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My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all
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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

Please show the results of survey. It is interesting to see.

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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

@regretbuyhp (I guess you only made an account AFTER your device failed!), sorry to hear that yet another user has had this issue.


I have previously linked to a survey that I made up, not sure if you found it, will be a couple of pages ago in the thread.


Here are the results  so far (opens in Excel online, linked through OneDrive): http://1drv.ms/1l7rWRI


I hope you get your laptop sorted out soon. Didn't take long for HP Support to organise my repair, but had to wait for parts at the technicians (because it failed for them too). This thread does make you wonder whether HP reps actually do read this forum. They certainly do respond to complaints though. Send them a message through the 'contact the CEO' page.

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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

So I have the same issue. Mine actually died about 3 weeks ago in the middle of watching a show... but since I was on break from grad school, I wasn't too concerned about it. I just thought the power cord died. So I ordered a new power cord, and since I was on break, it took me a good two weeks to get around to actually trying the new cord. At my parents house for the break, so there were plenty of other computers/TVs to watch shows on.


After being plugged in for over 24 hours (with the new cord), the laptop is still dead. No lights, nothing.


After reading through some suggestions, I contacted HP through the support chat feature. After going back and forth a few times with the representative, I finally got through to them that the laptop just will not turn on. Here are some things they wanted me to do after I explained it will not turn on:


"Shutdown the notebook.
Disconnect the AC Adapter and all external cables and devices from the computer.
Remove the Battery. ( if applicable )
Hold the Power button down for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Reconnect the AC adapter.
Turn on the Notebook power."


And then, after I explained again the laptop will not turn on,  they asked for my address. But then another suggestion was



"Disconnect all the External devices(Like printer,internet cable). The computer should be connected only to the Power cable.
Please power on the computer and keep tapping F11 key on your keyboard.(Please do it immediately when the notebook powers on)
You will find a recovery manager screen. Please choose system recovery and hit next.
then you need to follow the onscreen instructions"


Again, I explained that it wouldn't turn on. So then they decided it was a hardware issue and that it needed to be sent in "for a quality check."


So, all in all, not too painful to get a service request. But again, as many have stated, this shouldn't have happened in the first place.


And just as a reference, I have had my spectre for roughly 6 months before it died. Got it in early June 2015 and it died about mid-December 2015. But I probably hadn't been using it as heavily as other users that had theirs die in 3-4 months.

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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

Yet another one... thanks for adding your voice @nem518, though I doubt HP are listening.


It is a little bit funny, but a massive waste of time, when speaking or chatting to the helpdesk. They actually have no idea about the device in question. I suppose they just have to go through their checklist. I had one who wanted to remote desktop in, even though I told him my laptop was dead and not turned on (I was using an Asus branded laptop at the time)!


Might as well try and get them to refund you the money for the power cord you bought for no reason.

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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

Update: This is just an update of my previous post. Today I received my laptop back after repairs. Most of the posting here indicated that laptop required motherboard replacement. But in my case, they had to replace the LCD panel. I am appalled that night before the laptop won't start, I turned off the laptop properly. Next day, it just won't start. So I am not sure how the LCD panel got toasted in this process. I had not even plugged in the charger and I know there was no shock or fall for this laptop. Anyways, it was interesting to know that both motherboard and LCD panels might be the culprit in this laptop. 


On a positive note, the entire repair experience was good. I got the laptop within 1 week.

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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

I am adding my Spectre x360 failure to the list. Computer was purchased in June 2015 for my business. Failure occured late January 2016. Below is my summary of the problem and the troubleshooting I performed before calling HP customer service. Customer service ran me through the same steps and I patiently allowed it. Then told me that I would need to talk to a repair supervisor before they could authorize sending out a box so I could ship it in for repair. Scheduled a call for 5 PM the next day when repair supervisor was supposed to contact me to confirm it was a hardware problem. No one called at the appointed time, so I called back and told them I needed the box ASAP. They attempted to make me do the same diagnostic steps again - I got very firm with them and explained that the computer failed 5 days before an extended busines trip and I had spent most of the last two days getting a back up machine set up. Suddenly, they were able to get a box shipped out to me. Very frustrated that I had waited over a day and a half before I got to what I needed. As of today, I am waiting for the box so I can send the machine in. I will try to update after I am done with the repair process.


As a side note, my husband builds high-end gaming computers (hobby)  and works in software security. We have diagnosed the problem as a failed motherboard, which seems consistent with others' experience in this forum. We have not opened the machine in order to avoid any warranty void issues.


Summary of Failure:

Sunday, January 24, 2016: Issue started with the laptop. Laptop was fully charged, but not plugged in to its power cord. Attempted to turn laptop on and it would briefly power up (light on power button would come on and screen would come on). After 2 – 3 seconds it would turn itself off. This happened 3 or 4 times before the computer powered up normally and I was able to use it for several hours before turning it off.


Monday, January 25, 2016: Laptop was fully charged and plugged into its power cord. White light appeared next to adapter plug-in on machine. When power button was pressed, white light next to adapter would turn off, flash briefly and then turn back on to white. Computer would not turn on. As long as power button is depressed, white light next to adapter plug-in will not come on.


 Troubleshooting Performed:

1. Disconnected all peripherals.


2. Checked power cord and outlets. Power cord was not compromised and outlet was working. Attempted to power up laptop without success, while plugged into power cord.


3. Swapped out existing power cord with back-up power cord for the machine. Attempted to power up laptop without success, with and without power cord plugged into machine.


4. Attempted a hard reset: Unplugged machine from power cord and depressed power button for 30 or more seconds. Plugged machine back into power cord and depressed power button. Machine would not power up.


5. Also attempted pressing the power button and F11 key to see if I could get it into recovery mode. This did not work. Computer will not power on at all.



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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

Dear HP,


Remember me? Once upon a time I paid a not insignificant sum to purchase your flagship product. The product turned out to suffer a serious audio problem. I found that mine was not the only brand new machine with such a problem.* I requested a refund. I have not yet received it.


Now my still-brand-new, barely-used, defective-audio flagship device has suddenly, while fully-charged, shut off and refuses to restart. Once again I discover that mine is not the only machine with such a problem.


This product is not fit for purpose. It has proved little more than a constant annoyance and inconvenience for me the short time I've had it. I reiterate my initial request: Please refund me and I will send you the defective machine.


No, I do not want you to repair it. If you have to repair it, that means it is broken. I don't buy broken products. No, I don't want you to replace it. I have no reason to believe that a replacement would be any better. If you were a hotel, and I had endured a miserable stay there plagued with intermittent water supply and bedbug-infested matresses, I would get my money back and go somewhere else; not stay on with you and continue suffering while you try to sort it out. I no longer wish to be an HP customer.


Thanking you in advance for your professional attention to this request.


As always,

Disatisfied Customer


*See my previous post on 10-23-2015 12:44 PM to the forum: Re: Crackling sound while playing music in HP SPECTRE X360 Ultrabook.

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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

I do believe you're posting in the wrong place if you actually want anyone at HP to get your message. Did you also send that to their customer relations team?

Bad luck about the laptop, hope you get your refund and please let us know what you buy instead. My brother bought a similar priced lenovo which has been just as annoying to deal with as the spectre has been for me.
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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

Yet another Spectre X360 losing power rapidly leaving no time to remove personal data. Wouldnt restart or charge, usual longwinded exchange with Service Agent before the inevitable it will have to be returned for repair (a statement of the bleeding obvious).


Was informed that repair would take 7-9 working days which I said was unacceptable and not in complience with my service agreement.  Actual repair 5 working days including collect and return so no complaint there.

Motherboard was replaced.  


Unfortunately I bought this laptop directly from HP a few days before the change in EU comsumer regulations otherwise I would have demanded a refund and bought a replacement from a well know rival with an unsurpassed reputation for reliability even though it would have cost 200-300$ more for an equivalent machine.


I have subsequently discovered that a well known independent UK consumer organisation rates HP as so unreliable that it currently refuses to give any HP computer a 'Best Buy' status.

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Re: My hp spectre x360 won't turn on at all

I'll just reply to my own message here. HP did eventually replace my laptop (took about two or three weeks due to some shipping confusion) but I haven't had a problem with it since and I use it extensively. It's a very impressive machine, I think they just put in bad motherboards early on. I've notice the new ones run cooler, I suspect that has something to do with why they don't break (or at least mine has not.)


Performance wise, this laptop is lightning fast, and it runs great on both Windows 10 and Linux. It compares favorably to a Macbook, and that is a very good thing to be able to say about a PC. 


So for those still experiencing the fried motherboard problem... that sucks. HP's quality control seriously needs an overhaul.


On the bright side, when you get your laptop back it is a powerful machine.  Set aside 20GB for an Ubuntu Gnome installation and enjoy.

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