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cursor jumps around when typing
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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

How did you disconnect and reconnect the keyboard? Do you have pictures? Thanks!
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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

Hi again,


Sorry I forgot to add these important steps to my previous post.

It's important to adjust the Touch Sensitivity and the Palm Check settings.


To adjust the Touch Sensitivity and Palm Check on your notebook, perform the following steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Click Printers and Other Devices, and then the Mouse icon. The Mouse Properties window opens.
3. Click the Device Settings tab, and then click the Settings button.
The Properties for Synaptic Touchpad on PS/2 port is displayed.
4. Click the plus sign (+) next to Sensitivity.
5. Highlight Palm Check. In the right pane, move the slider to the desired level.


NOTE: If the Touchpad exhibits undesired pointer movement or clicks, move the slider towards Maximum.
If the Touchpad does not respond to a point or click operation, then move the Palm Check slider towards Minimum.


6. Highlight Touch Sensitivity under Sensitivity. In the right pane move the slider to the desired level.

7. Click Apply and then click OK to close the Mouse properties.

NOTE: If you see an erratic pointer motion, move the slider toward Heavy Touch.
The closer you move the pointer towards Heavy Touch, the more pressure you have to apply for the Touchpad
to respond.

Good Luck!!


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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

Do the instructions apply specifically to Windows Vista? Are the instructions the same for Windows XP?
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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

Mine has an ALPS touchpad device, so the Palm Check is not available.
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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

motherofbun wrote:


I hope you don't work in customer service for HP. Your reply to that first person sounded rather condescending.

If he doesn't, there are plenty of others like him that do.  Most of those I have been in contact with do not know computers and operating systems well enough to understand your problem let alone solve it.

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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

I don't have picture, but it's really simple.  Remove your battery.  You will see several small screws.  Look for the three in a row that have a little keyboard imprint next to them.  Remove them and your keyboard will release and come out.  Then disconnect the flat cable by pulling out the two white tabs on either side of the connector.  I didn't see any visable damage so I reconnected the cable and made sure it was well seated, pushed in the tabs and screwed the keyboard back. voila, problem solved............for now anyway. I expect it to come back after what I have been through with this fine computer.  Good luck!
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Found a fix (or a workaround?)

All I did was to go into the Control Panel, Mouse, Pointer Options, and uncheck "Hide pointer when typing".

In fact the pointer remains hidden when I type anyway but the problem went away.

(Of course it may just have been a coincidence, but the problem, which was bugging me badly I can tell you, has gone away.)


My machine is an HP Compaq nx9010 running WinXP Pro SP3.


Hope that's helpful? 


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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

My cursor jumps too, just happened 3 days ago and I thought it was bc I spilled liquid on the mouse pad. It's all dried up, but this mouse and cursor thing just comes sporatically. I cleaned up the touch pad nicely, but it just jumps whenever it feels like it. There has got to be a "technical" reason why this does it, and not just "when it feels like it."


I went into the control panel and did the sensitivity thing, etc. I even went to mouse "device properties" and "reset device." None of this seems to be working. Can anyone tell me what the "technical" problem is why a cursor jumps? THAT is the question. Smiley Happy

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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

After researching the "jumping cursor" problem, and reading a bunch of ideas ranging from drivers to accidentally touching the touchpad while typing. I believe I have found the problem and the fix.


I had recently edited the mouse properties in Control Panel and checked an option that was for "snap to" Automaticaly move cursor to the default button in a dialog box. I then began to have the jumping cursor problem. While typing I would be routed back to the beginning of the document in the middle of another word and continue typing from there. This became very frustrating. 


I went back to the Control panel and selected  mouse > pointer options and UNSELECTED the option snap to. It seems to have fixed this problem and I am able to type now. 

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Re: cursor jumps around when typing

My 1-year old dv2000 started this about a month ago. The problem has steadily grown work. I am using this laptop for doctoral study - heavy, heavy use. It is frustrating to the extreme. The mouse jumps wherever it wants to while I am typing full speed. I have had to redo this message alone perhaps 6 or 7 times.


I tried all the tips presented in this thread - "snap to". "default position", battery check, etc.


No good.


My first dv2000 developed touch pad problems at 8 months. I sent it in for a touch pad replacement, and they unfortunately destroyed the machine. I lost a few documents because I was a month behind on my backups. Stupid me!


This machine was a replacement given by HP. The problem it has now reinforces my decision not to replace it with another HP. I'm sure people have problems with every manufacturer, but 2 in a row for me is predictive of what I could expect from the third.





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