

*this does not include all DV series which it should since
Nvidia admits to having problems with their mobile chips overheating, see site:


and if that's not all there is now a law suit investigation where you can take part in the HP DV series class action lawsuit :

even if they fix your out of warranty laptop, the problem will persist, they need to replace these systems. Make yourself heard and get the support and respect you deserve
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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

I have a dv9288 which is 20 months old and which I saved up for very hard. It cost £1200 in England. This laptop has the Nvidia Go 7600 which I notice featutures very prominently in this forum. I now have a laptop which will only do a very good impression of the Matrix on startup and goes no further.


 I had standard 1 year warranty and surprise surprise, my model number is not on the free repair list.


I am very surprised that these large companies are allowed to get away with exploiting people who work hard to pay for their (HP)  product.


I would have expected that having paid so much money, (it was a lot to me), that any item of such value would have had a respectful shelf life.


I did not over use my laptop and it is the graphics card. I can not afford at this time to replace the card/motherboard never mind the entire laptop.


HP should just admit they're guilty of misrepresentation of their product, cut their losses and sort themselves and their disgruntled customers out.

I don't believe it would be very expensive to them either bearing in mind they must just be using the shoddiest, shot together componants in their efforts to churn out newer models rather than ensuring a well put together more reliable product.


As you can tell I am not a Happy Bunny but thanks for listening anyway.

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

Unfortunately, the post you pointed me to has you turn that feature off. It also states that the fix would only apply if you were not using an external monitor, which in this case, we are. We seem to have narrowed it down to the docking station. The problem continues. PLEASE HELP!!
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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

I have a Notebook here:

product_name : HP Pavilion dv9565ea Notebook PC
part_number : GS461EA

Now get only multi-coloured vertical and horizontal lines on the display after login.  Works in VGA or Safe Mode.  Has NVIDIA 8400M GS GPU.  Worthless, two months after the warranty ran out...


Got this answer from HP Support:

"As of now we have not heard any known issue with the Nvidia in dv9500 series notebook PCs. There is no information in our tested and research database pertaining to Nvidia issues. If you are experiencing any issue with the motherboard, then it may be an exceptional case. I would apologize for any wrong information given to you by any of our representatives. Hence, I request you to please contact any nearest HP Authorized Service Provider."


Looks like not a chance of any joy there.  I probably purchase 30-50 laptops per year for my clients, safe to say none of them will be HPs any more!

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

i have a dv6915nr and i am experiencing lock ups where the screen gets jumbled with an electronic looking pattern...also my screen randomly goes black but the computer still work i just have to stand by or restart (closing lid doesnt work)...also my screen sometimes goes brighter and gets horizontal lines...


i checked the warranty link you gave in the original post but my model isnt listed...and im not going to put a non compatible BIOS in my computer...

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I have a 9200 CTO serial EZ345AV. Unlike the the CTO's ordered with AMD chips, I have been denied repair with the common nvidia problem. Because AMD agreed to split the cost with HP, they have only decided to repair those comps. The problem is very much like Microsofts problem with the Xbox 360, too much heat cracking the GPU solders to the motherboard. I paid top dollar for this laptop, which because of design flaws, has only lasted months past its warranty. Pull up your pants HP, you sold us bad comps, it is time you make it right.
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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

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First a word of warning. It should be duly noted that the tx1000 model is not covered under the enhanced warranty. The title of this forum and its corresponding links contained herein would tacitly imply that it is covered. This is simply not the case however unjust it may be. I was told that the motherboard in the tx1000, although similar to the other problematic Nvidia chipsets, were manufactured at a different facility. There has been a low incidence of reports for this model. Although I don't agree with this it seems to be HP's stance on this matter.


Now, on to my update. In short, HP will repair this laptop for $108.00. I first called the general 800 number for HP. I was adamant in my position and was referred to a case manager. The case manager called me back today. After explaining to him again the problem he agreed to knock $300.00 off the estimated repair. The reasons cited were the short amount of time since the warranty expired and the similarities of the symptoms compared to the other problematic models. All in all it was a deal I could not refuse.


Case closed. Good luck.

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Re: HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems



Did the manager say that you must return the hard drive (HDD) with your computer.  If you do, HP will wipe it clean. 


Others here have discussed not returning HDD and you should ask your Case Manager if returning your HDDs is a requirement.  Please inform us what he said.

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