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Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"


I have a dv6628us notebook with windows vista 32 bit.  I’ve had this notebook 13 months. About 4 days ago it started saying, "plugged in, not charging." The only time it will charge is when the computer is fully shut down. I am a student and need my PC working ASAP! I called support and told me my 1 year warranty is over and that they could not help but told me to try the online chat support. After talking online to them and doing my own research online, I've done all the following steps...  


Step 1: Power drain.
1. Disconnect the AC Adapter.
2. Remove the Battery.
3. Hold the Power button down for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
4. Replace the battery and Reconnect the AC adapter.
5. Turn on the Notebook power.


After doing this step… the problem still persists.

 Step 2: Battery test;
Follow the steps below to check the battery status.
1. Connect the AC adapter to your notebook PC. The notebook PC must be on AC power in order for HP Battery Check utility to function properly.
2. Click Start and type Total Care in the Search field and press Enter.
3. Click Battery. The condition of the battery displays
4. Click Launch HP Battery Check for more information. The HP Battery Check displays the status of the notebook PC battery.


After doing to battery test the result was, “invalid.”  Then stated, “The battery health is not valid when the ac power adapter is not attached. Please insert the ac power adapter and wait a few seconds for status to be updated”


The ac power cord is connected!  


The next step we tried was to update the bios. After downloading the latest version of bios off the hp website and running through the steps I got the following result… 


bios update failed
winflash can not run in battery mode, plug in ac and try again
bios is not flashable
error code -144
see the help for troubleshooting


Again the power cord is plugged in under, “plugged in, not charging.” He told me bios should be able to update without being plugged into a power source. I tried it again and got the same result.  


After all these steps he then told me this means my battery is damaged and that I need to buy a new hp battery. If not it would cost $298 to send it in and fix it.  


After looking all over the web, I’ve found this is a problem with many computers, dell, acer, gateway, compaq, and others… Many have gotten new batteries and new power cords with not solving the problem. I am a poor college student who is trying to find a solution with minimal cost. 



Are there more steps I can try to try and fix this problem? 

Is there a way to update my bios without ac power?  


Any help would be awesome! Thanks for your time, 



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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"

Hello benja,


does the computer turn on without the battery? .. if so then try to flash the bios again .. and see if it flashes .. other then that a new battery or charger would not fix the issue it would be an issue with the motherboard .. also if the flash does not work .. you can try a recovery .. it pro wont fix your issue though


 Hope someone else can post better more useful steps ..

Pavilion DV2714CA, Vista Home Premium 32bit(Successfully running Windows XP Pro SP2), Intel T2330 1.60 GHz, Intel Graphics Accelerator X3100, 4GB RAM, 160 GB HDD --Do everyone a favor Post back your results, Resolved or Not - LEAVE KUDOS !
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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"

I have posted a video on how I fixed this problem...

You have to have a volt meter to trace the problem.  Or if your computer has a charging light indicator, you can easily twist the the chord slowly and see if the light comes on.  Go slowly so you can see if you hit a "sweet spot" where the computer starts to charge.  If this is the case then you can order a new charger for 20 bucks.  If not... you might have to open the computer up and solder it your self.   In my video you can see where the problem is and more information about what might be happening.  It sounds like a charger problem but before ordering one like I did... MAKE SURE.  Hopes this helps.




hp charger fix


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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"

Hello Ben,


If you're running on Windows 7, try this solution by Jeffrey Palermo:


His solution work for me and my G60-500


Good Luck!

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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"



I've got same problem with you but simply bring the notebook to service center. Mine, they replaced the motherboard then a few days later still occurred same problem. Then they replaced my power cord. Right now its running smooth. You had done the step, so just bring your notebook to service center.


Make sure put your notebook at flat foundation while charging battery, if you put on mattress or pillow the problem will come again. Smiley Happy

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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"

the power drain helped me thanks a bunch.Smiley Happy

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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"

clean the ''the plug in slot'' with a piece of white paper. better to role the paper and insert it in to the slot. rotate few times and pull it out. you could see the black carbon on the paper. insert the plug in and here is the problem sorted. worked well for me with my hp 6735s.

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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"

Tell me if any of you had this experience.


7 months after I bought my Dell HP620   the battery wouldn't  kick off charging unless the laptop had been shut down (PROPERLY  shutdown via the windows menu item) .

So after I plugin the adapter,  I have to restart my laptop (again via the windows menu) in order for it to start charging.


If I work on battery only  untill the charge is so low the laptop automatically  shuts down, there's no way for me to charge the battery !  This 'automatic shut down'  is somehow different to the 'proper' shutdown, because in this mode the battery doesn't charge, and unfortunately it doesn't have enough charge to afford a quick  restart. 


I tried the power drain trick (unplugged the charger,  removed the battery  (which looked a bit dusty on the inside, so I cleaned it), held the power button down for 20 seconds, replaced the battery) and thank god the LCD lit up!


What I don't understand, is this a Windows 7 problem?  This laptop came with Windows 7, and the charging worked fine for about  7 months.   I should also mention that the original charger stopped working about a month before these problems started, and I've been using a universal charger since.



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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"

Hi just to say thanks it so worked !!!

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Re: Pease help!! battery issue. "plugged in, not charging"



i too had the same problem i didn't shutdown my laptop for a week. when was the last time you shutdown your laptop fully. let your laptop cool down.


unplug your laptop from the mains.

let it cool over the night.

the next day plug in your laptop to the mains it will work

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