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My Presario F500 wireless stopped working

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My Presario F500 one day just stopped working all the windows programs work for about 3 min then they say windows is not responding and then windows has stopped working and then it cant be shut down restarted one thing or another the wireless doesn't work any more and some LED'S wont work i also cant play dvd's or cd's any more either the warranty is only up a couple of month's ago hp need to sort this out my sisters laptop a Presario CQ60 is only 5 month's old and it is unbelievably slow and half the time the mouse bored doesn't work can any one help me with my f500 thanks
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Re: My Presario F500 wireless stopped working

Hi, I am suspicious_horse and I'm not an HP employee. Your question is a tough one but I will try to help you. I know you said it was out of warranty but have you done any maintenace on it like blowing out the fan assembly and vents? Have you downloaded any new software before this began? I will direct you to a link that you can start at and may have to go deeper with a tech which most of them are pretty awesome. I do know that if it feels like its been running warmer this can have big effects on everything you mentioned. Anyway here is the link to go and maybe find more answers there also. If I can help you anymore I will try.

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Re: My Presario F500 wireless stopped working

It happened the same to me. My F502LA wireless stopped one day. I called technical support and followed the instructions, nothing changed. I used online support and nothing. I formatted my laptop and installed all over again. Nothing but red light and no wireless connection, the broadcom card didn't even appeared on the devices administrator. Last friday I bought a startec USB wireless adapter and connected to my laptop, configured it and, surprise, after the USB adapter began checking for wireless connections my laptop's wireless card appeared again and began to work. The wireless assistant started working again and the wireless card changed from red to blue. I suppose there's something on the motherboard which disables the WLAN card or a problem with this brand of laptops.
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Re: My Presario F500 wireless stopped working


That pretty much explains how i felt while i was trying to fix this same problem... but after reading countless different forums and talking to countless USELESS geek squad employees, and several USELESS support line peoples... i finally found a solution.  I hope this helps.

If your Presario's external piece of shat wireless card switch wont go blue (detect a wireless connection), and remains orange no matter what you do... round up 15 dollars and go to a Radioshack... or whatever electronics store is nearest to you.

DONT waste time updating drivers
DONT waste money ordering a new piece of shat wireless card
DONT waste time and money trying several different USB wireless devices
DONT waste time talking to the ignorant doosh bags that work at Best Buys Geek squad.

A little ranting feels necessary after the amount of time it took to fix this nonsense... anyways

IMPORTANT- Make sure you TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF and REMOVE its battery before you perform ANY of the following steps... hold the power button down and drain the power fully once the battery is removed if your really paranoid.

SOLUTION- Buy a can of generic electronics cleaner, buy some cue tips, drive home.  Once home, wash your hands nice and clean, be sure to dry them as well.  Next your going to need a small screwdriver, once acquired- locate the panel on the bottom of your laptop, underneath where the external wireless card switch is.  Unscrew and detach the panel, GENTLY pull the plastic tab on the wireless card which should now be fully exposed and remove it from the computer.

Now that you have taken the wireless card out, you should be able to see the motherboard... in the center of where the wireless card should be if it is inserted in the computer, you will see a small copper ring.  Apply some of the solution to a cuetip, and gently rub it around the circle and clean the ring off.  Next take the removed wireless card and the cleaner (with the spray hosed attached), and go outside, or into your garage.  Try not to get your fingers all over the card, hold it by its sides.  Hold the card out in front of you and spray the cleaner about a foot away from the copper prongs on the wireless card, once cleaned.  Let the card sit out for about 10 minutes, duh, dont put anything wet back into your computer...

Once dry, gently place the card back where it was in the laptop, and screw the panel back on.  Turn your computer on and wah lah!

I hope this helped..

Good luck everyone and remember.... problems like these are why you don't buy a PC.

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Re: My Presario F500 wireless stopped working

I got the same problem with my laptop Presario CQ57 model. After countess wireless adapter remove/reinstall, window update etc., it still did not work. Somebody suggested to remove the XP Wireless Assisant. I did remove and it worked. I was able to see the wireless icon turned blue and connected to the internet. However, after cycle power, it did not work again. It does not seem to be a hardware problem. I'm now stuck.

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Re: My Presario F500 wireless stopped working

It might be a very simple fix. If you have Compaq HP Presario Laptop (I don't know about the other) press F12 key to enable the wireless. Obviously, there is an assigned key toggling to enable/disable the wireless adapter.

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