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Looking for the iPaq forum?
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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

I went to the ipaq page and could not find how to post.  The page does not indicate "New Post" at the top as this area does.  Are they hiding it?  I can see recent and old posts, pull them up, and reply to one, if I knew enough, but can't ask my question.  Help.  Tks.


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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

Is it being worked on so customers can start using it again! can search your answer in .......

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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

[ Edited ]

Good day! My suggestion is you have to search it in a google where you can find or look for a solutions or else consult an expert.




Best regards,


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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

Hello to all i'm  looking for a good notebook with a nice price i am a webdeveloper and i need a very strong and powerfull notebok for my works.....

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Incorrect password for WiFi times out after a few attempts...why?

Well I have an iPAQ RX3715, and, I am trying to connect it to my wireless network, however, it does not accept the logon credentials provide to me by the internet service provider, Melita plc.  The iPAQ is limited to WEP networks, could this be the reason?  Is a software fix available in this case?


I am sure to be updating the correct password yet I have noticed that:

a) an error message indicates that the password is incorrect.  The issue cannot be resolved by the ISP, and, I cannot logon to the web interface of the wireless router (CISCO EPC3925).  The ISP make no restrictions on the access control they are saying.

b) The iPAQ wireless configuration settings after a while reads 'Connecting' and seems to hang like that for a while after throwing up the 'incorrect password' error for a few times.  


The ISP state that this is not an issue from their side, however I am sure to be updating the password I know.

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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

Not sure if this forum still working/active? Link to iPaq Forum, dated 02-09-2009 09:18 AM, from DaniW
HP Forum Admin did not work for me.


If someone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


Just in case my post is included below:


Hi There

I have an 'old' 2002 iPAQ HP3970, on which my whole life is stored. It is version 3.0.11171 (Build 11178), Processor:Intel(R) PXA250 Revision B2.

OS version Windows CE 3.0.

I am now syncing it to my PC via the Windows Mobile Device Centre.

1) Previously, to sync to my pc, I used 'Active Sync' which also enabled me to backup to my PC as well as the memory card in the iPAQ expansion slot. I now am using Windows 7, 64 bit on my pc and have had to change to Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC) software to sync the iPAQ. I cannot see the facility in WMDC to back up files to my pc, so I am only backing up to the iPAQ memory card in the expansion slot.

2) Is there any way that I can convert the data from my iPAQ to my pc so it is in a ‘usable’ format – will probably have to convert the file type? Then eventually move it to my iPOD Touch? Most of my data is stored in iPAQ Pocket Excel, Pocket Word and in the 'CONTACTS'. The 'CONTACTS' file is the main area of storage for my data. For example if I select 'Contacts', then select 'XYZ Banking' from the list of contacts, the 'SUMMARY' file tab opens with contact details for 'XYZ Bank' but under the second file tab 'NOTES' I store all my passwords account details etc. I have approx 320 contacts so transferring all the data manually would be a time consuming task.

Hope you have someone there who remembers the iPAQ - a great machine, and can help with my problem. If you can provide me with some information I would appreciate as much detail as possible - retirement dulls the brain!!


Ken Jones

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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

I have updated the link in the original post.


It can also be found here.


Apology for the inconvenience!


I worked for HP.
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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

Hi Dani.  I just sent a user to the iPaq community.  The iPaq community's stickies include a thread linking to Palm support forums which still points to the old Palm boards.  I'm not a registered user on the iPaq board...can someone ask that Forum's admin to change that link to the new home here?



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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

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Re: Looking for the iPaq forum?

thank you.

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