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Network Adapters (Wireless & Ethernet) Missing on HDX 18

Hi All,


Today I was using my HDX 18t laptop at the library, just surfing the internet (over wireless) while listening to pandora and the laptop froze up (soft freeze, mouse still moved but couldn't click on anything or open the task manager). After watching Vista 64 chase its tail for a couple of minutes, I had no choice but to hold the power button to shut the laptop down. Upon restarting, both of my network adapters (Ethernet & Wireless) are missing (Yes, the wireless is enabled, button is blue). I checked the device manager and its like they never existed. I even checked the hidden devices and couldn't find either of the network adapters. My next step was a system restore and that didn't work either. The event viewer doesn't lead to any clues to what is going on either. I ran the setup for the realtek ethernet controller and the setup complained that it couldn't find a card to install the drivers for. Its as if the network cards are no longer present.This has happened before and I was able to fix it with a complete system restore. 


Some History on the laptop.


4/2009 Ordered Laptop

5/7/2009 Laptop arrives and has LCD Defect (white spot in middle of screen) and the speakers sounded messed up.

5/18/2009 Returned Laptop for Repair (Had to live with the defects for a couple of weeks while planning my month long europe vacation)

6/13/2009 Laptop Returns with note saying they replaced LCD and rebuilt speaker framework. I didn't get to test the laptop out till 6/18/2009 because I was away on vacation.

6/19/2009 After a round of Windows Updates, Laptop freezes and upon reboot both wireless and ethernet controllers are missing. I assumed it was Windows Updates that hosed the machine so I do a full recovery and shut off Windows Updates completely.


The system has ran fine between then and now. I haven't installed anything in almost a week and have been shutting the laptop off (not hibernation or stand by) every night after using it.


So i'm pretty much out of answers and I am hoping someone here can help me or point me in the right direction.


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Network Adapters (Wireless & Ethernet) Missing on HDX 18


    I've got kinda like ur problem somehow, and i've tried uninstalling/reinstalling add/remove all my network adapters but nothing helps me, till i did this:


befor i did that, I've uninstalled my hp assistan/intel-proset from control panel-> uninstall program.

note: u can reinstall them from the recovery manager ( start --> all programs > recovery manager then just click on advance button and choos reinstall software or program,


eac time ull uninstall one of those programs ull need to rebot, so after ur done and ready togo, do this:


1- shutdown ur laptop

2- remove the battery

3- open the Intel wifi cover ( ull find it in the back of ur laptop near somthing looks like a speaker)

4- unplug ur wifi adapter by removing 2 scrws , no need to unplug the wires just pull the adapter out

5- plug the batttery and then turn on ur laptop>> login then shut it down again,

6- plug the wifi adapter again.


now turn ur lap on again, ull notice its will start installing a new device its should be the wifi adapter, after its ready to use

check ur network adapter on the device manager(right click ur computer icon goto proparties then click on device manger on ur right side) then check under network adapter if u can see ur wifi adapter and all other adapters u got ur ok, just reboot ur laptop and it should work fine,

after that i got my adapters back and they working just fine as befor,

Hope this help u, Good luck.


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Re: Network Adapters (Wireless & Ethernet) Missing on HDX 18

[ Edited ]

 While I see how this could fix the wireless adapter not being detected, I don't believe this would fix the missing realtek ethernet adapter since its integrated into the motherboard.


I was forced to do a full restore on the laptop again. After the restore I grabbed all of the latest drivers and updated the bios firmware. So far the laptop has been running correctly and hasn't froze up on me again. I went ahead and grabbed a copy of Windows 7 RTM just in case this thing crashes again.


I'm willing to try Windows 7 and Windows XP Pro x64 on it to see if the problems continue, if they do I'll be selling it on ebay and going back to Toshiba, whom i've never had this many problems with. 


Thanks for the help!



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Re: Network Adapters (Wireless & Ethernet) Missing on HDX 18

Hey guys, I've had this problem a few times as well. The best solution without taking apart your laptop is to download the drivers at The following steps should allow you to rectify your problems with re-installing the appropriate drivers.

If you can not go online with your hp laptop, then use a friend's or one of your other computers and save the file (.exe) to a removable drive.


1. Go to


3. Select Download drivers and software (and firmware)

4. Type in your laptop model --> it will give you a list of models closest to the one youve typed in, choose the closest match.

5. Choose your operating system.

6. Scroll down to Driver - Network.
7. Choose the drivers that are missing from your computer.
8. Download drivers and save to a removable disk.

9. Install the drivers on the laptops that are missing these drivers and voila internet access is back.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Network Adapters (Wireless & Ethernet) Missing on HDX 18

fixed!!!!!  so i read this post and thought oh no my work is all gone i didnt have a restore saved since installing windows 7. 



so for all of us boneheads out there having this issue here is what i did and i did not have to take a screwdriver to my beloved laptop or wrap it in tin foil to keep out the aliens.


unplug from power while it was up and going and looking at this post turned it over forced out battery let it sit a minute put back in battery  got the windows safe mode options screen told it to start in safe mode with networking logged in let it tload told it to restart and viola i am back on the net and have wifi and ethernet.


hope this helps

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Re: Network Adapters (Wireless & Ethernet) Missing on HDX 18

How are you supposed to go to if you have no drivers and the problem is an inability to access the internet???

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Re: Network Adapters (Wireless & Ethernet) Missing on HDX 18

Thanks for the help Kristopher!  Restarting in Safe Mode with Networking fixed this problem... and mine occurred exactly like yours!



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Re: Network Adapters (Wireless & Ethernet) Missing on HDX 18

Any idea how I can narrow down which model is closest to mine?
I called HP and that was a complete joke!
I have an HDX18. That's what is listed as the Model in the 'System Settings' ect and on the back label. NOWHERE on the back label, battery compartment, or on the computer does it list any other numbers or letters.
My Network controller is missing and none of these tips worked! Thanks!

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