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I just bought the envy m6-1125dx. If HP doesn't resond to me in a day, I'm returning this computer and never buying another HP. This is ridulous that nobody seems to have the solution to the problem that everybody is having. This audio is terrible and because of it I can't listen to any of my media. I'm not going to play with equalizers or install anymore useless drivers or try and decifier outside source tech solutions that I will never understand. If the audio is bad why can't you guys just admit that you make lousy laptops or at least that you are contracted to with a terrible speaker company. Is there anyway to resolve this issue? I need to know because I need a laptop for school and I don't have time to sit and read 5 billion pages of forums or anything else. I need to know if I'm going to have to buy another computer. I just need a computer that works efficently. 

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If you are counting on beats audio to work.... I would send it back! ive had mine for around eight months with countless emails, petitions, downloads, workarounds, and the only thing they seem to care about is making sure you dont curse in their forums lol.this will be my last hp

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Yeah, I guess I'm going back to Best Buy, unless anybody else comments soon about how to fix this problem. Thanks for responding. The sad part is that my Dad has an older HP without Beats and I loved that laptop; it's why I bought this one. But it's HP's loss!

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The petition has reached 57 signatures 🙂 Make sure to sign if you hadn't already.


I will contact HP with this information soon and let you know of their reply.

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My apologies for staying quiet for 3 weeks; it's recruiting season and a new semester for Finance geeks (me).


So, I played with the audio driver settings file and have achieved really good sound while keeping all the good features of Beats Audio control panel working, like the EQ.  Thanks to bcrsr for opening that door for me in his earlier post.  I'm going to expand on his post below:


The IDT driver uses settings files in xml format that activate or turn off certain features of the sound chip.  All these setup files are in C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM.  There is about a dozen of them, and to find out which one is used on your laptop hit Windows + R and run regedit.  


In the Registry Editor go to the Edit menu and Find, typing Config_SRSPreset into the search field.  After the value is found, the Editor will highlight it, and next to it should be two columns, the third one will contain a file name that will end with "  .xml".  This file name is your computer's Beats Audio settings file.  On my M6 laptop, the file is called "Roadster.xml".  Close regedit and go to C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM.  Make a copy of the corresponding .xml file and put it in some other folder in case you mess something up, then open the file (in the WDM folder) in Notepad.  


You have to manually edit this file, turning off unwanted features by changing values from 1 to 0 in the code.  I pasted the part of the file I edited.  All I touched was the first <preset> section of the file.  I marked my edits with comments, such as <--! KEEPS SOUND FROM DISTORTING -->


You can try different things to figure out what works for you.  You can even edit which frequency each EQ slider changes.  My settings keep my speakers loud but safe, all the sliders in the Beats Audio panel work and make a difference, but all the ugly is gone.  I also keep a shortcut to the .xml file on my desktop, in case I want to tweak something later.  


This will be my last post on this topic, except to answer direct questions.  



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
		<keywords>SRS Premium Sound 3D (APO v2)</keywords>
		<author>UTS Master Tuning Tool - 06/27/12</author>
			<control name="MAXV-Anti-Clip Enable">1</control>      <--! KEEPS SOUND FROM DISTORTING -->
			<control name="MAXV-Anti-Clip Level">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Bypass Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-High Cut Enable">1</control>
			<control name="MAXV-High Cut Filter Order">2</control>
			<control name="MAXV-High Cut Frequency">15171</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Input Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Low Cut Enable">1</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Low Cut Filter Order">2</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Low Cut Frequency">140</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 1 Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 1 Frequency">1000</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 1 Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 1 Q">200</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 2 Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 2 Frequency">218</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 2 Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 2 Q">200</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 3 Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 3 Frequency">1000</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 3 Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 3 Q">200</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 4 Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 4 Frequency">1000</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 4 Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Band 4 Q">200</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Left Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 1 Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 1 Frequency">1000</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 1 Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 1 Q">200</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 2 Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 2 Frequency">1000</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 2 Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 2 Q">511</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 3 Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 3 Frequency">1000</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 3 Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 3 Q">200</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 4 Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 4 Frequency">1000</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 4 Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Band 4 Q">200</control>
			<control name="MAXV-PEQ Right Enable">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Process Enable">1</control>                  <--! MAKES THINGS LOUD -->
			<control name="MAXV-Volume Control Enable">1</control>       <--! KEPT IT ON -->
			<control name="MAXV-Volume Control Mode">MAXV-Normal</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Volume Control Max Gain">6400</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Volume Control Noise Manager Enable">1</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Volume Control Noise Manager Threshold">15</control>
			<control name="MAXV-Reference Level Gain">0</control>
			<control name="MAXV-User Volume Gain">0</control>
			<control name="CSHP-Definition Level">5</control>
			<control name="CSHP-Dialog Clarity Level">10</control>
			<control name="CSHP-Input Gain">0</control>
			<control name="CSHP-Output Gain">0</control>
			<control name="CSHP-Process Enable">0</control>               <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="CSHP-TruBass Level">75</control>
			<control name="CSHP-TruBass Speaker Size">TruBass-60Hz</control>
			<control name="CSHP-Circle Surround Mode">CSII-Cinema</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Definition Enable">0</control>            <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="CC3D-Definition Level">20</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Dialog Clarity Enable">0</control>        <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="CC3D-Dialog Clarity Level">40</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Input Gain">-6</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Output Gain">0</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Process Enable">0</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Rendering Mode">CC3D-Movie</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Surround Level">100</control>
			<control name="CC3D-TruBass Enable">0</control>               <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="CC3D-TruBass Level">50</control>
			<control name="CC3D-TruBass Speaker Size">TruBass-300Hz</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Delay Line Aperture">50</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Delay Line Far Field Depth">50</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Delay Line Initial Depth">50</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Delay Line Max Gain Limit">50</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Delay Line Near Field Depth">50</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Delay Line Total Depth">50</control>
			<control name="CC3D-Mix Fade">50</control>
			<control name="HL-Boost Gain">-1</control>
			<control name="HL-Bypass Gain">0</control>
			<control name="HL-Input Gain">0</control>
			<control name="HL-Limiter Level">100</control>
			<control name="HL-Output Gain">0</control>
			<control name="HL-Process Enable">0</control>                   <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="TSHD-Bypass Gain">0</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Definition Front Enable">0</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Definition Front Level">20</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Dialog Clarity Enable">0</control>       <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="TSHD-Dialog Clarity Level">30</control>
			<control name="TSHD-FOCUS Level">40</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Input Gain">-6</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Input Mode">TSHD-LtRt</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Limiter Enable">0</control>                <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="TSHD-Limiter Level">20</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Output Gain">0</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Output Mode">TSHD-2-0-0</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Process Enable">0</control>              <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="TSHD-SRS 3D Center Level">50</control>
			<control name="TSHD-SRS 3D Mode">SRS3D-Stereo</control>
			<control name="TSHD-SRS 3D Space Level">80</control>
			<control name="TSHD-Surround Level">90</control>
			<control name="TSHD-TruBass Enable">0</control>              <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="TSHD-TruBass Level">50</control>
			<control name="TSHD-TruBass Speaker Size">TruBass-100Hz</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-Definition Level">50</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-FOCUS Level">50</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-Input Gain">-6</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-Limiter Level">6</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-Output Gain">0</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-Process Enable">0</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-SRS 3D Center Level">50</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-SRS 3D Enable">0</control>              <--! SET TO ZERO -->
			<control name="WOWHD-SRS 3D Headphone Enable">0</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-SRS 3D Mode">SRS3D-Stereo</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-SRS 3D Space Level">50</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-TruBass Level">50</control>
			<control name="WOWHD-TruBass Speaker Size">TruBass-200Hz</control>
			<control name="VIQ-Process Enable">1</control>               <--! KEPT IT ON -->


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You may want to try this other message link: Sound fluctuating


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I probaby should have updated that I did return the HP laptop the day after I last posted. I ended up getting another Sony.  Some people are far too busy to try and fix an old laptop, let alone the brand new computer they replaced it with--to save time and money. Hopefully, you're suggestion will help out the scores of others who are having the problem, though. Thanks anyway.

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We only need 3 more signatures to send this petition to HP:


sign if not already!

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My volume swing issues sound similar to many in this forum but not exact.  I have a Pavilion m6 with Windows 7.  I don't notice the issue from the computer speakers but it's obvious when I use peripheral speakers. I've crossed checked this with headphones and it's more obvious. 


The volume is increasing and decreasing on the beat.  The sound increases on the base and decreasing the drum beat or vise-versa.  I'm not sure what Beats is responding to, but it’s doing something. Trouble shooting so far:  downloaded the most recent driver / uninstalled, reinstalled / called HP support (basically they told me to do the same thing).  There is no "Enhancements" tab in my version of Beats (I've looked, HP has looked).  I'm not a huge audiophile but I'd definitely consider myself into music which is the main reason I bought this computer.  I studied music for 8 years, so I think I have a pretty good ear. 


Is anyone else having this issue.  I have a professional musician coming over tomorrow to confirm this issue.  It sure as heck shouldn't be my imagination since that would mean I'm having serious hearing issues or losing my mind.  Does anyone have a fix for this specific machine and issue, I'd really appreciate the help.  Thanks

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Hi Everyone, I have a HP Pavilion dv6-7002ed and had the same problems with the volume swings with Beats By Dre.

I went to the HP website - drivers and selected my laptop model.

Then I went to the audio section and downloaded the latest High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver.

Release details

File name:
sp57966.exe [1/1, 42.96M]
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

I saw that they has this attached to this release:


- Fixes an issue which causes the audio volume on a system that has Beats Audio installed to fluctuate when the volume of Bass or Space is adjusted to a level greater than 80% during audio playback.

I installed it and I noticed a real improvement. Will keep continue testing.

Good luck!




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