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Nvidia GPU Class-Action Settlement Offers Repairs, New Laptops
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Re: Nvidia GPU Class-Action Settlement Offers Repairs, New Laptops

Can I, or anyone else who rec'd the cheap replacement, LOCATE and HAVE RETURNED TO US OUR NOTEBOOK WE RETURNED under this settlement?

MY experience with this:
April 26th, 2011 under the "NVIDIA GPU SETTLEMENT" I return-shipped my HP Pavilion DV6449US (paid $1033.99 in Aug '07)).

On August 4th, 2011 I rec'd my 'replacement' Notebook; the Compaq CQ56 (@ $250.00).... I was shocked!

I thought to myself, "This had to be a mistake...The replacement Notebook doesn't come close to the features or value of my original Notebook...Someone just screwed up...Soon this will be all resolved... I just need to get to the bottom of this."

However, after researching and getting all the 'facts' of this issue.... I became A N G R Y!!!

I spent a LOT of time on the web and the phone. IT seemed that NOBODY had any answers for me and we all were just supposed to just EAT this Pile of Injustice!
I also learned as many of you before me and since that there was a CHANGE in the agreement/settlement; from us receiving an "equal or like replacement" to us receiving the "CQ56". This change occurred AFTER I agreed to be included in this settlement!

(phoned) NVIDIA GPU Litigation Settlement Administration 877-440-7557: "We're mostly only an 'answering service'. We don't have any #'s or persons to refer you to for help. You're HP Notebook has probably been recycled already. That was the SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT. I understand why you would be upset, though."

(phoned) NVIDIA CORPORATION in Santa Clara, CA 408-486-2000: (Although polite and kind) "Besides calling the 877-440-7557 & telling them the Notebook doesn't compare, I have no idea what you can do. I understand why you would be upset."


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Re: Nvidia GPU Class-Action Settlement Offers Repairs, New Laptops

I bought my dv2419 in August of 2007.  My model and number fall under the class action law suit parameters, but I didn't know anything about it until now because my motherboard didn't fail until now.  So those of us who don't use the computer as often--and so might not run into a problem until later--are pretty much out of luck?  I paid nearly $1,000 for this machine only 4 years ago, and they're telling me that they won't even comp the supposed "$329"--which, by the way, could buy me a brand new laptop with more memory and RAM--to fix the machine that they effed up in the first place?  Customer service is an unknown area to this company, this will be the LAST HP product I ever buy.  Yes, I did contact them and asked politely for a new computer, and if not a new computer, AT LEAST free repair.  No dice because my "warranty is expired."  Well, the warranty was expired a year after I got the machine, but they discovered this problem even later than that!  So I don't see what the REAL hang up is.  Plus, Hajdira (or whatever her name was) was the rudest person I may have ever had to speak with on the phone regarding what I can only assume she loosely thinks of as "Customer Service."  A FOREWARNING TO ANY OF YOU WHO ARE READING THESE COMMENTS FOR ADVICE AS TO WHETHER OR NOT TO PURCHASE AN HP....DON'T OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.  Mainly, they FAIL at customer service, and they FAIL at making reliable products.  You would think, given the shoddy price/memory/features of their older models, they'd be hopping to try and keep customers now that all these much, MUCH better computer makers will sell you something at double the memory/features and half the price.  I guess not.

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Re: Nvidia GPU Class-Action Settlement Offers Repairs, New Laptops

Hi there,


Is there anyways that you could email me that list of recalled HP DV computers?

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Re: Nvidia GPU Class-Action Settlement Offers Repairs, New Laptops

Ok, so why did I never of anything about this class-action lawsuit by any computer repair people that I had work on my dv9500?  I haven't been under a rock for the past 3 years but did purchase a dv950.  Just a mere 31 days after I purchased my dv9500 I got so tired of the "H" key sticking (my last name starts with H) that I slammed my right hand in disgust on the keyboard and then ran my left hand over the keys only to have the "H" key pop up just enough to slice one of my fingers open to the point where I dripped blood on the keyboard!  I am not joking about this and was told by the store where I purchased the latptop that their warranty expired after 30 days and I was cut on day 31 therefore they could not and did not help me.  HP very wisely avoided a potential PR bomb and provided me with an exact replacement, although the "H" key didn't stick with this laptop.  I knew it ran hot but ignored the possibility of it being a life-ending sign for my laptop.  After minimal use (I gave it to my parents so they could play solitare and surf the Home Shopping Network) I needed the laptop as my primary machine only to have it die a very sudden death.  I am in the market for a replacement or maybe a trade-in option but HP Support (in whatever undisclosed location) informed me that my laptop is 5 years old therefore it is obsolete and I should look for a new laptop.  The HP Support gentleman then proceeded to inform me of the variety of new laptops manufactured by HP, as if!

So, in a nutshell, am I totally screwed in trying to have a laptop that works without causing 2nd degree burns and can actually power-up each time?  NVIDIA seems to so generously settled and closed all options to make a claim with them.  I bought the 17" white elephant because I believed HP really did make a quality product.  Boy have they showed me what they are really made of and how they treat a once loyal customer.  Any suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.   

Thank you for your time to read my babbling.

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Re: Nvidia GPU Class-Action Settlement Offers Repairs, New Laptops

I was given the opportunity to return my laptop for the class action settlement and declined to go to a lower model.  Yesterday my computer completely stopped working.  I would never buy another HP product but was wondering if there are any suggestions on a replacement laptop that is only used for internet surfing.

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Re: Nvidia GPU Class-Action Settlement Offers Repairs, New Laptops

Well I have a hp pavillion dv9000 and I just want to know if I can make a claim or sue hp for a disperfect on my computer. So do u think my computer could be part of the damage computers? The damage I had was from the motherboard. It stoped working a week ago. :-( so if u know where can I make my claim about this problem can u let me know please?
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