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power cord

im just wondering if my power cord is functoning properly or not  when ever im pluged into the wall and on my laptop

 the bar on the cord gets hot really hot like if i steped on it i could burn my foot or my hand if i touched it


dose any one else have this problem and should i get it replaced as its a fire hazard 

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Re: power cord

I would take it in to have it looked at-- that is not normal and in my opinion is a hazard.


You could try a new power supply but that does not mean the issue will be fixed, but it is a good guess.


Your current cord may have a short in it (pinched cord, frayed cords are all bad) and thats why it is getting hot.

eventually, if that is the case, you will have a fire, no power to laptop or no electricity because hopefully the circuit breaker will shut off the power to the plug it is plugged into.

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Re: power cord

i dont think thiers a short any where because its brand new and my aunt has the same thing happing to hers and it seems normal


but they should of designed the box to cool down alot fatster and put vents in or smothing becasue dang that thing is hot


well if it dose fry or blow a breaker i can just bring it back and get a new one

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Re: power cord

My HP Laptop Power Cord also does that. It heats up so much the sticker has blistered. I'm not too trusting of this of course. When I touch it, the power cord is extremely hot only when I use pressure. If it is sitting on my hand it's not too terribly hot, but when I actually close my hand on it, it radiates heat so extreme - it feels like its radioactive or something!! Whenever it gets this hot I unplug it and put it far far away from me. The box on the Power Cord feels unstable when its that hot, like it will burst open and explode HOT ACID in my face.... I have yet to replace it.. Is there any place I can bring it and get a new one for free?
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Re: power cord

well i have a warranty at future shop so... if you have a warranty at a store just bring it back and they should replace it or just

contact hp and tell em about it .... i should get mine replaced....


this week i threw a shirt on the ground and it landed on the power box and i was using my laptop with it pluged in then i realized that 

the screen when darker due to the swithing of power .... and the box was red hot.... i couldent even touch it

i had to wait like 20 mins for the box to cool down completly


i just want one that can cool its self off with out heating up ...even if its big and bulkey 


and im not sure if it has acid in the box but dont worry its got an auto heat shut off ....witch... in the first place it shouldent heat up 

enoughf to get to that.... next time im neer a future shop im gonna get it replaced if it happens again im gonna contact hp about it..

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Re: power cord

I would have called HP right away, but the first time I noticed it getting that hot was late Friday night. My wife mentioned it getting hot and burning her but I just thought it was just normal womenly blather. My bad.


I have all the paperwork and everything but I didn't buy it from them. I got it through other people and I hope thats ok.


If not I guess I'll buy a new one here locally.



I'm pretty sure there's not acid of any kind in the cord  and box thing. Its the extreme heat thats just alarming and gets you thinking crazy. I worry more about my crappy trailer and its wiring starting on fire, though its probably the box alone thats overheating.



You need to put some kind of warning on the box thing saying it will be extremely hot and use caution. There is no warning of any kind other than it causing "signal interference" .... but "fire interference" is not mentioned. I don't think Smokey the Bear would approve of this!

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Re: power cord

The power cord on my HP dv2000 laptop blew up while I was home thank god! The computer was off and simply plugged in for charging. I heard a pop saw smoke, flames and then my husband ran over to unplug it all. Literally, my house could have burned down. BEWARE! Don't mess around - it can explode. My carpet is permenantly damaged and I am sent my laptop into HP for inspection...what I got back is my FILTHY DIRTY laptop - I sent it in clean and it came back covered in dust and white particles, no power cord, no explanation and it seems they never even looked at my laptop - and they kindly returned a the photo of my burnt up carpet. All after having my computer for a week. In a seperate package I got a PART of a new power cord...thanks guys - the part with the box, not the part that plugs into the wall - what am I supposed to do with that. And then there is my burnt carpet...what about that.


I am now on my 8th or 9th week fighting to get my carpet replaced - and I want a new computer - not a new power cord, I will never again feel comfortable leaving this computer plugged in.



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Re: power cord

well how old was it and you should of just sent in your power cord  and thats weaired that it would catch on fire that fast ... it should of automaticaly shut off due to over heating isues but again depending on how old your computer is... and yea i think hp should at least replace any dammaged goods due to a faulty product i tryed returning my power cord to get the correct one for my comp and future shop said no because of thats what they sell it with ... ok hps problem but once it dies i just keep on getting it replaced with the incorrect one 65w but i should have the 90w addaptor... 65w heats up like crazy good thing i have it on a desk top ....even then i cant really trust it 


i bought an hp printer too with my laptop and i installed the ink and ..,. the colour ink lvl is saying 0 ... tryed getting it replaced by future shop they said no... because it was used... and its a test print cartrage like wth a test cartage never knew they made thos it was a full cartage... next time ill buy an colour cartiage and bring it back and replace it with the broken one... i dont want to wase my time going thru hp service just to say ohh its been used... have a nice day... why can't a commpany support thier products when they break or faulty manafuacturing  or wait ... all the good services go to the USA why i have no idea... sony us only one way shipping on warrantys but mricosoft both countries...why because they can afford it... not sure with maciontosh but problay the same both us and canada

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Laptop Power Supply

[ Edited ]

I have an HP Core I3 laptop with "wbgsu0al9z7bdz" power supply, and it gets so hot that I cannot hold it.


I have a thermometer I put against it, and I took a picture at 140 degree F.  I think that it is actually hotter than that even.


This is a brand new laptop.  The first HP laptop I bought was so hot that I thought it would catch the sofa on fire.  I returned it, and got this second one.  It is equally hot. 


It is only a 65W power supply, and researching the web indicates that other people believe it may be underpowered for HP's application.


Can someone help me identify how to get a replacement from HP before this thing causes a problem?





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Re: Laptop Power Supply

[ Edited ]

I have a Pavillion DV7 and the adapter has always been hot. This was my first laptop so I thought it was normal. Last weekend I tripped over the cord and now there no power going to the computer.


I checked, and a friend's adapter worked fine, so I'm assuming something broke in the cord. The part # is 519329-002 and the adapter also says replace with 463958-001, but when I called tech support they gave me a part # of 613153-001 and the guy at Staples handed me an adapter that didn't match any of the three previous part numbers and said it would work.


I have two questions, 1. The specs on the current, defective adapter is 65 watts, 18.5 volts, and 3.5 amps. The specs on the adapters that I was told to buy were 90 watts. Why the jump in power, and is the more powerful adapter safe for my laptop?


2. When I look on Amazon there are many replacement adapters ranging from $10 to $70, can anyone recommend a good replacement brand? I don't need anything fancy, but would like something a bit cooler and more durable. 




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