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[Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating
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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating



I had bought following laptop configuration, as mentioned by gc2013, I also had problems with battery & now screen will not turn on.


- HP Pavilion dv6500t CTO NB
- Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
- Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processor T7500 (2.20 GHz, 4 MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB)
- 15.4" WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)
- 2GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)
- 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

Problems encountered with battery:

- I bought a 12 cell battery to be able to have charge for longer time but it initially gave me 3hr max & after few months charge was running out within 1hr.

- I checked battery recall programme & do not find my laptop model or serial no included.

- Still somehow managed with the problem as I rely on external power.


Problems with display.

- All of sudden now the display stopped coming.

- Laptop turns ON, all other lights on keyboard turn ON but not even a flicker on LCD screen.


Tried following remedies for screen problem but no luck:

- Removed battery, removed external power supply, tried starting laptop but no luck.

- Connect power supply again and tried no luck.

- Opened laptop screen more than 90 degree still screen dont turn on

- Connected to external monitor & display comes up on external display but not on my laptop screen.

- I concluded that my mother board & laptop is fine but some problem with laptop LCD.

- I sent laptop to service centre and they claim its problem with chip on motherboard, can some one explain if the chip on motherboard has a problem how can display appear on external display ?


Any steps or procedure to get my laptop screen again running ???


There is huge heating issue on laptop although I have external cooling pag but my laptop heats up a lot.

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv90xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

Can you please provide links to the procedures ?

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv90xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

I brought my dv7 to a repair shop when the lcd screen stopped functioniong.  They informed me that pavilion llaptops have a history of overheating due to a design flaw in the cooling system.  The heat causes a solder within the motherboard to soften and a chip (maybe the graphics chip?) lifts off.  I am in the process of trying to get someone from HP to contact me to discuss this KNOWN issue and why I was allowed to purchase an $800 laptop that lasted a year.  My repair shop said to replace the motherboard would not likely be worth it because the overheating problem can't be fixed and the new motherboard will likely last about a year.  Good luck to you, but there is no easy fix.

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

Hello fellow hp customers that are having problems with their Pavilion Laptop.


It makes me feel much better when I hear that other people are having problems with their laptops. I know that does not sound right. But what I mean is, when I get emails from the hp support forum I am happy that at least something from hp works. I wish I could get emails on my $700 plus hp pavilion laptop but reality is setting in and I think my hp pavilion dv6000 is as dead as The late great Whitney Houston. I got emails from Karslinky on 2/12/12, Raj on 2/10/12, and Galafrone on 2/4/12. I suggest you view the Galafrone posting. He suggested a procedure that could be done with the use of the hp pavillion service and maintenance guide for repair services. 


This comment is for Raj. I use to connect my laptop to a secondary monitor it worked fine. So I feel that if I was able to connect to an external monitor and use my computer.  than the problem is somewhere between the motherboard and laptop screen.


I decided to sell the good parts of my  pavilion dv6000 computer, and move onto something more positive.  I am selling the parts cheap. I can't  be a parts donor at this time. You can email me for parts or post to me that you want a part.


I have learned a good computer lesson. That is the hp pavilion laptop is not worth the money.


You might want to contact Consumer Protection about the overheating and battery problems. Hopefully we might get a recall on our laptops. Me sure hp has your current address so they can contact you if their is a recall.


Good Luck and please excuse errors



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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

Are you suggesting that an $800 laptop in use for one year is worn out from normal use?

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

I have a DV9590ea Laptop.... Intel Core2 Duo 77500 2.2Ghz, 4 Gb RAM and the (now dreaded) Nvidia 8600M GS GPU.... and guess what its cooked... now nothinbg but Bluescreen errors on normall Windows Vista start up.

Started out getting some graphics glitches ande flickering.. i checked temp it was running at 62 degrees under no load... as soon as I started running something it quickly rose to around 78 degrees and the flickering started and laptoop locked up.

Now all I get is a blue screen of death and the nvddmkm crash.


But beingout of warranty I knew exactly what was going to happen once I contacxt HP, so I did someresearch and yes I came across the multitude of reports, issues etc relating to the G84, G86 chips..... and a nice little video from the Nvidia CEO describing the issue and owninbg up to it.... so bottom line I purchased a HP product which has a known inherant issue, one that HP themselves know about and have done nothing but sit on the issue... my laptop has been registered with them since mid 2008 and they have never contaqcted me to say the product has an overheating issue... cud this be a potential hazard as well.





So why have you never contacted your customers and what is going to be done to rectify it.... as I believe selling products via consumer outlets, knowing there is a known inherant issue, is lets just say very dodgy.....


I want a replacement product from HP

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

Sooo this is my problem. My laptop is only 18 months old and it overheated. I paid $900.00 for it.  Well, needless to say I just graduated with my Masters in CS and working for a very large corporation that puts me in front of vendors for hardware and software products.  I would like HP to explain its business processes to consumers on safety and recalls and this just might influence my decisions when my purchasing "power" comes into play. I have networked my way through grad school and several of my colleagues also have positions in companies with purchasing power.

The issue may be ignored because the average consumer is not knowledgable and a very small part of HPs profit margin, with the exception of a "small consumer" now having a "big consumer" career. For HP, this is a risky business practice and shouldnt be ignored.  A company can provide great service 99% of the time but the 1% not so great service will reach far more people by WOM (word of mouth) than the 99% ever could.  Best wishes to HP if they dont resolve this issue and re establish trust with their consumer base.

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

I too have had the same problem.  Severe overheating of not only the laptop but also the power cord.  If the problem is widespread and nothing is being done then I ask you to all submit your information here; http://www.saferproducts.gov/Search/Result.aspx?dm=0&q=HP+laptop&srt=0 .

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

My Pavillion dv9620us went belly up last June.  It was constantly hot no matter what I did.  After reading all of these and looking up information elsewhere I find that HP knew about this, knew that computers were dying within 2 years of purchase, and chose to do nothing.  It was a great computer while it worked.  For the money it cost I expected more than two years out of it. 


Why would HP ignore a significant number of people who supported them by buying their products? While I would never expect such a large company to care about those who made them, I would think  that common decency would prevail and we would get a significant discount towards the purchase of another HP product.


It always seems to b e like this.  Once a company reaches a certain size, the upper management is so removed that they lose site of the customers.  Disgusting.

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

Well, I don't know if this is just dogged persistence, or if HP is finally recognizing that they need to correct inherent problems in their PCs, but I decided one more time to call HP Corporate and actually got connected to a manager in  the service department and they offered to fix my laptop at their cost ONE TIME.  I just got it back - they replaced the motherboard and I think a cooling element.  We'll see how long it lasts.  Good luck everyone!

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