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Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000

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OK I got this laptop for school back in August.  Now all of a sudden the fan is getting noisy.  Sometimes simply a firm tap will fix it for a while, but eventually it goes back to being noisy.  I've already updated the BIOS, but it made no difference.


Any advice or suggestions?  I need this laptop for school, but I can't have it making alot of noise during lectures.

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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000

It sounds to me like the fan's ball bearing is going bad (quite pre-maturely though). I think your options are to have the fan replaced under warranty or choose to live with the noise. As long as the fan is still spinning, it should still cool the chasis.
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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000


I have a 1.5 year old HP Pavilion dv9000z and that's what happened to mine 2 weeks ago!  I turned it on, and it made this ROARING noise!  Not a fast spinning noise, but a ROARING noise!  I work on computers, and I know the difference.  It sounded like the fan was going to explode out of the laptop.

I tapped it, and it stopped.  I tapped it again, and it roared again.  I turned it off, then back on, and it roared again.  Finally, it shut down.

I ordered a NEW fan from for $29 (including shipping)  It was original HP, the replacement HeatSink/Fan Assembly, that other sites wanted $80-150.00 for.  It came in 7 days later.

I downloaded the dv9000z service manual from HP's site.

It took me 4 hours to take the laptop completely apart, as the heatsink/fan assembly is on the bottom of the motherboard, and everything else has to come out first.

Just for insurance, I put a generous drop of 3-in-One Oil into the hole where the fan propeller shaft inserts into the bearing housing.  Just pull the fan propeller straight up, and it will pop out.  I reinserted the propeller shaft, and spun the fan around for about 2 minutes to thoroughly disperse the oil.

It took 4 hours to put the laptop back together.

It works fine now.  It's even quieter than before!

I also lubed the original fan, as the lubricant was dried out because of the excessive heat from the nVidia defective GPU video card which is attached to the motherboard.  The original fan now works better than original, and I will be keeping it for a backup.  Actually, I did not need to purchase the new fan.  All I needed to do was lube the original fan.

I also use a 17" dual-fan laptop cooling pad, which the laptop sits on to blow the hot air from the bottom of the laptop away.

If your laptop fan starts roaring, turn if off immediately, do not leave it on unattended, because when you come back, you may have a burnt up laptop.

Good luck,


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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000


I'm going to try your method later this week. I put a vacuum to the fan because I could see the a lot of dust sitting there. The dust looks like it's gone but the noise remains. I haven't really opened up laptops before... but hope I can do enough to just lubricate the fan as you mentioned. I hope WD-40 would be sufficient. If you read this and don't think so, or have a better suggestion please reply.



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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000

I personally would not use WD-40 to lubricate the fan. While it may lubricate it initially, WD-40 has ingredients that displace moisture, thus drying out components. Ever used WD-40 to lubricate a padlock? A week later it will be dry as a bone.

I'm sure there are lubricants available that will do the job, I just wouldn't use WD-40. Just my two cents.

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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000

Thanks for your reply. I agree with you. Another article suggested using sewing machine oil which made sense to me. That's what I'll be trying. I'm warming up to taking apart the laptop. So far it looks like the place to lubricate the fan is on the end facing up which is a relief. The downside is to get enough clearing to work on the fan the display might have to be removed.



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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000

Search out and download the maintenence manual for the DV6000 from the HP website. It will show you EXACTLY ho to get to the fan. The good news is it's not taht hard. The bad new is, you have to take AMOST EVERYTHING apart. Initially, you even have to take the heat sink assembly off the CPU to get to one of the case fan screws. I recommend leaving that screw off when you reassemble so won't need to do that again. Have some thermal grease handy before you attempt this the 1st time.


I've had my DV6000 since 10/08 and have had to grease that frikkin fan 3 or 4 times or i'll start sounding like a freight train. I should have complained during the warranty period but didn't want to send in the laptop and wait weeks. I had to do it again today and when I reassembled it the mic didn't work. Then, the speakers stopped working, finally, it wouldn't power on. I traced the problem to the ribbon cable that attaches nearist the power button. These consumer grade (read: poorly built junk) laptops are not meant to be opened more than once or twice. the components are simply too flimsy. The ribbon cable was never stressed but had, I think, failed at a kink (put in from the factory as i always reinstalled the cable EXACTLY as it was. I'm an IT professional and have many years experience building/repairing systems. Luckily, the cable has a dulpicate that goes to the button board, which isn't really vital. I swapped the cables and everything, minus the buttoon board worked. I even managed to repair the bad ribbon cable but cutting off the end past the failure and sanding 1/4" to expose the contacts (basically making a new end connector, so not the button board works again too. The fan is greased and quiet again but I worked on it all day when I had other things that I needed to do.


HP has cost me hours of wasted time. I was foolish to buy a consumer-grade laptop. I bought a used Compaq for my wife last year and it's a business-grade machine that's made so much better. I would never recommend these Pavillion machines to anyone. They are very poorly made. Now I need to buy replacements ribbon cables and a @$@%^@#^$!!!! new fan that I won't have to grease every few months.

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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000

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How do you get to the propeller?

I took the laptop apart, I removed the fan, I removed the 3 small screws around the fan housing.


But I can't get the cover off the housing. I can move it around but I can't take it off.

And of course with it still on there I can't pull the propeller off.


I could have pried it a little harder but I without knowing what was holding it I didn't want to crack it.


Is it just snapped in there or something?





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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000

I have the same problem!

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Re: Noisy fan on Pavilion DV6000

 Hi, my girlfriend's laptop has the same problem with her HP Pavillion DV6000.


I was wondering, wouldn'it be possible to lubricate the fan from the outside instead of tearing apart all pieces of the laptop to get to the fan ??


Also, If I ever get a replacement fan, there is some different "part replace numbers" I found that seem to fit in, but does that number has to match entirely to be compatible?







Which one would be the best in case they all work ?




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