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Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.
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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

I have had my HP Pavilion dv6 for almost a year and a half, and I purchased it for work and video games. I play games such as minecraft, that should not require an insane amount of CPU to run, yet my computer overheats and often shuts down on every use. It is sad to see this because the computer itself is a good computer. I often use a cooling pad and it still overheats. My computer is also as loud as a car engine even when i am just on my browser. I almost decided to buy a new AC power adapter until i decided to do some research and see if it was worth the money (and of course it was not). I tried taking it to best buy to see if they could fix it but it would have cost a fortune to basically take it apart and reasemble it. I plan on waiting a few months to get a new computer, other than HP. It is a shame to see a good computer go to waste because of a problem that HP is neglecting to fix.


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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

Mate, just be glad that your genitals weren't scalded like me! I had the same exact issue and I mistakenly put the "Laptop" on my lap. Next thing , I see smoke coming out of my pajamas and followed by unbearable pain!
I contacted HP and they wanted to see receipts from the ER room ? Would you go to ER ? I would rather die of shame than go to ER for a burnt testicle!
In addition, the computer simply blew up! Had I not been an insomniac, I might have burned the house down!
I sent the laptop back and had seven different people from HP contacting me that confused the day lights out of me and in the end , fifty emails and two months , the computer was deemed to be totaled!
I had so many important documents on the laptop and they sent me a DVD to retrieve the documents from the hard drive but it is obvious that there is no hard drive on the machine!!
Lies after lies ! I hate them with so much contempt that I will be blowing up the HP laptop with a shotgun and utube it! Good luck bro! Never buy HP ever again!!!
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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

To be fair to HP, I recently had a bright idea on how to clean out my overheating laptop. I used a small wire to poke through the slots and jam the fan. I then used the vacuum to suck backwards through the slots and saw a rather large ball of lint get sucked out. Ever since then it runs significantly cooler.


The trick is the wire to jam the fan. I've previously distroyed a fan doing this trick because the huge suction overspeeds the fan and kills the delicate bearing arrangement. jamming the fan to stop it spinning seems to have protected it from this.

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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

You can open the compartment that holds the fan and take it out to clean it.  Cleaning or replacement is quite easy to do and is recommended.  This did not reduce the overheating.  Thank you for the response.

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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

[ Edited ]

Since this laptop is no longer in warrenty, anyone having these cooling problems should just do this:

Mod I did to my DV6-3100 series 1.6ghz i7 with the radeon HD 5650 gfx card.


What I did was take a razor blade and cut out that pattern into the intake and outlet plastic pins of the grate, cutting just one side of each pin so the other side held it in place yet. Then I carefully took a needlenose pliers and pulled out the pins i cut one end of, being very careful not to drop the plastic scraps into the fan...Far simpler then taking it apart and messing with thermal paste and whatever else.


It makes it easier to clean, and it lowers my maximum stressed temperature to about 70C. Idle/average load is around 40-50c. When on a flat surface with the edge of the laptop so the vent blows compleatly away from the laptop. If in the middle of a desk playing a heavy game the cpu gets up to 80c and gpu 70c unless you raise up the back of the laptop for better veltalation.


Only "issue" possible is that you have to clean it more often, but that has become FAR easier with the grates opened up, and the increased airflow just cant be beat.


On a side note, since it runs its coolest with the back of the laptop proped up to allow for airspace under it I purchased this:


Should solve all cooling problems while playing games. Its a pity to have to go throgh all this if only HP had spent more time designing a proper cooling system for this laptop. Pleanty of power... not enough cooing in stock shape.


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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

Very angry and disappointed, Will never be buying Hp again. running 90+ constantly.

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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

ok so i just bought a windows 7 intel core i5 dv6 rossignol edition and boy let me tell you, i didnt notice while it was running at first, but as soon as i tried to do anything gpu or cpu intense the thing nearly spontaniously combusted.


i cant tell you what the running temperatures were at but it was hot enough to burn my hand through the plastic casing and thats not good!


well here is my solution


step 1: most dv6's are different but there is one thing that is common to them all, the bios firmware. hp actually has a bios firmware update addressing "thermal control" and another addressing the core i3 processers. Update your chipset to the most recent version as well. update your drivers for your graphics card as well and download the latest catalyst drivers from AMD website.  all of the most recent drivers have small fix's to help lower the heating problem, but nothing can ultimately fix a physical design flaw so it will still run hot, just not burning hot. half the battle done


Step 2: Physically the laptop was built poorly. ventilation and fan/heatsink location was not thought out well.  i would suggest doing what the one user suggested before and carefully cutting more vents into the case(WHILE ITS OFF). if you dont want to cut your laptop up then heating pads are great because more airflow = cooler computer. i even went as far as buying a new battery that has a bump on it to keep space under it and that keeps the laptop from sitting entirely flat on the desk. 


Step 3: Thermal paste replacement. now hear me out. the thermal paste hp threw onto your cpu and gpu heatsinks bad of quality as everything else they throw at us. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS YOURSELF. take it into a shop and pay the 20 or 40 bucks to have a technician replace the thermal paste for your heatsinks to a higher quality thermal paste. this well literally make your laptop last at lot longer and could be one of your best options.


in the long run none of us planned on keeping this laptop for longer than 5 years anyways, because we all know technology advances so fast we'll end up buying new stuff as soon as next year anyways, and HP knows this too. this is why they dont care they have bad layouts or shotty merchandise, and that why we as the customer get no compensation when something doesnt break, but burns our hands if we touch it. HP should technically have a lawsuit for all the burnt palms and fingers from their overheating crappy "NOTEBOOK" that is meant for entertainment, as long as entertainment doesnt involve anything to serious. NEVER BUYING HP PRODUCTS AGAIN! EVER! EVER! EVER! EVER! EVER! EVER! EVER!

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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

I feel sorry for your daughter.  Hp does not give a sh*t and don't expect any help.  I have had this problem on and off and think that it may be more than poor design.  I have fixed it in the past but normally download new drivers which help, but not from HP as some of the drivers seem to be superceded.


I certainly won't be buying another HP and I'll advise everyone I ever meet to do the same until this company ceases to exist:  the punishment for selling crap and walking away.

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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

Relly? I can't find drivers for the life of me!   I specifically need the touchpad driver for the DV6. Can you point me in the rght direction? Thanks!

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Re: Hp pavilion dv6 overheating really quickly.

Drivermax is good.  You can use the free edition but can only download 2 a day.  If you select all the drivers you want (Drivermax will scan your computer and let you know what is outdated) then 2 will automatically be downloaded every day until you have them all.  Then you can install.  Good luck.  Hope it works for you.

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