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Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service
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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear....


HP warranty provided by "The Tech Guys"! Sod that for a laugh, I'm used to dealing with HP servers and ProCurve kit through the commercial division and Jesus what a shock when I found out my daughter's laptop would have to be processed by a spotty oik just out of school.


I've sold HP since the nineties precisely because the warranty is so good but the first time I need to use it myself I have to deal with an automated switchboard. For the record I will not be purchasing any more HP home products for this reason.

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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

I am having the same problems with my HP laptop and service.  They have had my laptop for almost 8 weeks.  When I call I am told the problem has not yet been resolved.  I think it is downright stealing.  They get your computer, they get your extended warranty money and you get nothing.

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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

I have also had a very poor experience with my last laptop purchase. I have been buying HP for years, probably 6 desktops at this point, all reliable. But the laptop I bought last year has been returned 4 times for service, I just returned it the 4th time. Prior to this last time, the problem manifested itself by the machine re-booting itself, touchpad not working, and most mysteriously, the cursor moving by itself. Each time, HP sent out a box to fix the machine. On the each iteration, I asked them to just replace the machine, it is clearly a lemon. This, they refused to do. On their 2nd try, they loaded a new BIOS, and otherwise did nothing, shipping the laptop back with the problems still occurring. The 3rd time they replaced the motherboard, which still didn't fix the problem. Now, the machine won't even turn on. The customer service rep. told me there is a 50% chance they will replace the laptop. I don't like these odds ...


How do I get HP to do the right thing? They are selling computers, which should, you know, compute. In a year, I've gotten almost no use out of this laptop, and I can't trust it to put anything important on. I feel like I've thrown $800 down the toilet ...

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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

Be warned HP Products Break. I have owned many and all them are in graves.... my DELLs are still running from the distant year of 2000!


Just had the experience of HP Support. Wow.  I can say that I will never purchase HP Products or related brands ever again. They would not honor the warranty because my issue went on too long. (which no one could tell me what the laspes in contact regulation was). I did have to deal with HP Server support before and as I recall they were only a point better.


This is what happened:


I initiated a ticket to support after my computer crashed and have a chain of emails that show how they repeatedly told me how to fix my problem (which was running in circles). They told me that I waited too long between my first contact and my second contact and third contacts for it to be convered under warranty.


The computer crashed less than a year after it was purchased. I have always bought HP and DELL... go with DELL.


After 27 emails I had a support person contact me and ask " from your issue description, I’m not sure if you are able to log in to the computer normally."


This was after I suggested this to help the support team out a little:

"Here is something to consider: When I originally ran the Recovery, prior to receiving the set of recovery disks, I got the error "Recovery Manager could not restore your computer using the factory image. Please contact HP Support. Error code: 0xe0ef0003". This is the same error that I am getting from the disk, granted I was unable to access the the Manufacturer's Menu in order to wipe the partition in either of these cases.

Is it possible that the disk are fine and that there is something else going on?"


They insisted I needed new disk.


AND from another email sent right before this...


"As I have mentioned before that there was indication of something else happening, since the first time I received the error message I was using the on-board Recovery Process. Instead I was told it was bad disk. This happens at exactly 70% complete. The error message is: "Recovery Manager could not restore your computer using the factory image. Please contact HP Support. Error code: 0xe0ef0003".


AND From another email right before the clueless question:


“Diagnostics from the F9 option:

CPU test passed
Memory Test passed
Hard Drive test passed
DVD drive test passed

Boot path test passed
I ran the Diagnostics tests before I received the first set of Recovery Disks and 6 days ago before a I received the second set of Recovery Disks. All tests passed both times.
What is next?"


Not to mention ALL of this was repeated previously in emails. In essence I gave them TONS of detailed information.


My issue was escalated to another support team: The AMS TCO Escalations Team. The Case manager told me that it was out of warranty which is true at this point. It was in well within the warranty when I initiated my support option. They did not bother to investigate the claim and said this was the end of the road basically. There was no one to talk to.


Will never buy anything from HP again.

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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

Victorroy wrote:

They are a complete waste of time. oh well, the lesson i have learnt is never to buy an hp product again. have a look at this link. It shows that hp has the highest failure rates. USELESS PRODUCTS AND USELESS SERVICE.!

That rating was from 2009, probably data from 2008 used in the article.


Contact the HP Executive team, send them a polite email about your warranty experience.




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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

Wow, I read your post, and I wish I would have read this site first before my recent HP printer(all in one) and laptop purchase. My printer is messed within one week of purchase. It said that the cartridges are counterfeit. UHM OK ?!? these are the cartridges that came with it so I was totally confused. Oh well I'll go to staples and buy new ones. Put them in, got two lovely prints, and then the error message comes up that my cartridges are counterfeit again, and the print quality is crap. I thought maybe I just had bad luck and went and bought another ink combo pack. Two prints later, same issue! I went to staples as the problem said counterfeit cartridges, and confronted a store employee with the problem. He told me that if I got the printer cartridges dirty that it could cause poor read from the printer. I didn't see how this could happen as I took them straight from the packages and installed them, it just didn't seem feasible. I sucked it up and bought another pack of cartridges. 2 prints later, same issue. So I called HP customer support. The next 3.5 hours of my Friday going through various steps trying to fix the issues. Didn't work, didn't help. did nothing. I was then passed along to a department that was going to ship me a new upgrade printer. I told the guy that I didn't even want an upgrade that if I could send him my broken printer, and they send me a credit note for a hp product I'd be happy. I asked this cause the rep I went through the procedures with said I should get a different printer because of what I am using the machine for. So I asked for a credit that I can apply to a new HP product. The rep said " instead I'll just give you an upgraded all in one printer as you have purchased ink cartridges for a defective machine" He then said he was going to send me a 3055a laserjet. I was shocked that he offered a laserjet for an upgrade from a deskjet. ?? COOL. I was told that I would have my new printer Monday afternoon via overnight shipping as I my order was placed on a friday. I did get an email, that stated my order and it was from HP CUSTOMER CARE.The order said it was for a 3055a inkjet. I didn't expect a laser jet for my deskjet, so I was fine with it. I was really happy I was being treated so well after all the frustration I had went through. Monday came and went, no delivery. I tried calling HP to get a UPS tracking number so I could see if there was a problem with address. After 45 minutes on the phone and being transferred to 6 different live agents, I was hung up on the minute a person answered the phone. Exactly like this "Hi this so and so from HP tech support" click. Whatever, I figured I'd wait one more day then call. This morning (tuesday) my order shows up. Guess what? It was the exact same machine I had issues with that they where replacing even though the 2 email confirmations said a different product and model, even a different serial number. I was upset. I sent an email to support. About 2 hours later I got a call from HP asking if I received my new printer. I said I had but it isn't the one I was promised. The rep didn't believe me about the email saying a different model than the one that was delivered. And then said that the email wasn't from HP! I had to read it to him word for word, and then he said well that was a mistake. I told him I got two of the same message and that how could it be a mistake if it was pretty much the same machine except for an inkjet and not a laserjet that was promised to me? He then said " what difference does it make? it does all the same things and this one is wireless but the one you have isn't " When I told him that my 3052a was wireless, he told me it wasn't and he was really condescending and patronizing. When I told him that my machine is special then, cause it works with only a one power cable he then said " well then I guess you have new printer" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Seriously? I have two emails in writing, promising me a different product than what I got, I have spent 3.5 hours on the phone, $120 in ink cartridges, 45 mins of being treated like a hot potato by live agents sending me to 6 different departments and now this guy being a total jacksas to me. When I told him I wasn't satisfied as I was promised something better due to my problems. He then told me it's the same machine and I should be happy their even replacing it! He then proceeded to tell me it doesn't matter, it's from the same family of printers and their the same. I asked him why HP would make two of the exact same machine but then change the name and spend money for all the different materials, packaging and so on if it's their the same thing. It's the same family. I told him my sister's in the same family but we're different, cause I'm a guy and she's a girl so do you think boys and girls are the same??!!? He then said there's nothing I can do. I told him I was unsatisfied and I wanted to speak to a manager. He escalated the issue apparently. to a case worker Marie, 7502333671. She was brutal to me. I have never had a person who's supposed to represent a company treat me a paying and loyal customer the way she did. When I told her that the rep said I was going to get a laserjet she laughed at me and said "yea right, like we're going to give you a laserjet for your deskjet" and she actually laughed and "like how stupid is that" SERIOUSLY?!? The worse part is that I was explaining what the email said and what the guy had told me and she cut me off mid sentence to say that. Then I finished my sentence and she then said " well ya cause there's no way I'm giving you a laserjet" Then she told me the email I had from Customer Care wasn't from HP. and again like the guy on the phone calling up about my delivery, she didn't believe me, so I forwarded her a copy to which she again said that its not her department and it was a mistake that was sent TWICE. Uhm?! seriously? you trying to call me a liar without saying that word. She then continued to tell me I was wrong for wanting what I was promised and what HP emailed me I would have. I told her why that I was given the upgrade. She then told me I should be happy with the new lesser printer cause at least I got one instead of having the issue repaired. I asked if the issue with my original printer was a ongoing problem to which she replied that HP knows there is a power supply issue with my product so yes there is. I asked her why didn't HP tell the customer's about the problem then? she replied not all machines have the issue so only certain batches or sku's have the problem. I said why wouldn't HP email me as I did register my product the day I bought it 3 weeks ago so HP knew I had a problem machine and didn't bother to tell me. If they had told me I wouldn't have spent 120$ on ink trying to fix it with new cartridges. She then proceeded to tell me that I'm not getting an upgraded printer as I promised, laughed at me cause I got an email about a machine that doesn't exist! Uhm? it was on their HP website, but it's now discontinued so she HP can't give me something that doesn't exist. And laughed at me saying well here, I can give you one of those, it's already there but you can't see it cause it doesn't exist. and laughed at me. This is when I changed my tone and got upset. I didn't get anything resolved from Marie, the customer service was horrible, I was mislead, lied to, laughed at, belittled and treated like crap. I told her I didn't want anything forget it all, I'm done with HP! then she said " pretty stupid to not use a whole company and their products anymore cause you've had one problem with one product" I then said to her, it's not the reason I won't ever purchase HP again, she said "yes it is you just said that your done with HP" She cut me off before I could finish telling her that I will no longer use HP as their customer service is crap. Product I couldn't care about, the follow up service is so bad, I never want to deal with you or HPs customer care or support again. There's more to the story, but I'm tired. I can't believe that someone who's being recorded, would talk and treat a customer the way she did! There was no reason for her to treat me so poorly, and I am going to make sure that the CEO hears the recording. I will not stop till this is rectified to my satisfaction. I have no problem emailing and calling every single person at HP. I can't believe how bad their service is, and how bad they treat customer's yet are still around... I'm so disappointed. I am a business owner and I have 29 employees each with HP desktops. Guess who isn't getting my business this year when I replace all the computers and provide all in one printer set ups for each employees desk.
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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

i just wanted to take a second,and acknowlodge HP for truly PITIFUL customer service (completely based in india)

and to invite the rest of the computer buying market to join me in avoiding HP products in future purchases.i feel like a complete idiot after the SHELLACKING! of B*LLS**T i have taken at every turn of my customer service nightmare,which began 2 MONTHS ago when i tried to get service on my G-72 series notebook.after 3 different

phone calls(1 hour or more each) trying to explain that i had purchased an extended service agreement (which i found out later covers NOTHING! and is completely WORTHLESS!) i was told that it was a software problem,then a hardware problem and neither was covered by extended service!!! so what did i buy with my hard earned $$ ?

ill tell you what i bought...a LESSON !!! i will  not buy or recommend ANY product or service from HP again.

thanks again for the EDUCATION, and for making me feel like an idiot... to the tune of $ 763.98...

(original cost of product and extended service) thanks again HP! ...  

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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

I'm posting this as I should have done so a long time ago. After I posted my complaint here in the forums, I recieved an email and a call from HP customer service. The service rep I got was located just outside of Kingston Ontario, Canada. I wll have to find her information as she was EXCELLENT! THruough her, I recieved some excellent service and I was notified that the previous persons I spoke to would be harshly dealt with as my conversation with the previous rep was recorded. I felt that I shouldn't have had to go through all the problems I did in the first place, but, I was happy at the result. I was even offered free ink, but I declined the free ink, as I wasn't looking for a free handout, I just wanted what I was promised, a woking printer. 


Now, with all this said, until my letter of complaint hit the CEO's mailbox I had nothing but horrible experience. Seeing as I have 29 employees, each with workstations and printers at their desks, I would have thought HP would have treated me a little better. They fixed things, and made things right, but it took serious time on my part. Don't give up, the C-level management does care about customer service, but you'll have to not give up.

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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

I bought my daughter a Pavillion G6 notebook just under a year ago. It developed a fault on the screen which looked like an ink mark. I phoned HP support who told me that the fault was considered as accidental damage and not covered under the warranty and that it would cost £310 to repair. The support person or should I say salesperson then said that I could buy a new one for about £10 more.
My gripe is that
1 - There was NO DAMAGE to the screen and the fault occurred whilst the laptop was sitting on her desk.
2 - There was no mention of the warranty conditions when I purchased the computer.
3 - My local computer shop did the repair for £144 - less than half price, which shows how much HP are making out of this.
I will NEVER buy an HP product again and when discussing computers with friends and work colleagues will advise them to do the the same.
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Re: Hp Warranty ISSUES and POOR POOR customer service

[ Edited ]

It seems like this is their MO ! Exactly what you stated is occuring with me ! These {Private Information Removed} are not going to get away with treat us like this !

{Legal Content Removed}


Almost line for line the same occurances and time lines are happening to me ;-(


I have been a H.P. customer for my bussines for over 15 yrs. I am getting rid off all of my H.P. products after this crisis is over I am going out and buy all new equiptment thAT IS NOT H.P. I HAVE HP EQUIPTMENT THAT IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY I CAN'T WAIT TO GET RID OF ALL OF IT !


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