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Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

I have an HP Pavilion dv6000. The system boots fine but there is a problem with the Screen. (I tested it using a CRT Monitor and is ok on that) The LCD screen is mostly dark (you can barely make out what's on the Desktop) but ocassionaly it flashes on to the correct screen light but goes dark again after a few seconds .

Everything seems to point to the Backlight or its associated circuitary. So it could be either the backlight, the Inverter or the LCD cable.


My question is, how easy is it to change the backlight on these Laptops. I disassembled the LCD screen up to a point but the backlight seems to be even further integrated into the LCD so before I go any further I was wondering how easy is it to get to the backlight on this model.



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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

See post concerning dv9000 black screen, More than likely a defective gpu!
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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

If it was defective graphics there would be no output to an external monitor.

As I had mentioned in my post everything works when connected to an external monitor.


My question was how easy is it to change the Backlight on the dv6000 model or is it so integrated into the LCD screen that it requires a complete new screen

Depending on what price the Laptop repair shop quotes I might just purchase an inverter from ebay. 

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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

Same problem with an HP dv9000t. Paid $1600 for a computer that lasted ~14 months. What a waste. Will never buy HP again. Worst ROI of any electronics I've owned. Have been talking to multiple HP service reps since June/July 2008....they just don't stand by the productand want $400 to replace the motherboard (probably with another stockpiled poorly manufactured motherboard with a defective nVidia GPU)


S/N is CNF64621LR

- Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processor T7200 (2.0 GHz)
- 17.0" WXGA+ BrightView Widescreen (1440x900)
- 512MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7600
- FREE Upgrade: HP IMPRINT Finish/Microphone/Webcam
- 2.0GB DDR2 SDRAM (2x1024MB)
- 80 GB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive
- Super Multi 8X DVD+/-R/RW w/Double Layer Support
- Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network w/Bluetooth
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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

i had this same problem on a similar system, the hp pavilion zv5340us Notebook Computer (2004). (the notebook was not dropped or anything like that; i had thought the problem might have been a software issue or incompatibility issue of some kind, or virus, or something, but.. it wasnt.) i delayed getting the screen repaired for a few years and used an exterior plugin monitor for this computer. then finally i heard of a good repair shop for Windows based computers locally and took it in. turned out that the problem was the Inverter only. this was a very inexpensive and relatively easy repair job for the people at this shop. the part itself is relatively very inexpensive. (most of the hassle is in carefully dismantling the screen, and then replacing the part and putting it all back together without messing anything up. (instructions for doing it yourself are online via google search with terms like DIY and notebook computer inverter repair etc. so, if you are thinking the problem is something more serious, your should first verify thru a trusted windows repair shop, that it is not the inverter. if it is the inverter, just get that replaced and everything is ok. i am using my replaced inverter right now; it has been working for me for about a year or so. hope this is helpful!


as you may have noticed, some notebook computers from the 2004 era were said to have undependable screens-- people had mostly decided that the backlight technology was not good somehow; but in fact i think the lights are fine, generally, and will go for a long time, but the inverter perhaps is more prone to failure; luckily this is an inexpensive part, but how many computer repair shops are so scrupulous as to keep to the cheapest repair methods and honestly appraise your system problems? perhaps i was very fortunate to have found the particular repair shop i did, and was able to avoid sending the system out to "The Company" for repair somewhere via Air Plane.

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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

I had the exact same problem and found out it was the inverter.  The screen slowly started going darker and darker.  I downloaded the users manual and it had really good step by step instructions to remove and replace the inverter... I bought the inverter off ebay for $12 (shipping included).  I wanted to test that first because it was the cheapest way to go.  Didn't want to have to take it in if possible... those computer repair places are not cheap.

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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

I fully agree digimon773, I have had my HP dv6152 for 18 months, in that time it has been sent away twice for motherboard replacement, fortunately this was under warranty otherwise it would have cost me the same. After the second repair a new bios was loaded, presumably to make the cooling fan stay on longer as it runs hot. the battery also failed at the same time the second motherboard failed.

The thing only works properly for 4-5 months at a time and the first sign that it is failing is that the wireless card doesn't work. The advice on this has been to uninstall the wireless driver then reboot, which works 2 times out of 10. Things get progressively worse until it crashes and dies completely at 6 months.

As I said I have had the dv6512 for 18 months so the 6 monthly cycle is up and sure enough it no longer has wireless and has suffered a serious crash which not only corrupted my O/S but wiped the system recovery file on D:/. On top of that every time I switch off or put on standby the screen will not boot up when I re-start, so I have several minutes of continual re-boot until it fires up.

At 18 months old it is now out of waranty and I am reluctant to send it for repair, firstly because of cost and secondly because I have a strong feeling I will be doing the same in 6 months.

I will not be recommending HP products to anyone and need a lot of convincing that mine is an isolated case. I live in the UK and I am seriously thinking of contacting the Trading Standards Office to report the product as NOT FIT FOR USE. I am a College tutor and have to do a lot of prep work from home and have lost work and time through this malfunctioning equipment.


As a final point I would like to add that the tech support I have received has been quite good and I have no complaints about the help received but no matter how good the tech support is, it is useless if the product is substandard, to quote "YOU CAN'T MAKE A SILK PURSE FROM A SOW'S EAR!!"

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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

Hi everyone,

I had a good feeling for HP equipement, but  have to say that it is gone. I bought a HP DV6152eu in Nov 06 and after 2 months I sent my notebook to be repaired, some issue with the Hard Drive, they replaced for another one.then after 6 months, the wireless device started to fail, sometimes when I turned my notebook on the wireless worked and sometine not. I called to Tech Support and they said that it was an issue with the wireless card so I sent it again, but the repair centre didnt change it because when they turned it on it worked well, so I got it back and the same problem. Well after few calls Tech support told repair centre to change it and my Wireless worked well again. Long story short, I sent my laptop after few months again because of the screen, but in my case (Repair centre said that) it was an issue with the Graphic card so they replaced the whole motherboard, they send it back but forgot to connect the speakers and had to send it again to fix speakers. Everything was under warranty so I didnt have to pay for anything but I lost a lot of time sending and waiting for my notebook back. Last year, July, the wireless device started to fail again and because the warranty is over HP tried to charge me £250. I bought a USB wireless adapter and my notebooks works well. The last thing (well up to now) on December the left hand side Display hinge was broken but I managed to replace it myself and of course saved another £250.  I used HP products before and never had a problem, they lasted long (forever in most of the cases), but now after this personal experience and my friends and relatives experience as well with HP (with the same or different problem) This is not a software problem to blame Vista. this is abou the hardware stuff and HP should correct this.

Thanks  for reading

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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

My Pavilion is doing the same thing.  Is the 'inverter' the same thing as the 'actuator switch'?


Are they very difficult to replace yourself?



pavilion dv6000/6110us/amd turion 64/nvidia card
pn rg254ua
serial cnf6383vkl
purchased 10/2006
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Re: Pavilion dv6000 screen dark

In searching for an answer to my problem (yet to be posted) I noticed that you had disassembled the display assembly on your dv6000.  I believe my zd7000

display assembly has a faulty connection to the other board, probably a broken conductor i a ribbon cable or loose conncetion.  


To the point:   I don't know how to disassemble the "Display Assembly" to check out my suspicions.


Would apreciate help with this.


Will describe details of my specific problem by starting a new post.

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