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touchsmart tx2...black screen...

out of nowhere my screen wouldnt come on and was black. called hp and big surprise my warranty was up just 16 days before. so a year and 16 days after i got it, it just up and died. lights would come on just not the screen. hp tried to offer me one year of phone support for $99. naturally i appreciate that they not only have their customer service agents clearly in india, they actually want to sell me phone support for $99. got the hard drive out and bought a mac. hp sucks.

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Re: touchsmart tx2...black screen...

I had a similar thing happen. tx2-1275dx- screen goes black (while I am on it), the lights remain on but nothing is functional. I end up having to hard reboot. I have not been able to detect a consistent pattern (it can happen 5 times within 30 min or not happen for 2 weeks).

I called HP tech support and had the same run around--- then was told , if I pay 60 bucks could get help from a computer specialist - I went ahead and paid it (I had just arrived in a different country and did not have my recovery disks etc).  What a joke--- honestly I have never been so appalled . The 'specialist' does not have any real computer knowledge other than a course from HP and they were reading out of a manual. It was really bad.

They refunded my money (the case manager that I had to talk to) but I am still having the problem. I am not sure what to do at this point.

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Re: touchsmart tx2...black screen...

same thing happened to me and i've only been using it for a few weeks. i will be bringing it to a service center on a weekday and hopefully it gets fixed. could be the black screen is connected to the fact the computer easily heats up even after just turning it on.


i do hope the tech support has the necessary know-how to address this problem with this model. i do have a slight apprehension that they are equipped to solve this particular problem since i bought my laptop in another country. well at least i am still covered by the warranty.



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Re: touchsmart tx2...black screen...

[ Edited ]

There are quite a couple of possibilities.


From my search, there is 3 majors possibilities for the Touchsmart Tx2 :


Possibility 1 :

The problem is due to overheating : There a link to explain a bit

Especially the Tx2 which, since I had it, was hot enought (near the fan) to inflict small burn upon sitting it on my legs.


Possibility 2 :
Your BIOS is out of date. If you haven't updated it since you got it, I can assure you it's outdated. (If you never did anything to update the BIOS willingly, it's 100% sure your BIOS isn't up to date.)

The new BIOS (since late 2009. But it wasn't put on newer model and every users needs to update it) makes a change. (My fan is no more running like crazy and it seems a lot less hot)

There's the link for downloads

Just make sure that, under Step 1, your OS is the good one. (I'm using Vista 64 Bits. You might be using Windows 7) and download&install the file under "BIOS".


Possibility 3 :

A internal problem with your Smartbook. The most crapy possibility, but still alway there. I hope for you that it's not that case. (Since Laptops & Smartbooks are worse than hell to fix.)

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Re: touchsmart tx2...black screen...

computer is 18 months old and for the last 3 months have been having intermittent, random black screens that require me to turn off and reboot the computer, occasionally the screen freezes, but stays "lit"

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Touchsmart tx2 going to black screen with out-of-sync video signal...

My TX2 1375dx has just 18 months. Bought at BestBuy. Yesterday (7/24/2011) the screen went blank after standby/sleep. But it was not completely blank, it did show the HP logo but all scratchy, like the video signal was out of sync. I did turn it off and reboot it, it came out the error message to start normally.  Then again today, I was working with it preparing my lecture, then close the lid, went to my class, opened it and found only the image of the cursor and the rest was blank. Once again, I turn it off the hard way. Turned back in and started in the error message screen asking to start normally vesus safe start, etc., again. It did come on again as normal, but it not recover my work, all my lecture and a exam was lost. I had to start all over again and lost 40 minutes of my lecture doing so.


After reading some of the posts, is that the tx2 is like Dodge cars, when they hit a mileage (18 months in this case) they just fail. Of is the cable from the body of the laptop to the screen that fails, since the tx2 has this twist plug for the screen.

Can anybody explain, I am not happy paying $60 o $99 for extra support to have no answer or fix at all.


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Re: Touchsmart tx2 going to black screen with out-of-sync video signal...

it's usually a motherboard issue. i believe my tx2500 did something similar to this, where the screen would become fairly scrambled but still sort of work, i could move the cursor. then it'd eventually lock up and i'd need to shut the computer off the hard way. i haven't really heard about the cable being a problem, it is possible but much less likely than an issue with the IGP on the motherboard. and yes when they hit a certain age, which does seem to be around 18 months, they fail. ones that are used less will last longer of course along with ones that are always on a notebook cooler.

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Re: Touchsmart tx2 going to black screen with out-of-sync video signal...

Thanks mario,


What I had found is this:

1. The problem with the out sync/colored/scrambled screen appear just after I attempted to clean up the vents with a compressed air can.

2. I decided since it's out of warranty to open it. I found lots of dust near the fan and all over the up side of the motherboard.

3. Surprise: I see the main AMD processor but no clue of where the ATI video chip is located. I did not dare to take the motherboard out, the connector to the touch pad is rather fragile.

4. After putting it all up together, ok but the same problem.

5. I reloaded the video driver to no avail.

6. Then I tried something as a last resort: heating up the back side of the screen with a small hair dryer. And guess what, it worked.


Whenever I start the tx2 cold it will come up with the scrambled screen, and reboot itself many times. I warm the back side, and all works.  In the tablet mode the screen is kept warm so it works fine. I did some hours on to see when it will come scrambled again, and did only when the screen back cooled down.


I suppose that the video driver may have some kind of rountine that calls up the temp sensor, or the sensor simply has been damaged with time and it did not send the right signal unless the chip environment is warm.


My guess is this way the tx2 will last less and less and one day it will turn on again.


So, one question: where is the ATI chip, on the back side of the MB or on the screen case?



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Re: touchsmart tx2...black screen...

Hello all,

Just to let you know, these are the screen that come up when the tx2 is cold.





The last one is the error memory dump done by the ATI Radeon video driver sofware.


The it will come up with the error recovery screen but also all scratched.



However, when it is warmed with a hair dryer on the back of the display it works fine.


I guess I need to find a video chip to replace it, or the motherboard part.


Too bad all this hardware problems, and now HP announces it is looking to sell the HP Personal System division (which includes laptops), and killed the Touchpad. I guess is just a matter of hours before they also kill the HP Slate.


Comments are welcome! Solution within budget is more than welcome!

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Re: touchsmart tx2...black screen...

[ Edited ]

HP is going down in flames, just like our junk laptops.  There are thousands of post around the net regarding these machines and the same issue.  Regardless of HP's situation, they should recall these PC's before someone burns in a house fire due to the overheating. 


Also, I doubt  they will be able to follow the out of consumer biz strategy like the IBM ordeal years back.  IBM services are excellent.  HP is the absolute worst I've ever experienced. {content removed} I'm just glad to at least have the Best Buy - 'idiot proof' extended warranty on which I'll probably use it before it expires. 

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