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My laptop is plugged in but not charging

My laptop 'sometimes' shows that it's not charging although the power is plugged in.

I called HP Tech Support twice.  Each time, they asked me to update the BIOS and firmware

prior to running the battery test (both in boot up and using HP diagnostic S/W).  The test always

says that the battery is OK.  I can run the laptop without battery installed without any issue, which

probably rules out the charger.


This problem comes and goes.  HP is not willing to do anything until the problem can be clearly

identified.  My warranty is about to expire (in 3 days), and I am afraid that this problem won't get

resolved before then.  Could anyone help me with this problem?


Thank you.



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Re: help

Thanks billtorbitt. Without knowing more information about your question, here is a myriad of battery related documents. Go through them all and let me know what you have determined is causing the issue. The first document probably has the most relevant troubleshooting if your battery appears to be not charging.

Battery Does not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge:

Battery Charging Delayed When Operating Notebook in High Ambient Temperatures:

Battery Does Not Charge when Using a Voltage Adapter with the Power Adapter:

Battery Indicator Light Turns On and Off While Battery is Charging:

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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging



Please try this:


Hope this helps.

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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging

Thank you for your post. However, we have already tried that with the help of HP Tech support person.



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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging

I'm getting really annoyed by HP customer support.  I called them a total of 3 times for this problem.


The first tech walked me through all the BIOS and S/W update.  Afterward, he told me that he would give me

a call.  He never did.


The second time I called, I found that the first tech did not put any information regarding my problem  The second

tech asked me to go through the very same things since she did not have any record.  She gave me a case

number and told me that she would call me.  She never called back.


I called for the third time and gave the third tech the case number.  I was told that there is no such number in

their system, so he could not find any information on what the previous tech did.  I asked to speak to the

supervisor, and he asked me to fully drain the battery (he called this battery calibration).  He gave me a case

number and said he would give me a call (I'll see if he calls).


In doing all this, I wasted over 3 hours and my warranty is about to expire (in 3 days).  I'm not very happy with

HP's tech support to say the least.  My fear is that this will drag on, and I'll have a non-charing laptop in my


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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging

I am having the exact same problem with my 3 day old laptop. I unplugged it today to take it to another room to install my printer. I plugged it in and it shows that it is plugged in. When I hover over the power icon on the bottom of the screen, it says "33% available (pluged in, charging)" but it never goes any higher than 33%. It's driving me crazy because if I want to use it without the power cord, I'm afraid it won't last long. Have you found a solution to yours yet? I'm just putting off calling hp because I hate talking to anyone on the phone because I don't understand technology, I just use it! Smiley Happy

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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging



My case got escalated to a higher level after I filed a complaints on this Forum.  As you read in my posting,

I called HP multiple times before posting here.


At any rate, HP sent me a replacement battery.  Unfortunately, the problem is still there.

I suspect it's either in the battery charging circuit on the mother board or the charger might be flaky.

My warranty has run out and I gave up on this.


As a consumer, only my recourse is not purchasing a HP product next time.  With enough people doing just

that, the manufacturers will handle cases such as yours and mine differently.


Sorry that I could not help you to solve your problem.

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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging

I e-mailed them yesterday and surprisingly got a reply already! They told me how to check the battery and when I did that it said the battery is bad and needed to be replaced right away. I said something to them in my first e-mail about returning the laptop to them for a refund and in their reply it seemed like an option. I think I'll just wait and see how a new battery performs before I decide. As of today the laptop has been used a total of 4 days so I'm hoping the new battery does the trick. If not, I don't know what I'll do if I return it. I don't know anything about technology so I hate shopping for computers!

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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging

It is because your laptop is hot.  The reason why shutting it down and pulling the battery out seems to work is that by the time you turn off your laptop and cycle the battery, the components have cooled down.  To fix the problem, turn off your laptop, blow into or vacuum any opening to your laptop to dislodge accumulated dust.  You can also just try switching to low power mode.  The problem is that Windows knows your laptop is plugged in and can still run on high power profile but the laptop is too hot and the battery will not charge.  I don't know if this is a Windows thing or an HP thing.

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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging

I am having the same problem - bought my HP Pavilion dv6  2 weeks ago and today switched it on and it says  it is plugged in and not charging.  I googled the problem and it seems many people have this.


So i guess the easiets way is take it back to the shop and get a different make


My wife has had a Dell for 3 years and its on most days and never a problem

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Re: My laptop is plugged in but not charging

I have the same problem.  Mine won't charge past 90%.  What I have tried is to unplug the power cable for about 5 seconds and plug it back in, but the best I can get is a 95% recharge rate.

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