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Pavilion dv4-1220us quickly draining battery?

I just bought a dv4-1220us today (1/4/2008) and have noticed that the battery life stinks. I charged it up completely and then unplugged it to see what kind of battery life I would get... I was replacing my Dell whose battery recently kicked the bucket and got less than an hour so I was excited for a NEW laptop with a decent battery.


Within 10 minutes of unplugging it, the battery was at 95%, which definitely had me worried. Within an hour, the computer shut down because the battery was completely drained. Hoping that it was some first-time charge fluke, I charged it up again and unplugged it. It was 100% when I looked first and within a few minutes, it was already down to 98%. Right now it's at 85% and I haven't even had it on more than 15 minutes. 


Should a battery on a brand new laptop go so quickly like that? I'm not running any big programs - all I have is an internet window open - so I can't figure out why it would be running down so fast. I think it's pretty crazy that my 2.5 year old Dell battery can outlast a battery in a computer that was just removed from the box this afternoon. 


Is this something that I should contact HP about? Would they replace the battery? 



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Re: Pavilion dv4-1220us quickly draining battery?

as far as i know with initial use of battery it should be charged with the notebook off and at least 8 hrs or overnight.


if worried for battery efficiency, run battery check


batery check can be found on help and support , troubleshooting tools, battery check


if it passes then calibrate battery

help and support will also give you steps how to do battery calibration


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Re: Pavilion dv4-1220us quickly draining battery?

I let it charge for several hours with the laptop off and it still drains very, very quickly (like 12% in 10 minutes). I tested the battery and it claims that it is "good". I read through the instructions on calibrating the battery and it sounds pretty much like what I did when I ran it down the first time which didn't help anything.


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Re: Pavilion dv4-1220us quickly draining battery?

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Have you checked the power setting? Click on the little battery symbol in the lower right part of your screen. There are three choices, balanced, power saver and high performance. If you have it set to high performance you will go through your battery very quickly. Power saver makes you machine run a bit sluggish. Balanced is preferred for battery power. You can also check the power settings through control panel. You can configure your monitor to dim on battery power thereby saving lots of juice. I have a new dv7 with 17 inch screen running several applications and still get a couple hours out of the battery. In fact I was able to watch an entire movie on battery power and still have power to spare. Of course I did spend the extra to get the high capacity battery for my system.


Check you power settings to see if there are changes you can make there first. If you are still having a problem then contact HP. If it is a new machine they might well replace the battery for you.

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Re: Pavilion dv4-1220us quickly draining battery?

Yep, I've checked the settings. It's on the HP Preferred or whatever (the balanced power one) so that can't be the problem. I also calibrated the battery like HP suggested (And said, "we're CERTAIN that will solve the problem" but it didn't. So i don't know. I suppose I will end up contacting them and seeing if they will do anything for me besides tell me to calibrate it again or something. thanks.
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Re: Pavilion dv4-1220us quickly draining battery?

I ran into the SAME EXACT problem as you are. I had this new computer (mine's version HP Pavilion d6), in which I upgraded the battery to be the "HP LONG LIFE CELL BATTERY" and I paid extra for this.


I have this computer for about a month now and I notice the battery drains unusually fast, even though I have the power setting as "HP Recommended / Balanced". I called the support and they asked me to calibrate on my own by draining my battery completely before charging it. This process does not improve the battery life. I am so frustrated! The longest time I got out of this battery was almost one hour - without watching movie, just simple web browsing.


I think I just need to accept (or probably it is already known to mankind) that HP battery simply is not durable. When I purchased this computer over the phone, the sales guy said that this upgraded battery should give me an extended 3 - 6 hours of battery life. I should have known that I could not trust the claim. I feel your frustration - sorry.

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Re: Pavilion dv4-1220us quickly draining battery?

I just purchased the dv4.  I stopped buying HP products back when they merged with Compaq and their quality went down the toilet. Before that, I would own nothing else.  Well it's been a few years and HP seemed to have regained some of their reputation so I decided to give them a try again and purchased this dv4. HP boasted "A standard 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery (up to 4.25 hours of life3". 


If that's not false advertising, I don't know what is!!!  I have the power setting on the HP recommended settings and I get 45 minutes battery life tops. That's running nothing but a couple of browser windows. Switching to the power saver mode extends battery life to slightly over one hour.  I guess the only way to get the 4 hours is to turn it off!!!!


Made a mistake going back to HP - won't ever do it again.

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Re: Pavilion dv4-1220us quickly draining battery?

i got my laptop about a year ago and so far the battery life on it satisfied  me i get around 3/5 hours on a single charge and 2/1 hours when playing hd games such as battlefield bad company 2. if you are really unsatisfied buy a 12 cell battery.....

my friend has that and he can get 7/8h on it

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Re: Pavilion dv4-1225x not sure or replacement

I have a HP  Pavillion Entertainment PC dv4 1225x, need replace the battery  6 cell lithium Ion not able to determine compatiable one

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