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HP dv9000 start up issues

I'm not sure where to post this question so I'm just going to throw it out here...


I have purchased a laptop from the HP Pavilion dv9000 series (AMD) 2 years ago in August 2007 (no longer under warranty unfortunately). I update regularly and so on. I have never had a problem with it (apart from a broken cd burner) up until yesterday. Yesterday I had left the room momentarily and when I came back the computer had turned off I turned it back on and it would not start. The system whirred and the quickplay lights came on but within a second or two everything shut off again. I tried to start it with the battery and without the battery, disconnecting power and so on. After a while it eventually came back on. After this, my laptop has not shut itself off again. This appears to have been a one time incident, however, I still experience the same start up problems after shutting down or letting my computer sleep (closing the lid). The system will not start. It will turn on for a second and shut down. When I finally do get it started, I get the "windows was not shutdown properly." I have not updated my laptop recently so I'm pretty sure its not a result of that but if anyone can provide me with any insight that would be great. Thanks. 

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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues

Hi I've been having the same problems with my DV9000. Now it won't start at all. Its also the same age- bought August 2007. In Sept 2008 the same problem occurred and HP replaced the motherboard under the extended warranty scheme. They extended it from one to two years because of a know issue with the video chipset.  Looks like the problem hasn't been solved and is coming round again for me! but now there is no warranty- so what to do? There are loads of postings across the web of people with the same problem. I've yet to contact HP directly but no expecting much help here. I'll get a quote to have it repaired locally but who says the same thing won;t happen again in another year.


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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues

Well ive had the same issue, originating from the faulty NVIDIA graphics chip. Unfortunately mine happened after 2 years an 1 month, so the extended warranty for this problem doesnt help me at all. (Frankly, if they know its faulty, and they want me to buy an HP on my next laptop purchase, they should make good, and clear their reputation, and offer to fix their mistake, irrespective of when i found it)

But anyway, i got the solution. My laptop would during startup, go to the blank screen. I knew it was this notorious NVIDIA issue, which is basically the pins underneath, desoldering due to heat.

two parts to the solution:

1. Get the new Bios update from〈=en&os=2093&product=3360600 and do the bios update AFTER doing Part2 of my solution. The reason for the bios update is to tell ur fan to run permanently to cool the laptop down properly.

2. You dont need to be majorly technical on this. You just need a star scredriver, and hairdryer.
Go to and follow the video to open the laptop. take photos with your phone everytime u remove internal screws so u know where black screws go, and where silver ones go. the chip in question is directly under your "s" and "d" keys, but underneath the motherboard. When removing the copper coloured heatsink, youll see it, with "NVIDIA" on the chip. Take a hairdryer, and put it on high heat, low air, and have it about 1cm from this chip, blowing ontop of it for about 2 minutes, in circular motions over a diameter of about 2 inches. If you want more proof of this, you can go to another guys who did this on youtube, though the video doesnt show much, you can go to to see what i just explained.

Anyway, it took me about 2 hours (1 hour and 45 minutes to open, and close) but to my delight, it works perfect again, and i didnt have to add hundreds of dollars to the HP rip-off fund.

If u need more help, you can contact me at antonliebetrau AT hotmail DOT com
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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues

Hi Anton

Thanks for you tips. I never even thought of doing this myself. But eventhough I work in the electronics manufacturing industry I still didn't fancy doing thi smyself. Antway I contacted HP just for the hell of it, and not expecting a positive response. But I have to take it all back because they are going to replace the motherboard free of charge. The new board will have the same design issue of course but hopefully it will last for another year? Good luck with your laptop and hope the mend lasts for a long time.



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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues

HOW TO FIX YOUR DV6000/DV9000/DV2000

All the Problems described in the previous posts are Graphics Related..
Faulty Nvidia Chip..Both Intel And AMD Based Motherboards..Though More Common on the AMD..

The symptoms of the Laptop Powering on and Shutting Off Repeatedly..Or.. Powering On and Having No Video...Or... Power Strip Lights Up, Beeps,Shuts Down...Or..No Power At All...Or.. Intermittant Loss Of Wireless/Video Goes In And Out/Touchpad Slows and Freezes..

To Fix this issue, You will need to Reflow The Graphics Chip.

I will Explain In Full Detail As To The Correct Method Below....

HP DV6000/DV2000/DV9000 Compaq v2000 Video Chip Reflow Instructions

First Step Is Complete Disassembly Of All Parts And Components..
Remove RAM, Remove CPU, Of Course Remove Heatsink and Fan assembly.

Next Step is Insulating the Motherboard... You need to Protect The CPU area, The RAM area, Cover any plastic Plug ports.

Try to leave 1/4 inch area around the edge of the chip free of insulation.

To Insulate the Board.. I use thick pieces of Tin/Aluminum, you can fold up some aluminum foil (tin foil) About 4 folds thickness....

Now that you have your Motherboard Insulated... Make Sure There's Nothing Flamable Or Burnable Below the Motherboard... it will get quite hot underneath.

You will need a Heat Gun.. You can get one of these at your Local Home Improvement Store, they cost about $15 - $30.. You Will Use ONLY the LOW Heat Setting... I REPEAT..... USE ONLY THE LOW HEAT SETTING ....

Next You Will Need Some Coins.. Yes Coins..
8 Quarters and 2 Nickels... Put the 2 Nickels On the Bottom and Stack Quarters On Top...
Place The Stack Of 2 Nickels And 8 Quarters On Top Of The Graphics Chip...

The Reason for using the Coins: Using the coins serves a few purposes...
1) It Helps Transfers the heat Into The Chip More Evenly/Slowly
2) It Helps Hold The Heat Longer/Then Helps To Cool Slower
3) It Gives The Correct Amount Of Weight That Is Needed To Press The Chip

A Thing To Look Out For...

Hewlett Packard is nutorious for using the RED epoxy around the edge of the Graphics chip.. this epoxy is used to help secure the chip to the motherboard...
This is a process that is Hand Done at the Factory.. And Some Boards Will Have Only A Little Amount of this, Some Will Have Alot of it...And Some are Only Done On The Corner Edges....

If There Is Alot of This On Your Chip, You Might End Up Needing To Carefully (REAL CAREFULLY) Remove as much of this epoxy as able to....You can use a Razor Blade To Lightly Scrape This Off... DO NOT MISS AND SCRATCH THE MOTHERBOARD!!! Go SLOW...

Now Comes The Heating Of The Chip...

Start With The Heat Gun About 6 Inches Away From The Top Of The Quarter Stack..You want to be holding the gun at a 45% angle.. Aim the heat at the Edge of the chip, You Will Start Rotating Around the Chip- around the outer edge of the chip...then use tighter circles concentrating on the quarter stack, then after about 30-40 seconds, slowly move closer to the chip...
Never Move the Heat Gun Closer than the Top Of Your Coin Stack...Then Pull It Back And Slowly Repeat.. The Chip Needs To Get Hot Enough To Re-Melt The Solder Balls On The Underside Of The Graphics Chip Back Down To The Contact Pads On the Motherboard.. and this takes Quite Alot of heating to Do.... You Must Not OVERHEAT the CHip... It Is Best To Underheat it and have to Redo.. than to overheat.. It will cause the solder to break down and even crack/split.. causing failure forever...
This process will take about 3 minutes total.. Once you shut off the Heat Gun.. Leave The Stack of Coins On The Chip And Let Sit For Another 5 minutes..

Now Remove The Coins(carefull they might still be hot)
Remove All Insulation.. Reinstall RAM, CPU, Heatsink and FAN Assembly (and Of Course Thermal Pads or Paste.. Note:. If Paste Is Used.. It Must Be Silver Paste...

Now You Can Connect The Power Button Strip/ Video Cable And The DC Jack Cable.... And Plug In AC adapter .. You're Now Ready To Test For Solid Power and Video....
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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues

[ Edited ]

<text deleted> it actually worked. I was actually very skeptical when I found this thread. I followed TheLaptopXpert's advise to the 'T' to see if it worked. Even the part about placing nickels and quarters on the shinny chip core (this sounded totally <text deleted>bogus to me, but all went well).


My laptop is about 2 months out of the 2 year extended warranty period and I cannot get it fixed from HP for free. I won't be buying HP again. I called customer service only to get really mad about this. I makes you feel like you have been taken advantage of when a customer serice rep tells you that they sold you junk and won't rectify the situation, anywayz...


My symptoms were a little different but along the same lines. My laptop would not show video most of the time. I COULD get it to work if hooked it up to an external monitor, but that requires pressing the Function Key and I think F4 (or whatever key switches the video between your lcd and an external monitor) on the times that it would boot. And I usually could not get my laptop to boot at all if I did not plug it in and leave it running for about 5 minutes. Sometimes it would boot, but all I would get is a blue screen with the error nvlddmkm.sys. This error lead me to this thread cause I knew that was an NVidia driver.



  • I dissasembled my HP Pavilion DV9000 (I have taken laptops apart before so I didn't use the youtube video, but it is worth noteing that the youtube instructions on dissasembly are pretty good.
  • At Menards I got a heat gun for $20.
  • The instructions mention trimming off the RED epoxy but I did not do this. I took a small stab at the red epoxy with a utility knife and it was pretty hard. I felt that I would end up scratching the motherboard if I tried to cut into it. The heat from the gun did not melt the red epoxy though and it did not get runny. I would recommend to skip trimming this material.
  • I wrapped the motherboard in tin foil four folds just like mentioned, exept for the NVideo Video chip of course that needed to be heated.
  • I stacked the nickels and quarters as mentioned and I did the whole circular heating process described on my basement cement floor cause I knew that this was going to get real hot.
  • I waited for everything to cool down just as described. And yes even after the 5 minutes cool down the coins were still very hot to touch so I took them off with plyers.
  • I put my laptop back together and it works great! I am downloading vista updates and drivers and typing this post.


Dear HP,


<text deleted> Thanks TheLaptopXpert for your amazing post. My $1100 investiment is working again. Now I can sell it before something else happens to it and buy a better brand.

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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues


Sounds very much like the problem I had. It was intermittent at first just like yours but within a week or 2 the problem got more regular. Leaving the laptop on for long periods or letting it hibernate makes the problem worse- the graphics chipset get hot and looses electrical contact with the board. Some good news though. I did contact HP in the UK and they repaired it free of charge, with no questions asked, even though it was out of warranty- purchased date August 2007. Repair Dec 2009. Give it a go if you are in the UK.

Not so good news is that the new motherboard will probably have the same fault- it will reoccur in the next 12-24 months. But hey,  just keep fingers crossed on this one.

Good luck


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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues

Sorry to say the hairdryer is not the answer to your problem,

get a new motherboard its not as bad as it sounds,download the pdf from hp very good .

look on ebay or wherever.

its not t.he fastest solution but it could save you a few quid.

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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues

I'm trying to figure out how to deal with this Pavilion DV9000.When it's first turned, after a few seconds I see several options, so I press the ESCAPE key.


Press <esc> to enable startup messages.


I can see several items listed, but the HDD is only listed occasionally, and the same with the CD.


The times it does recognize the presence of the HDD, it boots partially or completely into Vista.Then Vista will work correctly for a while (1-120 minutes) then just stop, and after that I notice the hard drive light will either not come on at all, or only come on infrequently, during which times the computer works correctly.


I thought it was the hard drive at first, but since the CD isn't always listed after pressing <ESC> immediately after turning the machine on, I suspect it's a controller or some other motherboard issue.


Any thoughts? Does this soundl ike it's related to the video chip in any way?




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Re: HP dv9000 start up issues

Excellent post TheLaptopExpert! I had been using the oven method to reflow the defective nVidia chips, which required removing all the stickers and ribbon connectors from the motherboard. After reading your post, I went to WalMart and bought the $24 Wagner heat gun, to give it a try. With your method, I was able to isolate the chip using strips of aluminum foil folded over multiple times, leaving the rest of the components intact and unharmed. I ran it about 3 1/2 minutes, and it worked perfectly, without the extra hassle.

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