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HP pavilion DV6 1030us shutdown and reboot spontaneously
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Re: HP pavilion DV6 1030us shutdown and reboot spontaneously

Thanks for the post about the known Nvidia issue.  Even though it disgusts me to learn such a thing about HP, I don't think I can attribute the problem with my laptop to this issue.  My laptop was purchased March 2009 and is still under warranty.  It's just that HP is unable to fix it and/or is wanting to string me along for several more weeks making me jump through all their troubleshooting steps and trips back-and-forth to their repair depot.


But who knows?  The root cause here could be something similar, and probably is.

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Re: HP pavilion DV6 1030us shutdown and reboot spontaneously

Thanks for sharing your experience.

However, my DV6-1030us only have an integrated graphic card, which should be from Intel.


I dont know whether my graphic card has hardware problem, when windows 7 update the graphic driver, the computer losed all response, the only way is to press the power button for some time to force it shutdown.


during running, also happened once the screen suddenly looked like flowers with many kinds of colors and the computer has no response at all, only to force it shutdown.



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Breakthrough from me-The cause of sudden reboot is found!

Hi Guys,


During the Christmas holiday, I have made real progress to find the cause of sudden reboot problem.

I am so eager to share my experience with all of you.

As I mentioned before, when the first time I sent my laptop for repair, they replaced the harddisk, and nothing improved.

And the second time, I requested to replace the motherboard.

Unexpected, the reboot problem remains after changed the motheboard, I was very frustrated with such a result, I even thought maybe this laptop will never be fixed.

Then I started to search internet again, and some posts point to power supply unit, and some point to the memory module, but the sydrome for defective memory module is different. And my memory has passed all kind of test without any error, including windows memory diagnostic tool, memtest86+ 4.00, and the memory diagnostic tool in the bios setting. 

under such situation, I doubt whether the power supply unit has defect. but I can do nothing with it. then i think maybe I take out one memory module to reduce the power consumption will help (I have 2*2GB memory module).

Unexpected, after I took out one memory module, the reboot occured even more often.

Then I suddenly realize whether this memory module has problem, then I took out this one, and put into another one. and with the 2nd memory module, the reboot problem never happens so far.

To confirm this, I repeated this experiment (I am a sicentist in biology, i know to draw a conclusion, the result must be reproducible). And it is the case, the reboot happened frequently  with the first memory module, and never happens with the 2nd memory module.


now I have to mention that the model of this memory module is:MT16HTF25664HY-800G1. Then it should not be HP's fault.


So, if you have the sudden reboot problem, and if you can not find the reason, and even if your memory module has passed test, you should try to replace it to see what happens.


if this post help you to solve your problem, pls post your result here to help more people in despair with such a problem.




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Re: Breakthrough from me-The cause of sudden reboot is found!

[ Edited ]

I have tryed to replace the memory module but still no hope, But I have did somthing which did help: I took apart the laptop and got down to thr CPU and heat sink I replaced the factory cooling compound with Artic Silver 5 Thermol Compound.When I started the laptop up it shut down over and over About 5 Times. then after that the laptop kept running I left it on for a whole day straight played with it,watch videos,surf web and etc..... now I have got a whole 22 hours of a Perfect laptop (No problems) Until it restarted itself again. and now the laptop is right back to the same piece of junk HP was happy to create for us.


I will be taking the laptop apart later today, I will check and see if the Thermol compound burnt up.


When I took the heat sink off of the CPU's only one Cpu's compound was vanished but the other CPU hade a perfect amount of compund. Maybe one CPU is working alot harder than the other and making the system restart (Maybe?


Also I have checked harddrive, dis-asembled it and saw that it was in great condition aswell(But its hard to identify A Hard-Drive problem).


I have installed win xp,win vista 64,win 7 64-bit and still no difference, now its at the point were the computer will not stay on long enoughf for me to even get A operating system on it.


<text deleted>



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Re: Breakthrough from me-The cause of sudden reboot is found!

It seems your laptop is even worse than mine.

did you try to get the motherboard replaced?

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Re: Breakthrough from me-The cause of sudden reboot is found!

I have not yet tried that but when I have taken apart the laptop I have noticed some of the saudered gizmo's on the mother board did have green condensation on them spread out on seperate area's of the mother board but i cleaned down with alcohol. and that was the same time I replaced the cooling compound so maybe that hade somthing to do with it?


These are awasome laptop's when they function correctly it's a shame how HP will not take care of the problem or atleast upgrade us with a better laptop.


When you changed out the RAM did you buy new sticks or just switch around the existing ones?


This hole thing is starting to become a pain I thing il just take the loss and buy A MSI with extended warranty plan or visit and get a hell of a deal.


What a hastle, but I will be stripping the laptop down again and if I see any difference I will update in here. It is possible that other dv6 1030us may all have different problem's so If my info help's I will post it anyway

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Re: Breakthrough from me-The cause of sudden reboot is found!

it seems your motherboard has been burned. you should try to replace it.


and I did not buy new memory module, I just tried the existing sticks.

I am lucky that only one has defect. otherwise I would not find the real reason.

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