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Mini 110-1030nr + Non Answering Tech Support = Paperweight!

OK, I'm in Iraq and my daughters birthday is comming up and I wnted to get her a Mini for her birthday, but I need to preconfigure it with our Wireless ID and other odds and ends. So I buy one from the PX ( they only get laptops about every 2 months) and the OS is corrupt out of the Box. Nice.  HP is too **bleep** cheap to include install disks so I go online. The only option available is the HP MIE restore, which according the website is Linux not Windows even though the Manual states it is windows. I spend all day downloading it three times because everytime I try to install it the farthest I get is the HP logo and about 25% of the blue bar and then it hangs and won't go any further.  I'd like to also not I know it is linux cause I see the files it is loading are not windows files. I wonder if te image is built for the 16gig ssd version and not the 160gig harddrive version.Try to call tech support. In two days I have been on hold a total of 5 hours and NEVER even talked to anyone. Does ANYONE have any helpfull information on how to reimage the drive. NO I cannot use the Roxio as the OS was corrupt out of the box and the MIE has essentialy wiped the drive.



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Have you tried the System Recovery option, F11 at startup?

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Re: Have you tried the System Recovery option, F11 at startup?

That does nothing. As the OS was corrupt out of the box I doubt there was ever a recovery partition, but doing a search I have seen other posts where f11 didn't work on Min's anyway.

Now I did finially get a hold of support( after 3 hours on hold) and was informed there is no "downloadable" windows and he assured me that I would get a recovery CD in three days, even though I told him that here in Iraq you're lucky to get anything in under 10 days as the APO mail is a little slow. He then tried to transfer me over to hardware, no clue why, which after being on hold for 20 minutes the call disconnected. I am impressed how support can take an upset customer and try to placate a VERY upset customer by trying to sell me an external cd drive.  I can honestly say that I have had my last bad experience with HP and man I've had several even with our companies business laptops. I will do my best to make sure I never have to deal with another HP product private or business if I can help it.

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Re: Have you tried the System Recovery option, F11 at startup?

LrdSmack, sorry, but I do not get your angst over this one at all.  First, nobody, not Dell, Sony, Acer, etc., has a "down-loadable" re-install image (nobody offers just a pure "Windows" install!) on their support sites.  They all have options to order an image disk.  Further, none of them include a re-install disk, those went out several years ago because customers are so hell-bent on saving 5 bucks, that to remain competitive with one another, everybody went that route...regrettable IMHO, but there you go.


As you would need an available external CD/DVD drive to install that DVD image disk, why would the suggestion that you might wish to order one be so out of line?  It would be ideal if they could offer netbook owners a re-image on a bootable USB pen, but nobody you need an external drive if you are going to use a reinstall DVD. 


Don't get me wrong, as a 20 year U.S. Army Vet, I fully understand the frustrations of trying to get things done in far off places...been there, done that...many a time I've received my mail via APO!


What HP offered was logical, if not ideal to you.  I use many HP products, from printers to laptops, to netbooks, and have found HP customer service as good as anybody else's and for the most part, better than many other consumer electronics companies that I deal with.  If under warranty, send it in, but if that does not work for you, then I see no other resolve than to order the re-install disk, just as with any other netbook/notebook.

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Re: Have you tried the System Recovery option, F11 at startup? A bit of advice for PeteC2

I understand your angst completely, LrdSmack.


I also understand you failure to understand his "angst", PeteC2. As an Honor Student, I don't imagine you often have to worry about disappointing your daughter, who can't have her Daddy home to celebrate and whose gift from him won't work. [Yes, I read you're a 20 yr Army Vet. Did you serve for 20 yrs or has it been 20 yrs since you served? Did you get stuck in a foreign country with a computer or other electronic device that came out of the box not working? Do you have children?]


No personal attack intended, but I hope you can be a smidgen more empathetic to your brother-in-arms. I believe it could go a long way towards helping HP's image, sooth the frazzled nerves of the person asking for your assistance, and perhaps enhance your productivity.  If nothing else, you will feel better about yourself.


But now an attack is intended [though not on you] -


HP's customer service sucks. Period. I have 2 HP laptops and 3 HP desktops. Guess how many are working? The ONE that I went out and bought at Staples yesterday.


[b]I would happily pay an extra $20 US to have my recovery disks, program disks, and printed product manuals included in the box. Further, this should be thrown in with a purchased extended warranty.[/b]


[i][b]LrdSmack, This is very late in coming, but I do hope that you were able to get that netbook running again. Thank you for your service.

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Re: Mini 110-1030nr + Non Answering Tech Support = Paperweight!

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Well it gets better and better. I got lucky and a Marine had the EXACT same problem and he ended up waiting about 2 weeks for the recovery disk to show up. He let me use it an I got my daughters Mini up and running and shipped it to her. Made it there two days before her birthday!  She was so happy!.......... for 3 days..... Wife calls me and says it want come on anymore. I try to call HP and go through Indian Tech support hell. I tell my Wife I will take of it when I get home. I got home yesterday and the laptop is dead. Tried everything and nothing worked. Called Tech support.. After an Hour of reseating Ram hard resetting and everything else they could think of Even though I called them with a list of what I had done and it was what they wanted to do. They then tell me to take it back to the store. I tell them I got it at a PX in Iraq and then I'm on hold for 30 minutes while they try to put me through to military support. The woman ( English speaking! Thank God! ) Informs me she can't help because I'm not shipping the laptop back to a US base, BUt she stays on the line while Rajeesh or whatever his name was drives us both nuts. I tell him I'm only home 2 weeks and I want to do a cross ship/ advanced RMA. i.e. I give you a valid credit card number and you send me a new laptop. I send you the old one back. If you don't get it you charge me...... "OH NO!" "HP never does that kind of thing!"  "You must send us the laptop to fix it." Fighting the issue got me no where so I finally gave in. I'm then told I should have a box to ship the laptop back to them in a two business days.  I ask if I can get it over night so I can do everything on my end to make sure I get it back to set up my daughters email, wireless and her personal settings. "Why" he asks " Just have her call us and we will walk her through installing her software and configuring her settings" I can't hardly understand a **bleep** word he is saying how does he expect my 10 year old expect to be able to deal with them? He informed me it is $30.00 to get the box overnighted. I say OK. He then tells me to make sure I use FedEx or UPS to send it back..... Hold the phone buddy. You're sending me a box and I'M paying to ship it to you?!?! "Well of course sir."  he says. I still have the box and everything it came with sitting here in front of me what do I need you're Box for if I have to pay shipping? " You Don't sir. I assumed you didn't have one"  I should mention I told him from the beginning I had everything in front of me. The poor Woman from the States is doing everything she can to get them to understand the situation and I do appreciate her help.  In a nut shell a month old laptop that has only seen about 5 days of use and has died in HP's eyes does not warrant replacement just repair I'm waiting to see if their 7 day return once they receive it is BS or not. I sent it to arrive first thing Tuesday morning. As that cost $35.00 bucks and and next business day was over $60.00. I figure if they are really going to have it at my door 7 days after they receive it on tuesday I will still be here.
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Re: Mini 110-1030nr + Non Answering Tech Support = Paperweight!

I am an XPat workig overseas on contract with the Military. Not actual Military. I would like to say that I haven't had this many issues out of HP Business equipment, BUT I have always had a good experience with Dell and smaller companies like Sager when I've had issues other laptops. When I have a problem they WANT to resolve it.  I can see the HP Tech Reps Picking their nose thinking they have something better to do like in the Transformers movie when they were tying to make a call on the cell phone.
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Re: Mini 110-1030nr + Non Answering Tech Support = Paperweight!

If you bought the notebook through the AAFES program and you called the military line there is very little-no hold time.
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Re: Mini 110-1030nr + Non Answering Tech Support = Paperweight!

Gangles, it helps to pay attention and actually read the post before you reply. I did not call the Military line. Your tech support in India put me on hold while they were putting me through. Also do you know anything about the way AAFES operates in areas like Iraq? The PX on the base I got my laptop is lucky to get 8-10 laptops a month. They usually last about an hour before they are all bought up. I only say this because I’m expecting your next comment to be “You should have taken it back and let them replace it.” It’s probably a good thing you have that little disclaimer in your sig.
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Re: Mini 110-1030nr + Non Answering Tech Support = Paperweight!

Sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience with the MINI and Tech support. I have seen other reports of the hdd corrupting rather easily in the MINI.The only thing I might add here is that the guy mis-informed you on the shipping box I believe. I have never had to pay shipping cost, the box comes with a prepaid shipping label.

Good luck with the repairs,hope all is well before you have to leave again.

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