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Laptop won't charge

Around the first of december i bought a brand new laptop Dv7 model. It was working fine,until the other day the charger stopped working.At first i thought it was just the charger i would have to jiggle it around and put it in all sorts of weird positions to get it to work. Over time it's gotten worse now it will recognize the charger but it won't charge i left it in their for a day and a half thinking that it would be fully charged. When i open it up and start the laptop up to my surprise the battery was at 5% what it was at 2 days ago. I'm starting to think that this is an internal problem with my laptop and not just the chargers fault. Is their any advice anyone can give me? It's a brand new laptop 3 months old I'm clueless as to what i should do with it. I'm starting to think its the battery....if so would i have to buy a new one or can hp provide me with one being their is a year warranty. Confused if someone can please help me out I'll appreciate it.


Thank you-

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Re: Laptop won't charge

Use HP Battery Check in your Start Menu to test your battery. If you can't find it, start typing Battery in the 'Start Search' box in the Start menu, it should show up to select.If the battery tests bad,contact HP.

If the battery tests ok,use the button at top of this page to find your drivers/update pages.Check for a new BIOS that may address this charging problem.

If you aren't sure of full model number for input,locate the Service Tag on bottom of the laptop.Check for complete model number as shown in section 1 below,and use it. P/N in section 2 also will work.

If no joy I would definately contact HP for Warranty Service:

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Re: Laptop won't charge

Sadly I can't do that at the moment. My laptop has no charge at all, though it says the charger is in charging i could leave it in for a day and still no charge. Last night around 8 i actually did call hp, while they seemed to be helpful I'm not sure the guy understood my problem, he didn't really let me finish speaking. He told me that the problem had to be the AC adapter and he sent me another one free of charge.I was glad but i didn't really think this would solve the problem on a count of the charger light is working now it just won't charge. I kept trying to tell him i thought it might have been the battery but he said if i had problems with it again that i should call and he would send me a battery free of charge. Hopefully i can turn my laptop on by saturday, it gets a bit frustrating considering it's not that old at all. Thank you for your fast reply i appreciate it.
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Re: Laptop won't charge

I've just bought a Compaq 6735s and the same thing has happened to me - it works fine off the AC but the battery won't charge anymore than the current 17%.


Thank you for your advice CherylG - I downloaded 'HP Battery Check' (go to the support page for your particular model and go to downloads) and the Battery Check said there was a problem with the battery. I've e-mailed HP Customer Support - so hopefully they'll send me a new battery (one that isn't faulty!)

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Re: Laptop won't charge

I have had a similar problem. I believe my battery is in need of a replacement. However, shouldn't the AC still work when it is plugged in? It started cutting out a couple of months ago, and has gotten progressively worse. Initially, the both the LED side light where the cord plugs-in, and the front display light would both cut out when there was no power. The side light will stay on, but the front light will not. The battery icon on the screen is the only way that I can know if I am getting any power or not. Now my HP laptop will not charge unless I have the cord strategically placed, and the wind doesn't blow it out of position. If it is just the battery, then why does it work/not work when the power cord is jiggled around in different positions? Like I said, I'm fairly sure the battery needs to be replaced, but is that my only laptop problem?
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Re: Laptop won't charge

I had to the same problem and so I bought a new charger. I it worked really good for like 2 weeks and then it stoped charging and now even though I have never taken the computer off the charger it is dead and won't even turn on. Do I need to buy a new battery or what is going on.

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Re: Laptop won't charge

hey did the new charger you got replace work for you? i have the same problem as you. laptop doesnt charge at all but it says it charging. doesnt charge even when its off

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Re: Laptop won't charge

You don't have to worry so much, I had the same problem but it got fixed in the next 5 minutes, if it won't let you charge just restart the laptop

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Re: Laptop won't charge

First, is there an LED lit on the charger? If not, you most likely have a bad charger.

Next, will the computer boot with the AC power adapter plugged in? If not, remove the battery and try to boot the computer. Will it run now?

If no to both, then your adapter is probably bad. Have HP send you a new one.

If yes, then you need to check the battery with the HP battery check as Cheryl mentioned above. Please note that the battery has to have some charge in it or the program will condemn the battery!!!

If it will boot without the battery, then you have either a shorted battery or a bad motherboard. You will need to contact HP to get them to send you a new battery first as you will need it to test further.

If the new battery will not charge, then you know the charge circuit on the motherboard is bad and mother will need to be replaced.

I have also seen several laptops that the actual connection that the adapter plugs in to has gotten so loose (internally) that it will not allow power to flow into the unit. In some models this is a separate part, but in most models this is made as part of the motherboard so guess what would need to be replaced?? Hope that you are still under warranty!


Kudos please if this helps!

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Re: Laptop won't charge

Beware.....We had the same problem...our HP computer would not charge.  They had us send it in...the monitor was broken in transit by Fed Ex and now we are out of a computer.  They sent it back to us broken and refuse to repair it.  The computer is 1 1/2 years old....and now does not work.


HP will not cover their warrenty.  This is the worst customer service ever!

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