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low battery warning

I have a shiny new HDX 18t-1000 notebook, first laptop of my own. My problem is that when I am running unplugged the computer goes into hibernation with no warning when the battery is low. I have looked into the power options advanced settings, and it says that the warning is on, but I haven't seen it yet, and if it may be on and it's just a little bubble that goes unnoticed. What happened to the warning screen that used to pop up, and how can I get it back.

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Re: low battery warning

I'm having the same problem with my new HP G60-127NR. If you've discovered how to view a warning before low battery hibernation, please share. I will continue to find an answer and will share if I find it.
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Re: low battery warning

Whenever your battery gets to a critical level (you can set it to what you want in your Advanced Power Plan Settings), you also get an audible alarm. Problem is that the default alarm can go unnoticed if you're playing music or are focused on what you're doing. Most have never even heard it. However,  you can change it to something that you can recognize and identify with.


1. Go to Control Panel, Sound.

2. Click on the Sounds Tab.

3. The Critical Battery Alarm is near the top of the list of Windows sounds. Click on test to hear it, and note how unobtrusive it is. Hardly a warning.

4. You can change it to something better by clicking on the Browse button and finding a WAV file you'll recognize, or you can just make your own WAV clip for the same purpose. Being an old Submarine Sailor, I personally like the old General alarm klaxon sound, or the Collision Alarm.


Something else to consider is calibrating your Battery to your system's meter, something hardly anyone does. To calibrate your battery:


1. Go to this link at HP: HP 24/7 Support

2. Enter the Product # of your system from the label underneath your notebook on the left side. Make sure you enter Product, not the Model number.

3. That will take you to the Support page for your individual system configuration. Click on Solve a Problem, then Power, then Batteries or Power Management.

4. On the next window, scroll down and click on Calibrating the Notebook Battery.


Unless your battery and power meter are calibrated, you can get a false reading and potentially run out of battery juice even when your meter is showing a positive value.

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Re: low battery warning

I have the same problem with a new hp latop running 64 bit Vista Home Premium. The low battery alert worked until the latest Vista updates. Now it just hibernates with no pop-up or sound.
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Re: low battery warning

Even if it was due to an update, you may just need to reset the Windows Alert Sound configuration. Many times when updates are installed, they reset some Windows settings to their default configurations - Internet Explorer is a good example. Many users have no problem connecting to the 'net one day, the find the next after an update that IE won't connect because the Options have been reset by the update. It's a real PIA to be sure.


To check your Battery Alarm Sounds:


1. Go to Control Panel, then open up the Sound options.

2. Click on the Sounds tab.

3. Check the current Sound Scheme setting first - it should be set to Windows Default or Windows Default (modified) if you've changed the default scheme.

    Make sure the Play Windows Startup Sound is checked also below the list of sounds.

4. Navigate to the Critical Battery Alarm first (it should be near the top of the list as it's alphabetically listed) and view the alert sound currently set. It should     set to Windows Battery Critical.wav. Change it if it's not, and verify it by clicking on the Test button to the right.

    The default Critical Battery alert sound isn't very "attention getting" if you get my meaning. Alternatively, you can set it to another Windows .wav                  sound, or one of your own that you've put on your hard drive. It doesn't make any difference which .wav sound you use for an alert, nor where on the             drive you put it. If you put it in a place on your drive that's not in the same directory as the others, you can use the Browse button to find and select it         as the sound for that alert. Personally, I like the "ring.wav" sound as it's something not usually used on the system.

5. Next, go down the sounds list until you find the Low Battery Alarm, and check to see what sound is applied, if any. Set it to the correct sound if needed 

    or change it to one of your choosing. 


You should also check your Advanced Power Plan settings for your current Power Plan to ensure that the Low and Critical Battery Notification is enabled - not all Power Plans have the alarms enabled, and the alarm activation settings are different for each plan as well. As such, changing a Power Plan can also change your alarms, so if you've changed to a different plan recently, then verify the settings in the Advanced Settings for the Battery. Note also that the Low Battery Alarm will sound first, and then the Critical Alarm. You can set the percentage at which each alarm sounds in the Power Plan Advanced Settings window (Control Panel, Power, Change Plan Settings, Change Advanced Power Settings, Battery, Low and Critical Battery Levels percentage settings).


I always recommend to my clients that they create their own Power Plans in addition to the default ones (which can't be changed by the user). I have my own custom plan that I use, called Home AC, where essentially everything is set for performance and not power savings, modified from the default High Performance plan.


If you want to remove the update, you can. If your system is set for Automatic Updates you should turn it off and set it to Notify Only. Never let any company or engineer think they know what's best for installation on your system, or anything be installed on your system without knowing exactly what it does. 


To review and remove any Vista updates:


1. Go to Control Panel, then dbl-click on Programs & Features.

2. In Programs & Features, click on Installed Updates.

3. The installed Vista updates for your system will be listed. If they're shown as icons, go to the Menu Bar and click on View, then on Details to make it easier to determine which updates were installed when.  If the oldest dated update is at the top, click on the Date header and it'll reverse it and put all the new ones at the top. That's true for most Windows headers, and programs that run on Windows also, as an FYI.

4. Click on the update you wish to get rid of to highlight it, then click on Uninstall Update in the left column.

Primarily of the Ancient School -Training by HP, NASA, & the U.S. Submarine Force

HP Pavilion HDX 9300 64-bit Dragon, Core 2 Extreme X9000 2.8ghz | 8gb DDR2 RAM | 512MB 8800M GTS
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Re: low battery warning

I have had this problem. For $8 you can download Batterypro......never fails.

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Re: low battery warning

haveing some what same problem but my laptop will pop up a banner that tells me it is low when i got it but for the last few days it  hasnt i keep going to the power options and putting the low battery level tab to 20% instead of the normal 14% but mine would cut off before the low battery level that was set so i went and moved it up to 20$ and it just cut off a few mins ago so how would you explain this?

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Re: low battery warning

Dear sir, changing the sound notification worked just fine , I made 15 seconds warning siren which scares everybody near me  Smiley Happy .

But some times I have to work on "Mute Mode" and because I'm so concentrating on the job I can't see the tiny warning bubble at the corner .

So, is there a way to change the size of the notification bubble ( like the way you taught us to change the sound).

OR , how can I use the "Low Battery Notification" as a trigger for the "Task Scheduler" ?


Best Regards


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