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Wireless problem since the "pros" are answering on June 2nd come and answer this

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How is there not a recall for this line especially the older ones. Here is my justifiable reason and if anyone else has the same problems key in because the "pros" are looking for today and yesterday only. Then they can't deny that they don't know of any problems with this line.


Well let's begin.


     So you might not admit it buy you most definitely know that there are numerous problems with the tx1000 line. Multiple complaints about people not having wifi work. A little less that have constant BSOD. Some booting black screens. Fingerprint stops working etc.
     Well mine is wifi does not work. It hasn't been working since 2-3 years ago, just never got enough time to troubleshoot and complain.

     The problems are so widespread that there is even the "hair dryer" trick which I did not try. That is how widespread it is. Maybe you might know of another product that has a trick to it that involves a towel? Yeah that's right another product rid with problems, the Xbox 360. But unlike HP Microsoft has admit to their problems and have extended their warranty as well as refund people who have paid. .

     I have complained once every year to see if you finally have a recall but never do. I actually never troubleshooted using your steps before because I just didn't have the time. Well since now I have the time, I have decided to do some major testing. I have bought another laptop obviously not HP. It has a Intel 5300 AGN. So what good way to test than to do some swapping. Put in your broadcam wireless into my other laptop. In 2 seconds Windows Generic Drivers install and get it working. Put in Intel 5300 AGN in the tx1000. Um.... yeah doesn't even notice a new card was installed and still have the amber light. Play around installing drivers for it HP Wireless Assistant. Anything. Even updated the Bios. Nothing makes it work while on my other laptop it works perfectly fine. Not just the Intel 5300 AGN but the wireless card that was in the tx1000. What does this mean? It is a board problem which makes sense because the only reason why people could be losing fuctions one by one such as wireless, fingerprint read, SD card reader and come up with Black Screen booting and constant BSOD is a mobo problem. Why haven't HP recalled this line and treat their customers like customers? I don't know but with a move like this they put many previous customers to stop recommending them. I currently have 2 HP Desktops an HP Printer and this tx1000. The 2 desktops broke one way or another. Thankfully both still in warranty which they then are forced to repair. HP Printer works fine which is a miracle. Not a great printer though.

    By the way anyone know what the first result is for google when you type tx1000 and see the list. Drumroll......

 -tx1000 recall


 -tx1000 motherboard

 -tx1000 specs

 -tx1000 wireless card problems

 -tx1000 problems

    What do you know don't you think its odd for this laptop that recall tops everything even tx1000 itself and tx1000 specs. Followed by motherboard probably people looking for a replacement motherboard. And after specs is wireless card problems that is guess what, the problem I have. Followed by the general tx1000 problems.

    Because of this I have stopped recommending HPs which I have recommended for a long time especially on the printer side. People ask me Dell or HP and I would tell them HP now I say do you have to choose between those two? If you do then go with Dell but ASUS are making some great laptops. For printers I have started recommending EPSON, which I just love their Artisan line.

    To show you how widespread this is I have attached a petiton which I did not start but I found.


If you have problems with this line sign the petition even though I am 99% sure it won't do anything. But it will just show others what kind of company HP is. Better yet though reply to this on HPs own forum to show the problems of their tx1000 line


At the time of this posting there are 224 complaints and remember those are just people who found the petition and actually signed it thinking it would have done something. Most probably found it but didn't even bother because what would an online petition do right?


/end rant


Well if you read all this Thank You for your time I guess.


Haha tried to add problems to tags and they don't allow it. What is that?


Bunch of links to problems of same kind posted on HP forums. id=Hardware& id=Hardware& id=Hardware& ort/

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Re: Wireless problem since the "pros" are answering on June 2nd come and answer this

Hmmm lets see 3900 have signed the petition. At say $1500 for each computer. Thats about $585,000! I wonder how much the recall would cost?  VS. HP Got your money that do not care about there customers or support. Best thing you can do is keep an eye out for a class action suit and try the penny fix.


A Settlement was reached between Nvidia and HP however all the TX1000 owners get the shaft. HP another Big Business ruining this country!

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