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Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

My laptop has intermittent buzzing noise. The noise happens every 1-3 minutes, and it lasts less than 1 second. Both laptop speaker and headphone are affected. The noise doesn't happen when the system is idle. Or other words, the noise is observed whenever there is sound.  I've noticed that the noise is observed when the AC adapter is plugged. It is VERY annoying!


This is my second 15t-4000. The first one, which was returned because of a defective pixel, also had this issue. If this problem cannot be solved, I may return this unit again. 


What I've tried

- reinstall audio driver --> not solved


What I expect:

1. ground loop or some electrical interference from the adapter

2. mainboard problem

3. audio driver problem



HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

Windows 8

System BIOS: F.04

Audio driver: 6.10.6425.0

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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

This may sound strange (as it did to me initially), but do you notice if this happens when connected to a wifi network versus not being connected to a wifi network?

If not, go ahead and disconnect from a wifi network and try to verify if the buzz sound is present still.  A quick test would be to disable the WiFi card completely (usually F12).  In Windows 8, Airplane mode being on should disable the WiFi card. 



The reason I ask, is that it appears, that the wifi card/driver may be causing the interference. 


While this is not the same system you have and is an older post, this thread covers what I am referring to. 

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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

Thanks for your response. However, I already returned the laptop. Apparently, the new one will not be HP.


It is not strange as WE have similar issues. See http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-PC-Sound-and-Audio-e-g-Windows-8/Crackling-sound-while-playing...


There are many clips on YouTube mentioning this kind of issue,and  not only in this model.





What I tried:

- reinstall audio/graphic/network drivers.

- disable wireless

- refreshing Windows

All did not work !


Only one way to stop the noise is unplugging the AC adapter. I do not think that disable WiFi will be a definite solution either. We have to admit that HP frequently builds low quality laptop. 



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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

I have the exact same problem.Seems to work ok when unplugged. Tech Suport says it's a grounding problem. They want me to mail laptop back for repair. I've only had the thing nine days. If I hve to mail something back, it will be to return it.


I have:

15-4010nr  Spectre Touchsmart Ultrabook

Product #: C2M71UA#ABA

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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

[ Edited ]

Hi guys, I might have found a solution...


I have a HP SpectreXT TouchSmart 15-4000ed (Dutch model) with Windows 8 x64.


I did the following things


  • Uninstall the IDT HD Audio Driver via the Programs and Features section + reboot

    After rebooting you'll notice the beats audio logo (red 'b' in the classic desktop mode) is gone and that the volume is much lower. You have to put it at like 70 to have normal sound. I also noticed the buzzing noise is gone when you don't have an audio driver. That made me try the following...

  • Install the Realtek HD Audio Driver (link: http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=24&PFid=24&Level=4&Conn=3&DownType...
    + reboot

    After rebooting you'll notice your volume level is back to normal.

Yesterday this resulted in not hearing the sound with AC adapter plugged in (energy scheme: HP Optimized).


Update: Today the crackling sound has returned. I have no idea why this happened. :S
                 It was because the IDT Audio had somehow returned in my boot sequence (> ctrl+alt+del > task manager).
                 After turning it off + rebooting, the crackling was gone again..


I wonder if anyone is willing to experiment and I'm curious to know if it works.


Good luck!!

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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

Thank you.

HP support team should take this information for real fixing.

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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

I found a solution to this problem. Return the laptop and get another one. Luckily I discovered the problem within my 21 day return period. I've been through two of these Spectre laptops using the ready to ship option and have the same issue with both. They recommended having one custom built with the same specs so waiting on it to arrive. If I don't have success with it, I'm giving up and trying a different company. I really like HP.  But if it doesn't work, I'm not paying over a $1000 for a product with defects - tech support says it's a hardware problem with the grounding wire.

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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

I think i found an alternative solution to this problem. After sending this model (15t-4000) back twice to the hp repair center for the same problem with audio the problem persisted after recieving it for the second time. I lost my patients with HP so i decided to tamper a bit with the software. The problem was the driver version. I know that if you manually look for the driver to this model you'll only find one but bear with me cuz this has worked for me and i've tested it for hours with not only the stock media players but also third party media players (itunes, netflix, youtube) I cant promise you'll have the same result but it wont hurt to try Here's what i did:


Uninstall the Audio Driver:


Open your file explorer and right click computer


Select "Manage" then on the left column click device manager


Now double click "sound, video and game controllers" in the middle column


Right click the "IDT High Defenition Audio CODEC" uninstall it (check the box that says "delete driver software for this device") Click Ok



Install Previous Version:


Go to the Hp drivers website. (http://www8.hp.com/us/en/support-drivers.html)


Click on Drivers and Software


Type in "Spectre xt"


Now click on the model "HP Spectre XT Ultrabook 13-2150nr"


Then scroll down a bit and make sure the operating system says windows 8 (64-bit) then click next


Scroll down a bit and there will be a list of drivers. Select the first one " Driver-Audio(1)"


Click on the (Previous versions available) link


Click on version " 6.10.6417.0"


Run the download and install it.


Wait like 3 min and your done! 


(If you want to return it to the way it was before just click this link download it, run it and install it)



That's It! Hope this works for you all!






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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

Unfortunately, that did not work for me. I received my third Spectre XT with the exact same specs as the ready to ship model two days ago and this custom built version hot off the assembly line has the same problem as the previous two. I'm sending it back as well and getting a refund. After three attempts, I'm giving up on trying.  I guess I'll get a MacBook.  It's sad to see HP being so challenged in resolving this.  I would have thought they would do a quality assurance test on these machines before sending them out, but apparently not.

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Re: Intermittent Buzzing Noise - HP Spectre XT TouchSmart PC 15t-4000

Didn't changing the settings of the SSD cache to 'safe mode' (in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology) help for you?

See http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-PC-Sound-and-Audio-e-g-Windows-8/Crackling-sound-while-playing...

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