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Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink

Hello.  I purchased a previously sold HP Dv6-2144nr laptop.  It had windows 7 home.  I created the recovery disks then deleted the recovery partition (kept system and hp_tools) so I could create a "c" and "d" drive. I upgraded to windows 7 professional (to join a domain for work). 


The only think I am interested in reloading is the cyberlink dvd and webcam suite.  I tried installing the recovery manager from the hp download thinking I could get it off the DVD's, but the recovery manager won't install.  It only creates a folder and trying to execute the exe gives me missing dll errors.  I tried exploring to DVD's for the app, the DVD's are all proprietary files.  I also tried downloading the cyberlink file from the hp website, but it appears to only be an upgrade to the app already installed, it gives me an error.


How can I get this application?  I can't restore because it takes me back to Win7 home and I need pro.



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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink

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Maybe not the ideal solution_but restore it back to original. Then copy C:\SwSetup folder to DVD, external hdd,flash drive,etc.It contains all drivers and application installers which can be used on the Win 7 Pro install. I did this recently myself, but saved that folder first.


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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink

There are two ways to fix this. The first one is right under your nose. Click on My Computer, go to drive "c". There should be a file there marked "SwSetup". Click on that. Look for "CyberDVD", it may be the third one down. Click on that and then look for "set up" click on that and follow the installation instruction.

 The other one is on the same list and is labeled MSWebcam (Media Smart Webcam). On my dv8 a lot of these files are compressed and in my case I have to use "win zip" to open them.

 Why did you delete your recovery partition ? You didn't have to do that to reinstall specific software programs. By doing that you have created instability on your laptop. You may have to order some recovery discs to put it back to spec. Just save all your own personal stuff before doing that.

 That was my other solution is to perform a system recovery with discs. Boot up the laptop, eject the cd-dvd drive and load your first disc in, do not close it.

 Turn off the laptop, push the disc tray in and when you boot up again push the "esc" key when prompted. A new window will come up and you have to choose Boot Options. (I believe that's the right one, I haven't done this for a while) You will have to use your up and down keys to get to Boot Options, push enter and choose the cd dvd optiarc drive option. From there it should take over and all you have to do is nurse the thing through for the next 3 or more hours.

 Good Luck with this.


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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink

To use the webcam, try installing MediaSmart Webcam...

I am an HP employee.


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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink stated the following....


"Why did you delete your recovery partition ? You didn't have to do that to reinstall specific software programs. By doing that you have created instability on your laptop."


Why would deleting the recovery partition make the laptop unstable?  I upgraded from Vista to 7 and made copies of the SWSetup folder in case I ever need those apps.  I don't want to ever put Vista back on so what would it hurt to delete the partition?  I also created recovery disks for the Vista system just in case I absolutely had to get Vista back.  I just don't like the idea of the partition taking up almost 10 GB of space for nothing.

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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink

You may need the recovery partition in case you have to put the laptop back to Vista so you can use your upgrade disc again. Also, in order for your recovery discs to work you may have taken the dll's along with the deletion of the partition and now your discs won't work. The recovery manager won't install because I believe the dll's were deleted when you wiped out the partition. I think you can use your upgrade though as a sort of recovery system. When you did the upgrade it gave you two choices. Upgrade or a clean reinstall. If you do a total reinstall the up grade tells you that it will save things in a file and name it Windows old. In case you need something out of there you will still have it. When I did my HDX18 Ultimate it gave me that choice, I don't know about the Windows 7 Home edition. When you have decided that you need nothing more of that file you can delete it. What will be gone though is all the software from the hard drive and you can use SwSetup to reinstall most of that, as well as from the HP web site and Microsoft. (eg.Silver Light) This is just a suggestion in case you are having problems installing software and you have the message: "dll is missing" There is all sorts of soft ware on the web that's supposed to fix missing dll's, but from experience I never had any luck getting that software to work.

 About deleting the recovery partition : There is a lot of file sharing going on in an HP laptop, specifically dll's. I may have overstated that it would create instability, but there is a good chance that it did, because the partition was never meant to be deleted and by doing so you may have taken some dll's out of drive "c" along with the deletion. It is just an experienced opinion on the many problems and solutions that I have come across on my HP machines. A computer tech. guy may take a look at this and shake his head at it, but things like this do happen.

 Incidentally if you do a clean reinstall with your upgrade it would have wiped the partition out anyway. It would have shown that it still had Vista in there, but if you were to click on it, it would be empty and you can put what ever you want in it. You saved the stuff in SwSetup from Vista; you will find that the software in there will work with Windows 7. Windows 7 will let you know if the Vista software needs an upgrade.

 Let me know if you have any more question and I will do my best to help.

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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink

Appreciate all the replies.


As for deleting the recovery partition, I created the recovery disks. I don't care about 13gigs of space, but what I did care about was creating a seperate "C" and "D" partition as I have always put documents, pictures, tunes, etc on a separate drive than windows.  Foce of habit, so I needed to delete a partition (can't make more than four).  Not sure about hp_tools or system, so recovery was the logical choice.  I wouldn't use it anyway, I always clean install windows from a clean slate instread of trying to clean out vendor programs and services. 


After deleting the recovery partiton, I created "C" than "D" then just a windows restore instead of the factory reset.  It put win7 home, I grabbed the swsetup folder, (didn't see it before) moved it to "D" then did a clean install of pro. 


The recovery DVD's can be used to boot from and run the recovery manager, the partition isn't needed.


Thx again

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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink

you da man

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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink



You are right about the four partition restriction, hence one partition has to go. The only way around this is to install a third party boot manager.

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Re: Recovery Mgr and Cyberlink

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