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[ Edited ]


to all the friends..... 



[1] :--

          Product : Presario V6500
             s/n     : [text removed for privacy]
            P/N     : GX867PA#ACJ

            model  : V6608AU


[2] :--

            The problem in my laptop is.....that....

Sound is not coming from the speakers and neither from the headphone jack. And I am unable to connect to the internet
whereas my friends can...


So I cannot connect my laptop to the internet for updating any driver software if required.

Both the problems occured at the same time.


Whereas whenever I uninstall any program, or safely remove the pen drive, then when I click on the.. "OK"..prompted on the screen
then a high pitch rough unpleasant beep sound is heard.


When I place my pointer upon the sound icon present on the task bar..... the message displayed is...


                                                          " No Audio Output Device is Installed "


[3] :--

            The story behind the whole problem is that.....


My laptop was connected to the internet and one winrar file of the audio pop song was being downloaded.

When the download completed, as soon as I opened the winrar file, my connection to the internet stopped. And also a cross mark appeared on the volume logo present in the task bar. When I placed my pointer upon that logo. It shows....

" No Audio Output Device is Installed "

I tried all the possible steps whichever I was able to...

Even I FORMATED my laptop by using " System Recovery by F11 method "

But the problem still persists...


[4] :--

Moreover the most confusing part is that....2 times it happened so...that my system had gone into the sleep mode and I was unable to wake it up...

Then none of the keys were removed the battery....and when I started the laptop again....amazingly the sound was coming....

bcos when the windows welcome screen appeared the windows welcome screen melodious sound was heard. But after some time... again....the same problem.


[5] :--


1 more thing.....few days ago....berfore I have done the formatting....a norton message was displayed...that..." sonar has dected some suspious behaviour and some virus name I hope.....nd when it resolved asked for the restart....nd the problem was solved time....the problem ocurred again......


[6] :--

          Also my question is that.....


(i)     Everytime my system is upto date with the latest antivirus definitions update as well as the windows update. Then is this issue occured due to

        the windows update or some virus has done this ?

(ii)    Can any virus can sustain the formatting also ?


(iii)   Can any virus affect the recovery drive of my system too ?



Please dear friends, help me please to resolve this issue.


Thank you all for your patience....

Also, thanks a millions and tonnes in advance for all those friends in helping me to resolve this issue.



Take Care...!!!

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[ Edited ]

This is a worldwide issue with several audio drivers after a recent Windows update.  Microsoft's website shows a disclaimer saying that it is not responsible and that we should approach the Original Equipment Manufacturer about the problem.  Obviously, our OEM is HP who, to date, have neither communicated a fix to their customers, nor have they issued a recall.  <text deleted>


Please see the other thread in this forum entitled:  HP Quicktouch On Screen Display has stopped working and no audio output device is detected.

Message Edited by WendyM on 10-21-2009 07:06 AM
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Hi to all.....!!!!




I hope this discovery would help you all the genious people, students and researchers out there trying to help and support these forums.


Recently I found that after putting my laptop in " Hibernate " mode and then when I again ruseme the system then perfect sound comes for a while.

Then again the same problem.


Once, I left the system in hibernate mode for whole night and I was able to listen the music for about 30 min.


Till then, I was taking snaps of the " Processes " and " Services " in the Task Manager and also I monitered them.


I found that until the sound was working properly the count of the number of processes has come to a certain constant level.

Suddenly, as soon as the sound went off again.

There was a decrease in the number of processes by 1.


I think that there is something which starts by itself and thus disabling the sound.


So, when we start or restart the system then since it takes time and all the processes restarts so something disables the sound.


Whereas, when resuming the system from hibernate starts the system fast whereas not all the processes are loaded and thus I think that the sound works fine for few minutes.





When the sound works fine then I tried to install all the drivers related to that.

In some when the system ask for restart and after allowing.....then while the system is shutting down.....then....


1 message comes......" playing logoff sound "......" do you wish to restart now or cancel "...and then I have to select " restart now "


Then again after restart......sound is there for a while and goes again......


I think that there could be some problem in......."explorer.exe" ...perhaps...!!!!


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I think I came to this page from a link on:


I have a HP Pavilion dv8135nr media laptop with Windows XP Professional SP3, purchased in March 2006. I do get Windows updates at times, but generally hold of on getting them. I did get some Windows Updates before the audio problem started....


I noticed my sound and sound device was disappearing at random times starting a month ago. I was using "Advanced System Care" to tweak my settings, and doing my own tweaks in my registry, and thought I messed things up.


I downloaded the latest HP driver for my Conexant AC-Link Audio Driver - sp34567.exe and tried to install it. It says it fails - No Audio Device Found - both times I tried. I also was able to find the Legacy Audio Drivers in device manager yesterday, update the driver - and it wanted what seems to be a modem type of file - HXFSetup.exe (I have a Conexant folder in program files now which seems odd) and had sound for a while. Today there is no sound device listed at all to update.


I thought I messed things up, but after finding these posts, I see it is some other issue that I have not caused fully own my own. Somewhere in these forums I saw a person who could not get on the Internet: my Firefox 3.5.6 acts that way for some pages. Just added that as that is not a true connection problem.

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I'm glad I found this forum. 


I feel everybodys pain!  I have the exact same problems described above.  First I would lose sound watching youtube videos randomly, then I got the little 'x' in the speaker icon.  The computer cant find an audio device which makes it seem like this is a hardware issue.  I'm thinking it might be a virus or unknown program running in the background disabling the audio. 


Also when I go to device manager, I don't have the option to adjust sound, game controllers, etc.  When I shut the computer down and let it sit for a while sometimes it boots up and the sound is back, then it craps out a few minutes later when playing audio. 


I did a fresh reinstall of windows 7 because my browsers and explorer was starting to crash every minute or so and nothing was working.


This didn't help anything.



Is there a way I can hook up USB speakers and headphones to my laptop and get sound?  I think I just might do that.  I usually use headphones anyways.  I think a usb headphones/speaker set would bypass the POS sound card onboard.

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I'm also facing exactly the same issue. I tried everything from formating, re-installing, BIOS update/downgrade etc. But NOTHING worked.


If anyone has found any solution, please post here...

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I had found this site : and had found a solution for my sound problem. There are many solutions suggested depending on different causes. You can check this site. I hope this will help.

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Hi to all........!!!!!





As I have mentioned earlier that initially my hard disk started malfunctioning slowly and slowly and then finally became totally invisible in my computer and was not working at all when sound was gone.


But recently , I tried with something.


What I did was I simply uninstalled " quick launch " buttons from " Programs And Features "


What I saw by surprised that after uninstalling it when I restarted my system the Hard Disk drive was visible in "My Computer " .



So from this I concluded that nothing is wrong in our system. The only problem is that something is there which is clashing with each other and creating trouble to work properly.


It could be the software conflicting with each other or some update which has affected the " Recovery Drive " also, so that when we are formatting our system, the same problem is persisting again.


I think that none of us are able to format or done full system recovery till now by using the " Recovery CD " if prepared before any update has taken place. Because our Hard Disk has completely become malfunctioned.



So, its my humble request to all the genious people to do research with the softwares.






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Someone just show me how to fix it several hours ago and it works perfectly.



1. Computer On 
2. Go to Control Panel.
3. Select Device Manager 
4. After opening Device Manager locate for the sound video game controllers category.
5. Click the '+' sign side to that category.
6. Now you will see the Conexant/Realtek High Definition Audio. Right Click it.
7. Select uninstall.
8. In the Device Manager dialog box, click the Action menu, and then click Scan for hardware changes.



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i tried your uninstall method detent work

my sound stopped working when installed windows 7  .....

You see i bought this thing used ,,, that's right i am poor,,,,

any way the putter worked when i bought it but it had a lot of download programs like game and other stuff

i am not a gamer so i started to re gain disk space by dumping every thing that i knew didn't need to be there

then i did a disk defragment ,,after that i,,, ummm,,, compressed the hard drive to save space ,, the screen told me too...

so i went to the restroom, while i was gone " my son " changed users before it was done when i returned i went back to my user acct..


that was it the computer locked up ,, i couldnt get it to do any thing i manually shut it down and restarted it i got a message

saying that windows could not start

after a month i bought windows 7 and installed it ,,, it fired up every thing OK i had all my files that i put on but the sound did not work video grafix were in rendering mode and the digital media card reader did not work,,, actually if i put a card in the computer freezes up ..... you guessed right i did not get to back up my drivers before i did the install ....

        can any one help me ??????


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